Focus on Melissa Victor’s Meeting Feelings

Reprinted from Illinois Leaks with its permission:

Algonquin Township: “Feelings”

Rarely do we get an opportunity as has been presented to us by Algonquin Township Trustee Melissa Victor.

Melissa Victor

Meeting after meeting, for the most part of last year, she had talked about her “feelings” instead of what the laws of the state say.

  • “I feel we shouldn’t pay this”
  • “It feels like dirty money”
  • “I feel there is no legitimate purpose”
  • “I feel like this is a waste of time”
  • “I feel the lawyer is taking advantage of us”
  • “I don’t feel that these are necessary”
  • “I will never vote to pay another Hanlon bill”
  • any many more…

The point we are trying to make in this article is that personal feelings should not play a part in township governance, instead, they should look towards the statutes for guidance.

In light of this, we decided to put it to music, enjoy:


Focus on Melissa Victor’s Meeting Feelings — 20 Comments

  1. It’s John Kraft and his sarcasm is no more than 100 level stuff.

    Take the word feel out of each sentence, the subjects of the statements are accurate about Hanlon and Gasser’s actions of wasting tax $$$$$.

  2. You’ll never convince me that Barnyard Blunders in Carnival Sideshows, won’t make a comeback.

  3. At least we know where the money is going, not embezzled, not a shoppng spree, not vacations for family, not home furnishings the list goes on

  4. Your opinion Nob.

    The investigations/lawsuits are actually lawful and money well spent and the boards obligation to go after the wrongdoers, unless the board is complicit- then we can see why ‘They Feel’ it isn’t in Their best interest.

    We certainly didn’t elect them fo act on Their own Best Interests or Yours!

    Or your ‘feelings.’

    Algonquin Township, Do Your Jobs!

  5. The vast majority of funds are for the union lawsuit, that was and still is badly handled waste of tax dollars.

    Why suit Miller after he’s out of office and has no access to the records?

    Come on, all the lawsuits are a waste and handled wrong.

  6. The vast majority of funds are for the board protecting Bob and Anna May’s actions on the way out the door, that was and still is badly handled by the supervisor, clerk, and board.

    Why suit Miller after he’s out of office and has no access to the records? Because wrong is wrong and thank God Gasser is not letting this go.

    Come on, all the lawsuits are a waste and handled wrong. Blame the people protecting the Millers.

  7. Nope, Hanlon is doing the union for $$$$ and Gasser was hiding from doing what the court ordered, the rest the lawsuits Hanlon is doing for free.

    The costs for lawyers for the rest of the township and Miller are in direct relation to Gasser and Hanlon playing political games.

  8. And once again, Robin fails to disclose the whole truth.

    The lawsuit against Miller is not just about records.

    It is about the conversion of public property to private.

    It is about the recovery of sick pay and all the other items.

    It’s easy to say it was a waste but the fact of the matter, that’s your opinion.

    Others say otherwise.

    Considering more people are demanding accountability in more units of government tells me this was not a wast but rather desperately needed to wake people up.

  9. Kirk is far from being totally transparent on all that is happening in Alg twh.

    He even is fake news at times, it’s part of the Team Gasser game plan.

  10. “Others say otherwise” so they’re expressing their feelings, got it!

  11. Lawyers and lawsuits have cost the township close to a million dollars from both sides with nothing to show for it, and growing.

    We have a board that is not interested in pursuing any recovery, nor a state attorney that seems interested.

    Recovery of public property will not even come close to the money that has already been expended.

    Dysfunctional board, inept clerk and an incompetent high supervisor all to willing to pay attorneys to play political games that are costing taxpayers exorbitant amounts of money.

    Kirk says not a waste, Kirk has no skin in the game.

    Kirk has already had his payday.

    Time to wake up, absolutely, end all this bullshit.

    It is costing us way to much to prove which side is right.

    This is just one giant pissing match and everyone is pissing in the wind.

  12. What was even the point of this post to begin with.

    To embarrass Melissa Victor.

    the entire administration is an embarrassment, even the dogs boy Gasser.

    Everyone already knows this.

    The dogs are the only ones that seem to want this thing to keep growing.

    To what end better government, or another feather in their cap, more publicity?

  13. The board could have approved Gasser’s request for a forensic audit.

    The supervisor could have fired Kelly day one.

    The clerk could have responded to FOIA requests.

    Gasser is no saint but he is exposing the systematic abuse of the taxpayers in Algonquin Township. Gasser contends he has 2000 tons of salt on order ready to be delivered.

    The millerites need to stop playing games.

  14. Exactly, Anna May”s Lost Timecard!

    Now if we could only get justice: a real investigation, charges, jail time and restitution from the Miller reign: Millers, board, attorney, et al.

  15. Sounds like the court ruled against Gasser again today related to the union mess.

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