Environmental Defenders Volunteer Staff Crystal Lake’s Green Read Book Store

From the Environmental Defenders of McHenry County:

Volunteers (standing, left to right) Linda and Terry Gurgone, Stan Perrin, Linda Bachar, Sharon Gorski (seated, left to right) Janey Walters, Fred Fortman, Catherine Veit, Diane Greenman, Kristina Nemetz, Pam Johnson, Mary Perrin. Missing from photo: Janie Goodman, Libby and Brian Pappalardo, Lorene Henning, Marianne Fontes, Mark Hankins, Mary Erlenborn, Mary Lee Wolf, Mary Lou Ludicky, Nancy Loomis, Nancy Schietzelt.

The Environmental Defenders’ newest book store, The Green Read, which opened in November in Crystal Lake, is grateful to all the volunteers who are making this new venture possible!

Our volunteers staff shifts at the store and are vital to having our doors open six days a week now! Hours are Mon/Tues from 1 PM to 5 PM, Wed/Fri/Sat from 10 AM to 5 PM and Thurs from 10 AM to 7 PM.

In addition to great used books, The Green Read is now offering special events, story time, and has a new book club, The Green Reader.


Environmental Defenders Volunteer Staff Crystal Lake’s Green Read Book Store — 3 Comments

  1. Yet these vaunted ‘defenders’ want to burn this book!:

    Japanese scientist Kiminori Itoh is the author of Lies and Traps in the Global Warming Affair.

    Like many others, Itoh does not reject the notion of global warming entirely, but instead claims that the causes are far more complex than the anti-carbon crowd would have you believe.

    You can read an introduction to his views here at Climate Science.

  2. The issue isn’t “anti carbon”.

    Being anti carbon would be like being anti mercury.

    They are elements that exist in fixed amounts, and cannot be created or destroyed.

    The question is where these substances are.

    Bound up in plants and fossil fuels, carbon does not act as a greenhouse gas as it does when bound with oxygen as a product of combustion, released into the atmosphere.

    Likewise, mercury isn’t harmful until, for example, it gets into my walleye.

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