Misinformation on Social Media Draws Criticism of Lauren Underwood

From Former Quigley Supporter:

14th Congressional District Update:  Lauren Underwood and Social Media Content Monitoring

Loren Underwood

Lately, there has been discussion in Washington and elsewhere concerning social media and monitoring the content. 

Last month at the House Homeland Security Committee meeting, a hearing was held with testimony from executives of Facebook, Twitter, and Google/YouTube concerning social media, in particular, efforts to counter online terror content, hate speech, and misinformation on their platforms. 

At this hearing, Congresswoman Lauren Underwood asked various questions and included an example of misinformation through Facebook’s Instagram concerning vaccines. 

Misinformation can take various forms, and a tweet Underwood’s political Twitter account should make us all say to Congresswoman Underwood that she should practice what she preaches.

Yesterday (7/7/19), this tweet was sent:

Please pay particular attention to the “…we’ve passed legislation…” reference. 

Would that statement make the average reader think that the legislation was passed and actually is law? 

Would the “…secured funding…” reference make one think that the funding is a done deal?   

In a press release Underwood’s congressional staff issued on June 26, Underwood took credit for securing funding for district priorities through the Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 appropriations legislation, per the introduction of her press release:

The three bills referenced in the press release, H.R. 2740, H.R. 3055 and H.R. 3351 were passed in the House, but they are awaiting Senate action. 

There is no guarantee all of the House’s funding requests will pass in the Senate, nor survive a House-Senate Conference Committee, so for a reasonable person, would Underwood saying she “…secured funding…” at best be premature, and at worst, an example of social media misinformation? 

And yes, if other members of Congress issue these kinds of premature press releases and social media postings, it’s equally misinformation from them, too, Democrats and Republicans alike.

None of Underwood’s legislation is law, nor has passed the Senate. 

At her re-election announcement on June 29, she highlighted her veterans legislation, H.R. 2372, which did pass the House by unanimous voice vote. 

That legislation has not yet been taken up in the Senate, either. 

Again, premature for her to say she’s passed legislation in the House that may still not become law.

But that’s not stopping Underwood issuing misinformation for taking credit for doing something that has not been done, and may not be done. 

On Saturday, Congresswoman Underwood is headlining a fundraiser in Bloomington:

Nikita Richards was the unsuccessful Democratic nominee for McLean County Clerk last year, and this fundraiser benefits her, while honoring veterans. 

Clearly, Underwood is being positioned to be a champion for veterans needs. 

But to say she’s passed legislation that has yet to become law is thus far, makes her claim an example of misinformation, or at the very least, premature.

The only legislation Underwood has voted on recently that has become law is H.R. 3401, which is the emergency funding for the southern border bill that House passed, the amended Senate legislation by a 305 to 102 vote. 

Underwood voted for the legislation, but 95 Democrats and 7 Republicans opposed the bipartisan emergency funding bill. 

President Trump signed H.R. 3401 into law on July 1st.

The topic of misinformation, as well as social media content monitoring has emerged because there have been several concerns already voiced that social media companies have a bias against conservatives and Christians. 

More will be posted on this in an upcoming article, but for now, the June 26 House Homeland Security Committee hearing with the social media executives is very interesting. 

The C-SPAN link to the video of the full hearing is below, and the hearing is 2 1/2 hours long. 

Suggested highlights would be the opening remarks by Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson and Ranking Member Mike Rogers, as well as the witness’ respective 5 minutes testimonies and questioning by the chairman and the ranking member.  Additional highlights:

  • Discussion of the deepfake of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi video during the chairman’s questioning
  • 54:13 — Congresswoman Underwood’s questioning of the witnesses
  • 1:11:02 — Congressman Clay Higgins (R, LA) questioning and statement of concern about conservatives being targeted for accounts deletions, including a video about the Ten Commandments being removed

An overriding topic of this committee’s hearings has to do with the 2020 elections, and while Russian interference is one of the topics, social media company executives being caught talking about preventing President Trump’s re-election is a topic that comes up frequently throughout the hearing.

More will be written on this topic, given recent issues Republican James Marter has raised on his Facebook campaign page concerning a conservative’s Twitter account being deleted, and additional account deletions in the past 2 weeks.

C-SPAN House Homeland Security Committee Hearing Video Link:  https://www.c-span.org/video/?462052-1/social-media-content-monitoring

Congresswoman Lauren Underwood 6/26 Press Release:   https://underwood.house.gov/media/press-releases/underwood-secures-federal-funding-local-prioritiesNikita Richards’ ad for Underwood-headlining event:  https://www.facebook.com/RichardsMCClerk/photos/a.134974463734196/465093710722268/?type=3&theater


Misinformation on Social Media Draws Criticism of Lauren Underwood — 27 Comments

  1. Thank you Honorable Congresswoman Lauren Underwood; we are blessed to have such an accomplished professional and great American representing the good citizens of the 14th congressional district. The sunshine blog and sunshine commenters support you unconditionally. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwww…

  2. LOL. Nice fact check.

    “You passed legislation, but the Senate hasn’t passed it, so it’s not true to say you passed legislation.”


  3. Hmmmmmm

    Can someone please enlighten the public with the definition of “HYPOCRITE?”

  4. Former Quigley Supporter writes:

    “Clearly, Underwood is being positioned to be a champion for veterans needs”

    If Lauren Underwood is being positioned for veterans needs does that include people of all races or just black folk?

    According to Lauren Underwood’s linkedin page the last time Lauren had a gathering of people, only African American women facing cancer were invited to her group for the purpose of examining spirituality and coping skills. White women were not invited.

    Last time I checked women of all races, facing cancer, could use some spirituality and coping skills.

    Let me tell you, Lauren Underwoods public facade is so different than the person she really is.

    Let the people rise up and unseat Lauren Underwood at the next election.

    If the people want change they need to create that change through the power of the vote.

  5. Will they barbecue the home schooled children of religious people, or just taxpayers?

  6. Here’s something cuter.

    In a Facebook post this morning, Congresswoman Underwood’s graphic highlighting accomplishments of her first 6 months in office, states very clearly “2 Bills Passed the House!” (emphasis added).

    Underwood’s improving, whether through feedback from here, others or coincidence, she told the whole truth and no misinformation in this morning’s social media posting about legislation accomplishments in her 1st six months.

    See for yourselves:


  7. It’s only misleading if you don’t understand how legislation works or what words mean.

    If Congresswoman Underwood voted for legislation that passed out of the House, then the legislation… passed out of the House.

    If the House and Senate passed legislation then they passed legislation.

    If the House and Senate passed legislation but it was vetoed then… the legislation passed the House and Senate.

    If legislation passes out of the House and Senate and is signed by the president then the “legislation” becomes “law.”

    Hopefully this helps for people who don’t understand the lawmaking process.

    If the Senate won’t take it up or vote for the bill, it doesn’t change the fact that the legislation passed out of her chamber of Congress.

    I know that things need to be dumbed way down for certain people but unfortunately for her critics, nothing she said was misleading.

    I could see it being misleading for people who don’t know what words mean.

  8. Underwood can have all the meetings in the world to promote her public facade! There are no real results.

  9. Remember when Trump, Pence, Paul Ryan took a massive victory lap in the rose garden after the House passed legislation to kill Obamacare?

    Do your readers and FQS feel hurt after being mislead into thinking that the House did something super successful and victorious? 🙁

  10. Nice try, “oh”, but you fall flat.

    Read the full context from the article about Underwood’s tweet…does the “average reader” when Underwood claimed to have funded something when it hasn’t happened?

    Contextuality is key to telling the whole truth, not deceptive half-truths, which Underwood will be held accountable for next year.

    The average reader shouldn’t have to go to congress.gov and look up if Underwood is telling the whole truth about legislation she passed actually becoming law.

    Had Underwood said so, just like in today’s social media post she issued, then there is no doubt.

    Classic example from last year, all of Underwood’s commercials, which are on YouTube and on her campaign website, where she mislead the public into thinking she is a career nurse working out of a private/group practice office by wearing scrubs and greeting a patient at a medical office.

    Half-truth because while being a licensed RN, she did not hold a nursing job in private/group practice like she portrayed in those commercials.

    Yes, Underwood lied.

    Now, all of those “ask your doctor” ads with patients and medical professionals are scripted and usually use actors, since HIPAA would prevent filming an actual examination.

    That said, Underwood sold a false perception of what she was with her drama of those campaign commercials.

    Those kinds of ads will not work next year.

    Yet she is building a record, and recently, she has begun approaching issues in a genuine bipartisan way, instead of the partisanship she showed during most of her 1st six months in office.

    Maybe that will offset how she mislead voters last year provided she serves her constituents as a statesman, and not a politican.

    If Underwood owns-up to what she did last year with those misleading commercials, confess it, sincerely apologize for it and commit she will not do something like that again.

    The 14th district voters would embrace her for her honesty and contrition provided it’s sincere, and Republicans have one significant issue removed from using against her.

    And “oh”, whether a rose garden victory lap when the U.S. Senate voted not to remove President Clinton from office after his trial or the one you described, I knew neither of those events were super successful and victorious.

    Let’s use the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, when President Trump signed that landmark legislation into law was when a real victory lap began, which our economy is still taking and all of us are blessed with to this day.

  11. Yes, a real victory for the fiscal conservatives who think the number one issue facing our country is the ballooning debt.

    Actually, never mind… Republicans only cared about ballooning debt and advocating for a balanced budget when Dems were in control.

    When the GOP is in control, the debt doesn’t matter because the economy will be greased by unpaid tax cuts and we can figure out the debt issues when Dems take control.

    Hashtag blessed.

    Underwood ran on healthcare, healthcare, healthcare.

    She won because of healthcare.

    She didn’t win because she was in scrubs.

    She won because healthcare was the number 1 issue to voters and voters trust Dems over Republicans on healthcare.

    GOP voted to get rid of Obamacare.

    They passed it in the House.

    It didn’t pass the Senate.

    The GOP got crushed in the midterms because of healthcare. Trump is hugely unpopular. It’s no secret why she won. It’s not rocket science why she won.

    It’s not because she was in scrubs in a commercial.

    It’s because the GOP and the former congressman voted to take healthcare away from 20 million citizens.

    But good luck running against her because she was in scrubs.

    Seems like a winning strategy.

  12. Underwood speaks Ebonics, but screams we don’t understand her.

  13. There it is. She’s black and speaks Ebonics. Can always count of racism from these commentators. Can always count on Cal to allow the racists comments.

  14. Underwood was speaking English as well as anyone at her foster parent round table.

  15. FormerQuigleySupporter said in the article. “If Underwood owns-up to what she did last year with those misleading commercials, confess it, sincerely apologize for it and commit she will not do something like that again”

    “The 14th district voters would embrace her for her honesty and contrition provided it’s sincere, and Republicans have one significant issue removed from using against her.”

    Lauren Underwood will never apologize.

    She doesn’t want to admit she ever did anything wrong by deceiving the people about who she really is.

    Apologizing for Underwood would only confirm to the world what most people already know.

    Underwood, lied, she is deceptive and manipulative.

    Either way she loses.

  16. Underwood is a good speaker.

    Even when she appeared in her fake campaign adds, parading around like a practicing nurse and wearing her fake stethoscope, she still presented well.

    Publicly, she doesn’t sound any different than any other person that chooses to deceive the people.

    Lying is not a black people thing.

    Lying is a human thing, for which many people choose to do.

    Ebonics thats a stretch and thats not “APPROPRIATE”

  17. You haven’t heard her at the Our Revolution meetings.

    Obama did the same thing when he was among his fellow Alinsky trogs

  18. If only Honorable Congresswoman Lauren Underwood was a White business man…things would be soooooooooo different…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwww…

  19. Angel, you are so full of it. Color has nothing to do with anything. Lauren Underwood, won the election and the majority of the voters are white.

    So put a sock in it Angel.

    When you make statements like that, it just shows your stupidity.

    Hope your not a counselor anywhere, because you have some really twisted thinking going on.

  20. **FranksLies said: Underwood speaks Ebonics**

    Oh, wow. I see DALA has some racist friends on here.

  21. Alabama, you really need to spend your time on more honest efforts.

    You are a deceptive liar.

  22. The people should never forget this comment:

    UNDERWOODNOW” WRITES AS SHE TALKS ABOUT AJ FREUND:” only when a white kid is involved do the media and politicos jump on the wagon for reform”

    Clearly, a racist who hates white people.

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