Illinois Dems Seeking to Make Illinois Abortion Capital of America

Reprinted with permission by the author, former State Rep. Peter Breen of the Thomas More Society

Illinois Would Become Third-Trimester Abortion Destination and Underage Abortion Haven Under New Bills

The Thomas More Society has released a startling analysis of the Democrat-sponsored House Bill 2495 and Senate Bill 1942, labeled by abortion promoters as the “Reproductive Health Act.”

The proposed bill, along with a partner component, House Bill 2467 and Senate Bill 1594, would comprise “the most radical piece of abortion legislation that has ever been introduced in Illinois, and…the most radical proposed in any state to date,” according to the Thomas More Society’s detailed analysis, by constitutional law expert Paul Benjamin Linton.

Peter Breen

“The Democratic supermajority’s proposals now pending in the Illinois General Assembly are the most pro-abortion legislative measures of their type in the country,” said Peter Breen, Vice President and Senior Counsel for the Thomas More Society, and former Illinois House Minority Floor Leader.

“The barbaric procedures promoted by this legislation are nothing short of infanticide.

“These bills go well beyond the recent New York law and would turn Illinois into a third-trimester abortion destination and an underage abortion haven.

“Governor J.B. Pritzker promised that his Illinois Democrats would turn the state into the most ‘progressive’ in the country on abortion, and these bills deliver on that violent promise:

“Pritzker and his Democratic supermajorities would convert the ‘Land of Lincoln’ into the ‘Abortion Capital of America’.”

According to the Society’s analysis, the bills would do the following:

  • Allow abortions for any reason throughout all nine months of pregnancy
  • Eliminate any restrictions on where abortions may be performed
  • Allow non-physicians, including nurses and physician assistants, to perform abortions, both surgical and medical
  • Undermine and threaten institutional and individual rights of conscience
  • Jeopardize any meaningful regulation of abortion clinics
  • Require private health insurance policies to include coverage for all abortions, with no exemptions, even for churches and other religious organizations
  • Eliminate any requirement to investigate fetal deaths or maternal deaths resulting from abortion
  • Repeal law prohibiting “kickbacks” for abortion referrals
  • Repeal the Parental Notice of Abortion Act of 1995, which has been responsible for a reduction of more than 55% in abortions among Illinois minors since 2012

Breen continued, “These bills violate the deepest moral and ethical convictions of millions of Illinoisans.

“While the Democratic supermajorities in the General Assembly and Governor Pritzker seem dead set on speeding these radical measures into law, the citizens of this state can and must make their voices heard to slow down and stop this process.

Image found on a Lake County Right to Life email about the bills.

“We especially don’t want to go back to the bad old days in our state, when thousands of secret abortions were performed in Illinois on underage girls, both those from our state and the many girls brought here from out of state.”

The bills are pending in the 101st General Assembly as House Bills 2467 and 2495 and Senate Bills 1594 and 1942. The Thomas More Society’s detailed analysis can be found here.


Illinois Dems Seeking to Make Illinois Abortion Capital of America — 12 Comments

  1. In case you are not aware, if you live in Illinois and pay taxes, you are funding murder!

    Why is it that if a homicide is committed and the victim was pregnant it is a double homicide but it is legal to kill a fetus?

    Supporters of abortion will have to answer that question sooner or later.

  2. Above article starts out with:

    “The Thomas More Society has released a startling analysis of the Democrat-sponsored House Bill 2495 and Senate Bill 1942, labeled by abortion promoters as the “Reproductive Health Act.””

    Except in rare instances of danger to a mother, what does the killing of an infant have to do with health? Also, killing of infants is not reproducing the human race. It is anti-reproductive.

    Perhaps a more accurate name for the bill might be, “The Anti-Reproductive and Infant Death Act”, or ARIDA.

    You have to question the integrity of liberals and leftists who always try to make a bad situation good by concocting nice sounding words. Just as they and the mostly liberal media refer to illegal aliens as undocumented immigrants.

    Someday, liberals and leftists, out of their compassion for thugs and ms13 gangs, will rename a bank robbery as an “Undocumented Withdrawl”. A future headline might read, “A human (no description) made an undocumented withdrawl at bank X in town A yesterday”.

  3. Legitimizing anything by legislating it into existence doesn’t change the moral virtue of the act legislated, it merely indicates the morality of those legislating.

    Civil Rights for all was morally declared for all by God so legislating this merely codifies what is already accepted as a moral good and societal good.

    Murder has been declared evil and immoral throughout all human history, with a special loathing for those who attack/murder children, so legislating the legality of murdering infants(our most helpless segment of humanity) offers the world a look at how all Illinois politicians are completely morally bankrupt.

    This also shows the world how weak and small Illinois politicians are as they have decided to attack venerable girls, women and infants.

    Only people completely beyond the pale of historical ignorance would follow the likes of Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Kim Jong Un, Idi Amin… Into the ash heap of history.

    There is no “liberal” or “conservative” in public life anymore.

    Merely those who believe the population our Founding Fathers called “Citizen” have grown so ignorant and complacent they may now be fleeced of all the produce of their hard work to better those in elected and government positions while those in government murder their children by the thousands.

    At least they have the courtesy to remove their masks of civility to show their true natures.

    Are you all merely cattle to be slaughtered at the pleasure of Illinois politicians and their functionaries?

    Are you filthy masses to be shuttled into the Arenas to allow those pols and functionaries the entertainment of your death when they see you as useless to their betterment?

    Or are you Citizens born free and innately given of a moral code which tells you murder of innocents is anti societal, anti community and anti peace?

    The immoral murderers have a Supermajority(unassailable electoral wins) in Springfield.

    Is this indicative of an immoral population or the manipulation of the machinations of government to wrest control from The People to create a murderous dictatorship in the midst of a Republic?

    Where is Illinois headed when murder is both legal and condoned?

    Chaos and death.

    The Purge seemed so interesting as a philosophic conversation until our Illinois government made it plausible as a societal policy.

    Uneducated idiots and power mad goofs are in control of your government(if you are a Citizen).

    As fight or flight is one of the most basic of human reactions it should be interesting to watch what happens.

    What will you do?

  4. Chicago Tribune

    Illinois Democrats propose laws expanding abortion access – including repeal of parental notification for minors

    by Angie Leventis Lourgos

    Thursday, February 14, 2019


    “Illinois House Democrats have introduced two measures that would expand abortion in the state, including a repeal of parental notification requirements in cases involving minors.”

    The “two measures” references in the article are House Bill 2467 (HB 2467) and House Bill 2495 (HB 2495) in the 101st Illinois General Assembly (ILGA), introduced on Wednesday, February 13, 2019.

    ++++++++ > Legislation & Laws: Bills & Resolutions > House Bills: 2401 – 2500 > HB 2467 – Parent Notice Abortion – Repeal > Legislation & Laws: Bills & Resolutions > House Bills: 2401 – 2500 > HB 2495 – Reproductive Health Act


    Two days later, Friday, February 15, 2019, the Senate Democrats filed two companion bills.

    ++++++++ > Legislation & Laws: Bills & Resolutions > Senate Bills: 1501 – 1600 > SB 1594 – Parent Notice Abortion – Repeal > Legislation & Laws: Bills & Resolutions > Senate Bills: 1901 – 2000 > SB 1942 – Reproductive Health Act


    Northwest Herald

    Catholic leaders say Illinois abortion legislation an affront to religious freedoms

    by Rebecca Anzel, Capitol News Illinois (a news service launched by Illinois Press Foundation in 2019)

    February 22, 2019

    “The initiatives mirror those presented in a report published by Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s Equality, Equity and Opportunities transition team.”


    Chicago Tribune

    Pritzker, Lt. Gov. Stratton release 11 transition reports

    by Associated Press

    Wednesday February 13, 2019

    “Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker released his transition-team reports on his 20th day in office.

    Pritzker and Lt. Gov. Julianna Stratton on Friday publicized 11 reports covering topics ranging from the budget to future leaders.”

    That was Friday February 8, 2019.–illinois-governor-transition-reports-20190211-story.html



    Illinois News

    “Pritzker Administration Publishes Transition Reports With Input From More Than 400 Illinoisans

    Friday, February 8, 2019

    Governor, Office of The

    Springfield, Ill. –

    With input from more than 400 stakeholders representing both political parties, all regions of the state
    and diverse viewpoints, the Pritzker administration today published 11 transition committee reports with
    recommendations about how the state can move forward in a variety of ways.”

    put “www2.” in front of the URL, or: & scroll to the news releases from February 8, 2019, or > Government > Executive Branch > Office of Governor JB Pritzker > Launch Website > Newsroom > scroll to the Governors press releases from February 8, 2019


    Office of Governor JB Pritzker

    Gov Transition Reports (Overview)

    “Governor JB Pritzker and Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton are deeply grateful to the more than 400 Illinoisans from all over the state, representing both political parties, who served on 11 different committees to provide a diverse set of views about how to solve the myriad of challenges facing our state.

    As part of the new administration’s commitment to ensuring that every person has equitable access to opportunity and well being, the transition committees also viewed their work through a racial and economic equity lens across state agencies.

    Individuals who served on the transition committees represented their own views, and not the views of their organizations.

    The administration will consider these ideas and recommendations from the state’s diverse stakeholders as we move forward.

    Growing Our Agricultural Economy Committee (report, committee members)

    Budget and Innovation Committee (report, committee members)

    Growing our Agricultural Economy Committee (report, committee members)

    Budget and Innovation Committee (report, committee members)

    Educational Success Committee (report, committee members)

    Committee on Equality, Equity, and Opportunity (report, committee members)

    Healthy Children and Families Committee (report, committee members)

    Restoring Illinois’ Infrastructure Committee (report, committee members)

    Job Creation and Economic Opportunity Committee (report, committee members)

    Powering Illinois’ Future Committee (report, committee members)

    Restorative Justice and Safe Communities Committee (report, committee members)

    Serving Illinois’ Heroes Committee (report, committee members)

    Illinois Emerging Leaders Committee (report, committee members)”

    The path to that website is unknown.

    Just Google, “JB Pritzker transition reports” or search “transition” on the Governor’s website.


    The file names of some committee reports give further insight into the purpose of the committee.

    For instance:

    The file name of the Equality, Equity, and Opportunity report is Transition Civil Rights.

    The file name of the Powering Illinois’ Future report is Transition Power.

    The file name of the Serving Illinois’ Heroes committee is Transition Veterans.


    Here is verbiage in the February 8, 2019 six page report regarding abortion.

    The report is from the Governor appointed “Committee on Equality, Equity, and Opportunity” committee.

    The report is to Governor Pritzker.

    “The new administration should take action to keep abortion safe, legal, and accessible in Illinois.

    It should work with lawmakers to repeal the Illinois Abortion Law of 1975 and the Illinois Parental Notice of Abortion Act of 1995 and replace it with legislation that keeps abortion safe, legal, and accessible.

    The new administration should also fully enforce HB 40.”

    3 sentences in the 6 page report.


    Compare that to the verbiage regarding the pro abortion legislation that appeared in the Rebecca Anzel article referenced earlier in this comment.

    She again is with Capitol News Illinois (an Illinois Press Foundation news service}, and the article appeared in the February 22, 2019 edition of the Northwest Herald.

    “The initiatives mirror those presented in a report published by Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s Equality, Equity and
    Opportunities transition team.”

  5. The Democrats are one evil bunch.

    No rights, no comfort for the least among us will get them their one way ticket to Hell, but not soon enough for me!

  6. Imagine being this evil.

    Democrats are literally baby killers.

    Sad bunch.

    They’ll roast in hell.

    And they may get justice in this life too.

    Pieces of shit.

  7. So much passion.

    How do you all feel about those born kids either penned up or removed from their parents at the border?

    What’s the current justification for the way they’re treated?

  8. Democrats in the New York State Legislature cheered when their new law allowing infanticide was passed. The Democrat governor of that state arranged to have the empire state building lit up in pink lights.

    The Democrat Governor of Virginia, who is a racist and was asked by his Democrat colleagues to resign recently, approves of killing an infant baby after it is born if the mother makes this decision.

    A number of Democrats in the US Congress have called for open borders and abolishment of ICE, the US agency that finds and removes illegal alien criminals and gangs from the US. The top Democrat in Congress last year made a statement saying she has compassion for the violent and murderous gangs of illegal aliens who kill and maim people in our nation. Many Democrat leaders, mayors/governors, made their cities/states as sanctuaries for illegals in violation of federal laws. A Democrat Representative from NY has made absolutely ridiculous and absurd proposals such as doing away with jetliners and gasoline engine cars.

    It has become very clear that the Democrat Party, by virtue of the above named items, and many more, has gone nuts. They are the party of nutballs and kooks.

  9. Joe,

    Do you have anything to add to this conversation?

    The subject is Illinois politicians offering bills to be made law which involve misogynistic victimization of girls and women while murdering viable babies for the convenience and profit of The State.

    The subject is NOT border policies, immigrant policies or children of immigrants.

    We believe in you Joe.

    You can do it!

    We’re excited to hear your positions on State sponsored misogyny, racism and infanticide!


  10. Wow, Joe K is a real sicko.

    I won’t cry when he’s put in a pen.

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  12. Commie Kvidera posts:

    “So much passion.

    How do you all feel about those born kids either penned up or removed from their parents at the border?

    What’s the current justification for the way they’re treated?”

    My reply: Those alien brats were endangered by their parents in the first place!

    Rob a bank with your kid in the back seat of the getaway car and get caught…. guess what?

    Kid gets are separated from apprehended parent! Parent was a wrong to include kid in the crime.

    These illegals break the law.

    PERIOD! –comparing them to aborted babies is, rather infantile.

    But that’s what Kvidera is.

    An overgrown infant who wants to endanger MY FAMILY.

    Well, I won’t let you get away with it scum.

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