“Chaos” in Algonquin Township?

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Algonquin Township – Chaos – Part 1

Algonquin Township, IL. (ECWd) –Some say there is “chaos” in Algonquin Township.For those that are not familiar with false narrative writing, it begins with pointing to a predisposed position, in this case, chaos.

While the media and others are pointing to there being chaos in the Algonquin Township, none have actually defined the term.

Websters defines chaos as: “a state of utter confusion”

Question: So where is this utter confusion as it relates to Algonquin Township?

Pointing to matters being litigated or actions of an official that you do not agree with is not chaos by definition, but using that word does stir up the masses.

While it is clear the local media believes the claimed chaos is caused by Andrew Gasser, the Township Highway Commissioner, it appears other possibilities are being ignored.

Apply the defined term of chaos to the Township Board of Trustees.


During the May 14, 2018, Algonquin Township board meeting, the Board discussed the Road District’s proposed budget and removed $100,000 from the Road District legal line item. So instead of granting his proposed budget which included $250,000 for legal, the Board amended the proposed budget and only approved $150,000 for Road District legal expenses.

Rachael Lawrence

Melissa Victor

During the October 19, 2018 meeting, the Board refused to transfer $8,000 in funds to the Road District legal line item to ensure obligations were paid, with both Trustees Rachael Lawrence and Melissa Victor agreeing that “he [Gasser] should have allowed himself enough legal expenses when the budget was created.

Trustee Shea went on to say that Gasser should not be allowed any more legal expenses since there are still lawsuits continuing.

Now is when you can ask yourself if that makes any sense.

To be clear, the Board reduced his original budget request by $100,000 for the legal fund, then refused to transfer an additional $8,000 into the legal fund to ensure bills were paid, and five months later, turned around and blamed Highway Commissioner Gasser for not “allowing himself enough legal expenses” when the budget was created.

The action of the board stripping funds from the Road District’s proposed budget was the catalyst to several court actions, which some have implied are part of the chaos in the Township.

How special is that? Blaming others for what they created……utter confusion!

Check back for future articles that will explain how the claimed “chaos” narrative is fed by providing citizens false information that they end up believing because it is in the paper.image name


“Chaos” in Algonquin Township? — 17 Comments

  1. The Gasser media blitz seems to be an orchestrated plan by the board and ??

    Funny how the Lukasik and Kelly incompetence issues faded behind this
    plan to oust Gasser.

    Feels like all out war against 1 less than perfect man.

    Funny how screwups vs theft and fraud is somehow worse.

    Funny how bungles vs a board approving theft and fraud, an attorney who seemingly can’t tell right from wrong and a clerk who “loses” records and refuses to do the elected job is somehow worse.

  2. Rachel ‘The Welk’ Lawrence, and Melissa ‘The Loser” Victor are the two biggest chaos creators in Algonquin Twnsp.

    Followed closely by that oracle of nonsense, Lutzow!

  3. Re: “Funny how the Lukasik and Kelly incompetence issues faded behind this
    plan to oust Gasser.”

    It comes direct from the Democrat playbook – Rules for Radicals.

    Actually, were it not for the ‘Watchdogs’ this ‘chaos’ would have been swept away long ago.

    In reality, the Algonquin mess is much worse (morally speaking) then Grafton ever was but the Board meetings are not near as ‘entertaining’ (in a sick way).

    Now, wacky Tina and screwy onion man have also added their two farthings; still not close to the Grafton fiasco for entertainment value.

  4. Thanks Jim for straightening that out.

    If the big pink idiot hadn’t fired employees without due cause but as political payback a lot of this would not be happening.

    I am not defending the board.

    There is no one there that merits re-election, but most of this would not be happening if the idiot didn’t go in with both barrels blasting.

    Quit defending this moron, he has brought most of this on himself and continues to just pile it on.

    What is the next round with the union going to bring?

    Contempt charges.

    That is not the boards fault.

  5. While all keep claiming terminations were without cause, I have reason to believe it was for cause, of which has yet to be disclosed.

    I know I can think of several reasons for termination on day one.

    I think I will mail those reasons to myself and see if my thoughts are correct when the truth comes out.

  6. Yea their biggest mistake was not enough efficiency training, team building and Taxpayer funded retreats to Disneyland.

  7. He canned the three legally hired employees for political gain, not legal cause.

    No Dog’s waltzing will change the fact the Judge has ruled in favor of the union and the three fired.

    Gasser caused all the legal problems or so called chaos by his actions, try as you may only a bias whacko would say otherwise.

    $55k buys allot of lip service.

  8. Then why didn’t they argue them in court.

    The judge has already ordered arbitration.

    Go ahead keep playing with yourself.

  9. The court case had NOTHING to do with termination.

    It had to do with the right to form a union.

    Might do some well to read the actual case pleadings to better understand each step of this process.

    Arbitration is the place to discuss termination cause.

    Not the prior hearings.

  10. Then why does he keep avoiding arbitration to maybe the point of criminality.

    If he has grounds we should hear them.


    He is a coward, Hope the sheriff has to drag him to court like the child he is.

  11. Kurt I would love to see how you can throw any just cause into this one, man you are way out there!

    Now if you’re talking about the contract that’s different story thing, but disputing the guys at the township unionizing is another you need to look a little further into labor rights.

  12. No it had to do with whether the union formed under Miller was legal, not whether they had a right to unionize at all.

    Since it is legal the people fired will get hired back, back pay and benefits, or they will want a golden parachute to go away.

    Arbitration will be where Gasser has to eat crow!!!!

  13. Everyone is assuming there was no reason to fire them.

    I can think of a few and labor attorneys I have spoken with concur.

    Some just cant grasp any cause just because it was Gasser’s first day while forgetting g it was not the workers first day.

    Time will tell.

  14. We got Gassers reason, political BS.

    There is no reason related to work ethic because if there was Gasser would have used that in his talking points already.

    Keep making excuses for poor behavior it’s what your good at.

  15. Again no answer, why is he avoiding?

    If he has a case why is he reluctant to present it?

    Political payback is not a case.

    You always have an opinion why not here.

    Talk to your all seeing mythical experts. Maybe they can share some insight.

  16. Robin, you are correct it was not about the right to unionize but about the way it was done.

    I should have clarified that better.

    You claim the terminations was for political gain – Oh do tell what political gain was there?

    You say no legal cause.

    Others know otherwise.

    Time will tell.

    “No Dog’s waltzing will change the fact the Judge has ruled in favor of the union and the three fired.”

    Once again, you just can’t resist with the ongoing lie that the judge ruled in favor of the three fired.

    The case, as you KNOW was not about those three getting fired.

    Please show the world where the judge ruled in favor of the three fired.

    The time and place for their termination are at arbitration.

    I believe it was just last month that they finally got to a point where such arbitration can be had.

    Stephen, how many court cases have you been involved in or followed?

    Avoiding service, if that is what was actually done, is done for a list of reasons and every process server out there knows how those games are played and lawyers know why.

    Avoiding service sets the clock back.

    It buys time for reasons most have no clue of.

    While the paper and others make a mountain out of ONE summons not getting served on Andrew and his attorney not accepting service, they IGNORED the fact Kelly REFUSED to accept service for Lutzow.

    Why is it a big deal for Hanlon to not accept and ok for Kelly to not accept service?

    The one thing I can’t wait to happen is the WHOLE truth to come out to prove to everyone that has said there was no cause that there actually was cause.

    Will that cause meet the level of termination?

    Some attorneys have told me 60/40 yes, others have said 70/30 yes.

    Regardless of the final outcome, there are clearly things many of you are not aware of.

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