Oligopoly Sought for Marijuana Distribution

The medical marijuana folks are seeking to replicate the distribution system of hard liquor and wibe in Illinois.

After the end of prohibition, the Wirtz family and I think one other firm ended up with the legal authority to sell all liquor to restaurants.

While individuals could buy it off the self at the localĀ  liquor store, bars could not.

Now owners of medical marijuana licenses want all recreational marijuana sales to be funneled through their companies.

Limiting competition is always a path to greater profits.

Former state Senator Pam Althoff will be leading the charge for the medical marijuana businessmen in this challenging quest.


Oligopoly Sought for Marijuana Distribution — 8 Comments

  1. Ah yes, this mission of mercy will save the natives of Kadoola Kadoola, from imbibing in the familiar nectar, of the black papaya.

    Said in my best W.C. Fields voice.

  2. Thank you for posting this.

    The comparison to the liquor, wine & beer distribution model in Illinois is valid, and based on the presumption of “control”.

    In certain other states, like West Virginia, where I owned a restaurant, the state owns the stores and products may only be purchased through them.

    If and when cannabis becomes legal for general use, the prospect for monopolization is very real, and cause for hesitation in the legalization process.

    Bar and restaurant owners in Illinois have long decried the requirement to pay over-market prices for spirit products, which reduce their profitability.

    The sweetheart legislation between the state and the liquor distribution industry needs to be changed.

  3. Yup, and there’s that hideous porcine creature, known as Pam ‘The Scam’ Althoff, asquelin’ and a rootin’ for her lobbying share of the filthy lucre for the gateway drug.

    What’s next, Dear Pam?

    State-run video stores where child porn can be legally seen for a few shekels?

    Fight club to-the-death state-sanctioned tournements, w/ pay to view $ flowing to Springfield?

    Or how about an Illinois State Exchange for aborted baby parts?

    Illinois Organ Exchange (organs-for-cash!)

    Here’s an exclusive MCB pix of Pam with a few of her friends and their Springfield lobbying swag:


  4. Now THAT video was really something.

    Something I shared with many of my friends.

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