Jim Oberweis Registers Campaign Committee with Federal Elections Commission — 7 Comments

  1. It appears the Jim’s people checked the wrong box on his form.

    He intends to run for a house seat not the senate seat.

  2. Rich Miller of Capitol Fax is reporting that someone on Oberweis’s team filed the paperwork incorrectly and he actually intends to run for Congress. Chicago Tribune, Chicago Daily Herald, Chicago Tribune are reporting he’s eyeing the 14th district.

    So I’d say Oberweis is off to a pretty bad start.

    I’ve heard some rumors about two other candidates who might run in the 14th but I’m not going to spill the beans!

  3. It is going to take about $16,000,000 to beat the Democrat juggernaut launched for Underwood.

    A great deal of that money was used to ‘harvest’ votes.

    Only Republicans who can raise that kind of money need apply.

  4. A long list of people are running to unseat Underwood.

    She’s a disaster.

  5. Have not heard of anything outlandish from Loren the freshman Democrat as we are constantly hearing from another freshman in Congress, the goofy AOC from New York City. Does Loren support the Green nonsense from AOC?

    So many weird in the Democrat Party that have come onto the scene in recent years. A couple of them, freshman women in the House, have made anti-semetic remarks. The Democrat Party is a big tent that allows in crazies and inept people as candidates as evidenced by their ideas and rhetoric.

  6. Underwood is a LGBTQXYZ type. And she bills herself as a “critical race theorist” on history and economics —-which is the fake nurse’s way of signaling to her backers that she’s a Marxist.

    She called Kavanaugh a ‘typical white oppresser.’

    Very unrepresentative of her constituents

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