Casten Called Out for Voting with His Party 98.8% of the Time

From Republican cogressional candidate Evelyn Sanguinetti:

Sean Casten Out of Touch With 6th District Voters

Casten Does Pelosi’s Bidding In DC

Sean Casten

Sean Casten is helping Nancy Pelosi push her extreme agenda, voting against her only 1.2% of the time and only when Democrats can afford to lose votes.

It’s no wonder Pelosi recently sent two fundraising emails for Casten when he votes with Pelosi a whopping 98.8% of the time, proving he would rather appease his party leaders than the people he is supposed to represent.

“Casten is no centrist.

Evelan Sanguinetti

“Sent to Washington to represent the people of his district, he would rather bow to his party leaders and extremists in his party by voting the way Pelosi tells him,” said Clay Godfrey, Sanguinetti campaign spokesman.

“Nancy Pelosi doesn’t represent the values of the 6th district and Casten does her bidding without question.

“Evelyn Sanguinetti fought Mike Madigan’s my-way-or-the-highway agenda in Springfield and will fight Pelosi’s in Washington, DC.”


Sean Casten Votes With His Party 98.8% Of The Time. (ProPublica, Accessed 7/7/19)


Casten Called Out for Voting with His Party 98.8% of the Time — 11 Comments

  1. This weirdo has laughable posts on his FB supporting Michael Jackson AFTER the movie came out about 2 of his child-victims.

    Shows what a PoS he is.

  2. Oh sure. She’s a member of the cabal that bankrupted the State and now she want’s me to punch her ticket, to escape to D.C. with the rest of the garbage people.

  3. Dear Honorable Congressman Casten: This sunshine blog, an award winning journalistic institution, and McHenry County pride wants to let you know it is our expectation that you vote against your party 98.8 % of the time just like your voters elected you to do. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwww…

  4. casten a Michael Jackson supporter after the dirt comes out (if it was eve really hidden)? Figures!

  5. I think Casten is a complete poser, but when I see Pelosi and “extreme agenda” I raise an eyebrow.

    We have to give Pelosi credit for calling out those who truly do have extreme agendas in her party.

    They’re not fighting for my congressional district, so I ain’t got no dog in this fight.

    Just call Casten out for who he is…and is not.

  6. BREAKING NEWS: Democratic Congressman votes with the Democratic Party!

  7. Breaking News: Franks flunky, Alabama Shake exposed for his Marxist agenda.

  8. **Breaking News: Franks flunky, Alabama Shake exposed for his Marxist agenda.**

    LOL – good try. Not relevant or accurate though. I can’t stand Jack Franks. Have never worked for or with him. Have never voted for him. But making things up is cool. Well done.

  9. What idiot thought he was a centrist?

    All he did on the campaign trail was wah-wah about climate change and didn’t he compare Trump to Osama Bin Laden?

    He compared abortion to a gall bladder surgery.

    So, yeah, he’s at least left-of-center.

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