Former County Board Candidates Orville Brettman & Ersel Schuster Sue Jack Franks, Illinois Integrity Fund, Breaker Press, Michael Noonan, Sean Renner & Associated Firms. plus Persons Unknown

Tuesday was a terrible, horrible, no good, exceedingly humiliating, very bad day for McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks.

First Franks faced an uprising from County Board members for his role in State Rep. David McSweeney’s bill to make him a near czar in McHenry County.
He had to eat crow big time at that night’s County Board meeting.

Franks was so shook up that he could not wait for his turn on the agenda after the plebs, I mean, ordinary County Board members, got their say.

I guess the Chairman was afraid of what might end up in the Northwest Herald, whose story painted Franks’ eating crow in a laudatory manner and has not a clue what really happened on Tuesday.

(You can read a near transcript of Franks mea culpa here.)

The second shoe to drop was the filing of a second suit resulting from the Illinois Integrity Fund (sic) hit pieces mailed about a year ago.

This time former County Board candidates Orville Brettman and Ersel Schuster went further than McHenry County Clerk and named Franks as a defendant right off the bat.

Plus Breaker Press, Michael Noonan, the Roosevelt Group, Sean Tenner, KNI, Inc., John/Jane Does, also know as the Illinois Integrity Fund.
In the suit, the two Republicans point to four mailings made by Breaker Press in their McHenry County Board District 6 campaigns.

And the suit claims Jack Franks involvement:

Exhibit A of the Orville Brettmen -Ersel Schuster suit against a plethora of defendants, including Jack Franks.

Brettman’s description of Exhibit A is below:

Orville Brettman’s complaint about the first Breaker Press hit piece.

Schuster objected to being described as having a “history of criminality and hate” and a “history of hate dating back more than 40 years.”

Exhibit B follows:

Exhibit B from the Orville Brettman-Ersel Schuster against the anonymous Illinois Integrity Fund and those so far identified as associated in some way with it.


Exhibit C follows:

Another panel in the series of hit pieces mailed against Ersel Shuster and Orville Brettman.

Comments in the suit about his follow:

Northwest Herald content published by Breaker Press is noted.

Exhibit D follows:

A Joe Tirio angle is contained on the Illinois Integrity Fund mailing by Breaker Press for which the charges against him have already been ruyled defmatory per se.

The suit repeats the elements of Exhibit C, plus adds, “C’ville president planned illegal spying, burglaries. Brettman told a grand jury in 1975 that he took part in admittedly illegal activities.”

Here is the last exhibit, Exhibit E:

Both Orville Brettman’s and Ersel Schuster’s faces appear on this mailing, whjich urges readers to “Vote No on Brettman and Schuster.”

This is what follows:

On this panel both Orville Brettman and Ersel Schuster are painted with brush strokes saying, “Racist attacks,” “Bigger government,” “Bankruptcy,” “Bigger taxes, ” and “Criminal indictments.”

In summary,

Brettman denies the charges of the hit pieces and is described by his attorney Jim Bishop like this:
The court filing claims that the charges leveled by the postcards and “libelous per se”…with defendants knowing of their falsity and actual malice.

And connects the attacks with similar ones against Republican County Clerk candidate Joe Tirio:

Plaintiff Ersel Schuster is described like this ion the suit:

The suit concludes:


Former County Board Candidates Orville Brettman & Ersel Schuster Sue Jack Franks, Illinois Integrity Fund, Breaker Press, Michael Noonan, Sean Renner & Associated Firms. plus Persons Unknown — 26 Comments

  1. How many attorneys turned this down before Bishop took this case?

    This will go no place. Didn’t think he even still had his license. Wasn’t it suspended?

  2. Do you have a link to the whole document? Why just post pieces of it?

    Also… they have close to a zero chance of winning this case.

  3. Don’t have a link.

    Think I put up the most important parts.

  4. Bishop appears to have been suspended for a short time (one month):

    And Cal – do you have the full document?

    If you have the document, you can have a link.

    Scan it in and upload it to google or something and let us decide what are the “most important parts.”

  5. This is great.

    Birds of a feather file bogus lawsuits together.

    Trump, Tirino, Gasser, and now Scheister and Brettman.

    Meanwhile, the Mueller report comes out soon, McConnell has to vote on the wall, OH and Roger Stone is set to get torched.

    What a glorious time to live.

  6. Typical dirty Democrat tactics!

    Chicago Machine political tactics on full display.

    I hope they win their lawsuit against them.

  7. These local county smear flyers, printed in crook county, from 2018 remind all of us of another smear campaign. That was the despicable and false “Trump Dosier” which was ordered by and funded by the lady hillary, who should now be in jail, and her political party. It was put together by a former British spy working with the Russians and who also worked for the national investigation bureau in DC. This discredited Dosier was then used as a basis to falsely get warrants to spy on political opponents of the lady hillary.

  8. “Plaintiffs demand trial by jury.”


    LOL Because a Judge would throw this out in a second!

  9. Glad to hear you filed this suit, Brettman and Schuster.

    Let me know if I can help in the research department.

  10. With Bishop in charge, I feel sorry for Orv.

    I hope it’s a contingency case for him.

  11. Bishop!

    Where’d he go to hangout after that McH bar on the Fox River closed down?

    I’d really like to know, bc I need to talk to him.

    He won’t return calls.

  12. Tirio won his lawsuit and got the names.

    What are you babbling about?

  13. It s on the McHenry County Circuit Clerk’s web site.

    Case: 19LA000039

  14. @ Susan

    Offers of help are never refused. My email address is

    Perhaps you could help us ‘Red Team it’. Do you know what that means?


  15. “There is no such thing as bad publicity”, right Jack?

  16. Oh you have to give it to the libtards at NWH.

    Yesterday’s big story is someone told someone Gasser avoiding service.

    Today they print BS story on page 5 and don’t mention Jack in the headline.

  17. Brettmann and Schusters entire case is premised on the fact that every newspaper article over the last 40 years about them is fake news and filed by a lawyer who was suspended for misconduct.

    Also, there is a statute called The Fair Reporting Privilege that gives immunity to anyone who cites newspaper articles.

    This may be one of the most frivolous lawsuits ever filed and the new GOP clogging our court system with frivolous suits designed to harass.

    I wonder why?

    They can’t win elections anymore!

  18. Jacko Franks, alias “Fair Play”, thanks for your insights, but no thanks for your incites.

    You, Jackal, are a carrion-eater.

    And such vermin only pollute the landscape.

  19. “The suit claims that whoever created the fliers should have known that headlines such as “C’ville president planned illegal spying, burglaries” and “Death threat against county official traced to home of McHenry County Board candidate Ersel Schuster” were false and defamatory.”


    Brettman admitted under OATH he was part of The Legion of Justice!!

    What is Scheister’s defense? “It’s not true because my husband did it!” LOL 😂

    Why didn’t the pair sue for the converage and instead are suing for a flier?

    What a waste of time, energy and money.

    I hope Scheister and Brettman get counted sues for, lost wages, court costs and legal fees!

    Seeing as these two couldn’t hire a real lawyer, they’ll probably be bankrupt – was it worth it?

  20. What do Jack Franks and Jussie Smollet have in common?

    1) They falsely claim to be victims

    2) They fabricate death threats against themselves

    3) They falsely accuse ‘White racists’ as their antagonists

    4) They revel in their lies

    5) They both think they are so ‘special’ that ordinary laws and decency do not apply to themselves

    6) They love illegal aliens and sexual degenerates

    7) They crave publicity and money (in that order)

    8) They are delusional.

    9) They ‘double-down’ on their lies, even in the face of irrefutable countervailing evidence.

    10) They hate Christians, Whites, normal folks and anyone who calls them out

    11) They lead secret lives

    12) They protest their total innocence 24/7

    13) They are Fake-News darlings

    14) They will be unmasked for what they truly are

    15) They will receive their due reward

  21. Franks has already been exposed. To see him dragged through the mud like he likes to do to others with his lies, would make my day.

    ‘Fair Play’ is obviously desperate to set up public opinion in Franks’ favor.

    But No professional politician who’s out for himself and believes the ends justify the means, like Franks does, will ever be seen in a favorable light.

  22. State Representative David McSweeney has lost a lot of Republican support backing and promoting Jack Franks…

    he will pay the price for his betrayal from those who supported him.

    Great going, Orville…

    I hope the FBI gets involved.

  23. The Democrats would like nothing better than to weaken Republican State Rep Dave McSweeney.

    Democrat State House Speaker Michael Madigan wants that seat to go to a Democrat.

    Mr. Madigan and Democrat State Senate President John Cullerton did a good job in their efforts to weaken then Republican Governor Bruce Rauner.

    For instance, passing some legislation in the General Assembly with a good idea of how Mr. Rauner would act and the resulting anger from conservative Republicans.

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