Tom Weber’s Event at Blarney Island

The following photos were taken at Thursday night’s fundraiser for Atate Rep. Tom Weber:

“Even though many people were not able to make it, because of the Green Typhoon, we still had a great turnout and lotsa fun, the races and band still went on, Weber wrote.


Tom Weber’s Event at Blarney Island — 4 Comments

  1. Weber: Glad hands supporters.

    Supporters: Glad hands Weber.

    Me: Gladly handling a chainsaw, to chase them around venue.

  2. Blarney is the perfect place for this RINO to stage his event.

    He’s so busy kissing democrat fannies and worrying about how he’ll get his pension max., he won’t make any waves on behalf of the real republicans you voted for him.

  3. The ‘Green Typhoon” was all the pension debt and socialistic programs advanced by Fatty Pritzk, Raunchy Rainer, Queequeg Quinn, et etc.

  4. A politician at Blarney Island. How appropriate. —can’t say ye weren’t warned.

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