GOP Chairman Issues “Call to Action” Against McSweeney Bill to Give Jack Franks Almost Dictatorial Power

From McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Diane Evertsen:

Call To Action

HB 3317 has been introduced in Springfield by Representative David McSweeney, after working with Mr. Franks.

A copy of the Bill [can be found here] so that you can read through it in it’s entirety.

Some of the points which make this extremely poor legislation are:

1. This legislation applies to McHenry County only.

2. County Chairperson (or HIS DESIGNEE) sets the Agenda for ALL meetings, including all committees.

This allows the Chairperson to easily control what will and what will not come before the full Board for their decision-making role, the purpose for which they were elected by McHenry County voters.

3. This legislation would eliminate the office of County Auditor.

McHenry County Auditor Shannon Teresi

This office, which is currently controlled by an Auditor who is elected by and answerable to McHenry County voters, is one of the ‘checks and balances’ of county government.

4. The legislation would allow the Chairman to (‘may’) appoint an Inspector General.

a. This IG would answer ONLY to the Chairman who appointed him. The objective of ‘checks and balances’ within government would be lost.

5. Chairman MAY reduce or veto ANY appropriations made by the Board.

a. Under this provision, the Chairman would control all funding to all departments of the County government, which means one person would have total control over every funding aspect including Health Department, Transportation, Sheriff, Treasurer, Building and Zoning, etc.

6. Chairman may hire independent counsel and/or Parliamentarian for his sole and exclusive use, the cost of which will be borne by whichever department the Chairman chooses.

7. Chairman office becomes a separate and distinct entity from the County Board.

a. This allows the Chairman virtually unlimited budgetary expenditures and limitless staff.

Please read the attached bill carefully and you’ll find other items which are cause for concern.

You will recall that it was not long ago the Chairman was eager to eliminate the office of Auditor and together we stood strong to keep a very well-credentialed
individual in that position. All or most of the items addressed in this proposed piece of legislation continue to be end runs-around the elected County Board and the voters of McHenry County.

You may want to take a minute to contact Rep. McSweeney and address some of the issues in this proposal.

(217) 782-1517 (Springfield)
(847) 516-0052 (Cary)
(847) 516-8164 FAX

You may also wish to share your support of McHenry County voters with local newspapers.

Thanks for all you do!

= = = = =
It seems appropriate to take a look at the image that was used to oppose the referendum to impose the County Executive form of government that Jack Franks failed to get approved:


GOP Chairman Issues “Call to Action” Against McSweeney Bill to Give Jack Franks Almost Dictatorial Power — 13 Comments

  1. Diane Evertson’s leadership has been lackluster.

    She sends out press releases that have spelling and grammar errors.

    She’s doing nothing about Andrew Gasser wasting a half-a-million in taxpayer dollars and being derelict of duty.

    She’s doing nothing about Joe Tirio not following up on his promised goal of consolidating elected offices while he’s collecting two paychecks and also focused on bogus lawsuits.

    She hasn’t done anything for the McHenry County GOP coffers. They definitely aren’t overflowing with contributions because of her leadership.

    The McHenry County GOP website is the same. In fact, she’s using a personal email to conduct party business!

    You would think she would already have known this was coming! McSweeney obviously doesn’t see the local GOP as capable, respected, or worthy of his consideration, otherwise Diane would have been ahead of this.

    What is she going to do next? Probably waste money hiring a lobbyist to fight McSweeney?

    GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT, DIANE! You are doing a shitty job.

  2. Where was Evertsen when Kenneally bagged the Miller crime spree?

  3. It was not the intent of the McHenry County voters when passing the March 18, 2014 voter elected County Board Chair referendum to give the County Board chair such powers.


    If Dave McSweeney proposes to expand the powers of the County Board Chair, do so via a referendum.

    But remember, the voters rejected the November 6, 2012 County Executive referendum.


    Both of those referendums were promoted by Jack Franks, who flat out stated to a Northwest Herald reporter in 2014 that he was not going to run for the position in November 2016.


    Jack Franks, as a trial lawyer, and given that history, almost certainly knew the powers of the voter elected County Board Chair position when he ran for the position.

    Did Mr. Franks give any indication leading up to the November 8, 2016 election for the inaugural voter elected County Board Chair that if elected he wanted to expand the powers of the County Board Chair position?

    If he did, he did not heavily promote it.


    Today the Chief Sponsor of House Bill 3317 (HB 3317) was changed from Republican David McSweeney to Democrat Sam Yingling.

    Dave McSeeney is now the Chief Co-Sponsor.


    Sam Yingling is a State Representative representing voters in the 62nd Representative District.

    The entire 62nd district falls in Lake County.

    No part of the 62nd District is in McHenry County.

    Yet he is the Chief Sponsor of a bill that greatly expands the power of the McHenry County Board Chair.

  4. Mark –

    Get a Clue


    Diane is a joke!


    Tryon is Gone


    Lawrence is Gone


    Barb Wheeler is Gone


    Someone, please save the GOP from themselves!


    The vacuum left by competent leaders allowed for crazies to take over.


    But the crazies are beatable.


    Evertson’s an idiot who doesn’t know how to fundraiser, or door knock, or organize, or run a campaign!


    She can be beat!

  5. Having lived in Chicago and McHenry County for over 80 years, i can report that it is my professional, business and personal opinion that the McHenry County Board Chairman should NOT possess any of the power or authority purposed in relation to the McSweeney Bill.

    I ham personally witness the abuses of Political power and the use of patronage soldiers to deny citizens of their Constitutional Rights and denial of justice which i am asking the US DOJ to convene a TaskForce for McHenry County and the whole State of Illinois to investigate and restore justice and provide damages to all whom have been violated.

    I would suggest my exhibit definitions be used to guide the investigation. It is my experience that the McHenry County Board has been influenced by special interest groups and those who have clout and are in a position to render revenge against those who oppose them.

    The candidate running for Chicago Office have exposed most the corruption illegal and unethical actions of the Democratic Party and its patronage soldiers marching to control McHenry County. Please read article from Chicago Tribune- ” Kneel Before the Khan of Illinois or suffer pain”- By: Stacey Wescott.

  6. This post is inaccurate in its claim that Joe Tirio is being paid two salaries.

  7. Sam Yingling is Chair of the Counties and Townships committee in the 101st General Assembly.

    And Sub-Chair of the Local Government subcommittee.

  8. Perhaps Jung and Hill might want to grant Chairman Franks power to file articles of impeachment against Gasser due to Gasser laying too much pipe out of state and not enough salt in state. Perhaps Jung, Hill and the rest of the Board can sit as the trier of fact…. Why stop at a party letter..

  9. Northwest Herald

    New Bill Would Strip McHenry County Board members’ health benefits to pay for chairman’s staff

    State Rep. McSweeney’s House Bill 3317 focused on McHenry County Board

    by Ed Komenda

    February 16, 2019

  10. Fair Play, is that you “Lyin’ Jack Franks?” You have so many lies in your post!

    Joe Tirio isn’t using tax dollars for his defamation lawsuit, so he can do what he wants. Also, it’s hardly a ‘bogus lawsuit’.

    Joe also gave up his salary for Recorder IMMEDIATELY upon taking office as County Clerk.

    You also are spreading falsehoods about the GOP Chairwoman., but we’re hardly going to correct all your falsehoods.

    Evertsen can use her personal email if she wants to. The county GOP isn’t subject to FOIA and it’s not a Govt held office. You’re trying to make good people sound nefarious and it’s obvious you’re trying to take the negative attention away from yourself.

  11. Where was Jung and Tina Hill when Millers were taking advantage of taxpayers of Algonquin Township? Or when Kenneally didn’t move to indict?

    Andrew Gasser is the good guy.

    Battle-axe Tina Hill should keep her big ass out of our township.

    Gasser is an honest, hardworking, elected official.

    Something Hill or Jung wouldn’t know anything about.

  12. I think Fair Play may be Tina Hill.

    Some of the language is the same language she uses in AA meetings.

    Even though we are prohibited from talking about politics and religion, she thinks the rules don’t apply to her.

    The truth is Evertsen’s a 5’2″ power house running circles around people young enough to be her offspring!

    As far as Tirio goes, try to keep up!

    In the week before he took his oath, he put it in writing with the county that he no longer would be taking the $105,000 salary in the recorder’s office, which he’d be entitled to until official consolidation Dec. 1, 2020.

  13. Russellville, I believe you are correct.

    She uses the same language at the riverboats, too!

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