Com Ed Seeking Still Another Rate Increase

From Crain’s Chicago Business:

With smart grid completed, ComEd budgets as if it never happened

A new four-year capital plan shows ComEd spending even more per year than it did on its smart grid. That means higher rates, but this time ComEd is short on specifics of what we’re paying for. Crain’s has more.


A high power line fell on Main Street in Crystal Lake next to Best Buy. Shouldn’t upkeep of such high power lines be the responsibility of the company given a monopoly to deliver electricity?

The whole “Smart Grid” gambit was a fraud on ratepayers.

Commonwealth Edison was given a franchise monopoly to generate and deliver electricity decades and decades ago.

The firm failed to update its infrastructure to assure reliable service.

Instead of regular improvements to its infrastructure financed by revenue over the years, it asked the Illinois General Assembly to override the Illinois Commerce Commission.

And, fueled by contributions from those with an interest in currying favor with Com Ed and Amneren, rate hikes were approved by legislators.

There is a certain irony in this.

As I have written before, I met Samuel Insall’s secretary on the train to Springfield during the 1970’s.

ComEd meter reader’s footprints.

He told why the Commerce Commission was formed.

Insull figured it would be cheaper to bribe the majority of a Commerce Commission that a majority of the General Assembly.

Now, the ICC is the protector of ratepayers.

Hence, the Smart Grid rip-off.

It would make reading meters more efficient, right?

No need for meter readers to walk from yard to yard.

The meter readers are gone, most absorbed into the other Com Ed jobs.

But, the power company says it needs more money from us.


Com Ed Seeking Still Another Rate Increase — 7 Comments

  1. You are paying for your own demise.

    Smart meters are so deadly that it is a crime that your own government has enacted “laws” to force you to accept these lethal weapons on your own home.

    Even if you fight them tooth and nail your neighbors have hedged you in with their deadly emissions coming from their meters.

    The first thing you may notice is insomnia, headaches, and fatigue followed by high blood pressure.

    There are no savings and the amount of death and destruction is unfathomable.

  2. In spite of putting in LED light bulbs everywhere, efficient lighting, new highly efficient furnace and a/c, very frugal use of electricity, we still get regular letters from the electric company showing bar graphs and OUR electric use is higher than neighbors. Talked to some other people and they get the same kind of letters with bar graphs showing their use is higher than their neighbors. Anybody else get these kinds of letters?

  3. Really bad choice on those LED bulbs. With the EMF radiation, we will suffer brain damage, eye damage (macular degeneration) metabolic disorders,(including cancer) and nervous agitation from those blue spectrum lights. Very unhealthy. Incandescent light bulbs, (which is infrared radiation) are actually healthy for humans. That’s why they outlawed them in the first place!

  4. How about we stop the unions at Com Ed / Excelon and the business itself spending our energy dollars to fund political campaigns?

    The term ‘neighbors’ in the Com Ed usage letters can mean anyone anywhere in the state.

    They need to quit sending the damn letters and use that money to offset our bills!!!

  5. I’m guessing they’ll never reboot “Little Bill” from their 60’s ads.

  6. Anyone remember “Little Bill” commercials?

    Com Ed is an example of why private monopolies are always a bad thing.

    The stockholders come first.

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