Another Critique of Anna May Miller Time Card at Algonquin Township Highway Department

Reprinted with permission from Illinois Leaks:

Algonquin Township Road District – Time Card Tuesday


McHenry Co. (ECWd) –Once again it’s Tuesday and time to continue the exposure of improper payroll that took place under the reign of Bob Miller, the former Algonquin Township Road District Highway Commissioner. Part 3 of the series can be found at this linkThis coverage is for the payroll cycle dated 11/21/2013 through 12/04/2013.

The first red flag entry is found on Friday, November 22, 2013.

Time sheet for Anna May Miller from November 13, 2013.

There is no start and stop entries on the time card yet she receives 8 hours of regular time and a half hour of overtime.

This one entry results in $229.20 in regular pay and $21.49 in overtime which resulted in $250.69 for that one day that has no entry on the time card.

The next red flag appears on the Monday following the above Friday.

Anna May Miller time card for November 25, 2013.

November 25th, 2013 entry is much like the November 22nd, 2013, entry.

No start or stop time yet 8 hours of time was recorded and paid for on this day.

That equates to $229.20 for that one day that has no entry on the time card.

The next questionable entry is for November 27, 2013, where once again we see extra overtime added that was not worked according to the start and stop times.

Dated December 1, 2013, is this Anna May Miller time card.

On this day, 8 hours of regular time was worked and 1 hour of overtime, however, the overtime is once again padded the extra 1/2 hour.

That one-day entry provided an extra $21.49 into her pay.

Anna May Miller’s time card dated December 9, 2013.

Sunday, December 1st, 2013 she claims to have clocked in at 10:30 am and out at 12:15, which is 1 hr and 45 minutes.

It appears any time Anna May worked on a weekend she received overtime even though no overtime was worked.

This day resulted in $75.22 in overtime pay rather than $50.14 of regular time.

A gain of $25.08 by recording it as overtime vs. regular time.

Monday, the 2nd of December, 2013, a total of 9.25 hours is what the math reflects based on the start and stop times however the overtime total once again is padded an extra 1/2 hour for an extra $21.49 on this day.

December 3rd is a doozy.

Can anyone explain how a total of 6.5 hours worked turns into 8 hours?

This entry resulted in an extra $42.98 in pay for time not worked according to the time card.

Adding up all the applicable regular pay on these time cards reflects 64 hours of regular time, which matches the payroll record.

Where this gets interesting is looking at the actual payroll record of what was paid in overtime

It reflects 6.5 hours of overtime pay but the actual time card totals were 5.5 hours, which was padded approximately 3.25 hours already.

Anna May Miller at the McHenry County Board.

So not only are time cards padded, the total padded number gets stepped up an extra hour on the payroll report, resulting in yet another $42.98 on top of all the other padded figures.

This pay cycle results in an extra $501.38 in regular pay and $132.53 in overtime from what appears to be padded time on the time cards and bad math transferred to the payroll record. Total gain this one pay period, $633.91.

That brings the running total of what appears to be padded pay to $2,153.41 for only 7 payroll cycles.

With three years or more of time cards to expose it is going to be most telling to see the final figure.

This information was in the hands of the authorities, however we have not heard if any action will be taken.

I think what we have exposed on the time cards to date is more than enough justification for a forensic audit.

The current Highway Commissioner has tried to take that step, but the Township Board has blocked all efforts for such an audit.

You can download the time cards at this link or view below.

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Another Critique of Anna May Miller Time Card at Algonquin Township Highway Department — 9 Comments

  1. lets not forget the MISC PAY !!

    and all the clothes, handbags computers, phones, gasoline for her personal car she told her husband to charged.

    she wasn’t going to pay
    using all that $$$ she gave herself.


  2. I’ve just opened an internal investigation against myself and until complete, I’m suspending myself at full benefits and pay.

  3. JK- It takes a States Attorney with balls and a Township board willing to do the right thing.

    Which appears we have neither.

    The board should have allowed the forensic audit when Gasser asked, because they refused it has led to much of the problems we have now.

    All this is just pissing in the wind.

    The other problem that no one has addressed is the hours she spent at the county board that do not seem to be deducted from the total or noted on the time cards.

    I believe she claimed 20 hrs a week at the county board to qualify for the pension benefits there.

    this would add up to a lot more money than the “math errors”.

  4. It has been made very clear McHenry County belongs to the millers and friends, You joe and Mary citizen does not and never will matter to the powers that be.

    Charges never will be filed.

  5. Steve is absolutely right.

    The township should have cooperated with Andrew Gasser, supplied the FOIA requests, allow the investigations instead of covering it up!

  6. When Miller lost on his efforts to have the road district’s complaint dismissed against him, why didn’t we hear anything about it?

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