Civic Federation Calculates Some Tax Burdens

The Civic Federation has issued a report entitled, “ESTIMATED EFFECTIVE PROPERTY TAX RATES 2007-2016: Selected Municipalities in Northeastern Illinois.”

For McHenry County, it has calculated effective tax rates for four communities:

  • Woodstock – 3.6%
  • Harvard – 3.47%
  • Algonquin – 3.09%
  • Barrington Hills – 2.4%

One may calculate one’s effective tax rte by dividing the value of one’s home (estimated today’s sales price) into one’s property tax bill.


Civic Federation Calculates Some Tax Burdens — 6 Comments

  1. By my calculations the average Chicago homeowner has a property tax burden of around 2.0%.

  2. Page 3 of the report.

    “The City of Chicago had an effective residential tax rate of 1.69% in 2016, the lowest of the 12 selected Cook County communities for residential properties.

    The rate increased from 1.66% the prior year.”


    Michael Madigan, State House Speaker, and John Cullerton, State Senate President, are Chicago residents.

  3. Thank you Mark for pointing that out.

    ATTENTION! McHenry County property owners!!!

    Your property taxes are inordinately high because your State Legislators keep funneling State tax dollars to Chicago to subsidize the property taxes of people like Mike Madigan and John Cullerton!!!

    Those of you who voted for Democrats (or Democrats disguised as Republicans) in any election can claim credit!

    Want to blame someone for your high property taxes? Look for a Democrat voter.

    Great example is the recent disclosure that millions of tax dollars collected for video gaming were diverted from state school funding.

    Just look for who supports video gaming!

  4. Chicago is allowed special powers under Illinois law to maintain artificial low property tax rates.

    Chicago levies/property-tax rates are set by hyper-local elected officials.

    Chicago schools may borrow money FOR OPERATING EXPENSES using ALT. REV. BONDS: this “privilege” is not granted school districts outside Chicago.

    Chicago schools are granted billions of State tax dollars based upon “low property values”…which are based upon TIF Districts hiding 35 years of assessed property value inflation.

    Chicago has more than 1/3 of its property under TIF coverage.

    This is not partisan information, this is not D. vs. R. information; this is numerically accurate, publicly verifiable, logically valid information.

    Therefore it must be assumed that Illinois Voters who benefit under current conditions outweigh Voters who are too complacent to act upon factual data which should sway their voting choices.

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