Applicants to Replace Melissa Victor as Algonquin Township Trustee

Through a Freedom of Informaiton Request, it has been learned that the following people have applied for the Algonquin Township Trustee vacancy:

  • Robert Fred Becker, Lake in the Hills, Elgin Recycling Manager, brother-in-law of McHenry County Board member Jim Kearns
  • Peter Suffield, Cary, paralegal, Northwestern Health Sevices, Master of Public Administration from NIU, Republican Precinct Committeeman in Algonquin 34, former AFSCME Union Local 31 Steward, favors putting the Road District under the Township Board,
  • George W. Lowe, Jr., former President of the McHenry County College Board and McHenry County Board, the Cary Village Board and GOP Precinct Committeeman, repeatedly Lowe says he wants to be “frugal.”
  • Elaine Marie Ramesh, Barrington Hills, patent attorney, former BH Village Clerk and Trustee, member of the McHenry Countu Republican Women’s Club, member of McHenry County Conservation District Advisory Committee, equestrian advocate, raised $40,000 local private match to Federal Recreational Trails program grant to install a horse trailer parking lot to support five miles of multi-use trails.
  • Teresa Steph, Cary, co-owner and manager of real estate management company Brzica Farms, LLC, in Wauconda, supervising over 20 people, former office manage for The Knowles Foundation, former personal injury attorney with Salvi & Maher, question asking if a Repblican unanswered,.
  • Nick Chirikos, Algonquin, semi-retired construction manager, BA from University of Denver in Political Science and Interpesonal Communications, although a former Democratic Party member of the McHenry County Board, Chirikos states he is a Republican as evidenced by a letter from the Republican National Committee “detailing my support for certain Republican candidates in the mid-term 2018 election,” past Chairman of the McHenry County Historical Preservation Commission, recommendations from Robert and Anna May Miller & Joe Gottemoeller, fired by Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser upon assuming the Office of Highway Commission
  • Linda H. Cools, Barrington Hills, Citizens Advisory Group for IDOT re widening of Route 62, advocates lowering the required bid level for Highway Department, advocates countering negative publicity, ran twice for the BH Village Board, advocate of transparency, records and posts BH Village Board meetings on Facebook, endorsed by BH Trustees Fritz Gohl and Robert Zubak.
  • John Angelo Leonardi, Fox River Grove, former Trustee and Audit Committee member of Local 1487 Machinist Union, former driver for FedEx and heavy equipment operator for Flying Tigers/FedEx ORD, seeks more accountability for the Road District, advocates changing state law to require presence of Highway Department official at Township Board meetings.
  • Robert Craig Gibbons, Crystal Lake, Public Relations Manager of the McHenry Champber of Commerce, Managing Director of Gibbons Consulting, LLC, Executive of marketing and a volunteer of Young Associates Board, lists having been Jack Franks campaign assistant in 2014 followinPatrol Uniong a 2013 summer internship.
  • John A. Bobryzke, Cary, successful salesperson for Charles Industries, among others, former owner of Cary Coffee Station, former candidate for Republican Precinct Committeeman.
  • Amanda Jean Walczak, Algonquin, Principal and Senior Vice President of Invisible Benefits, empoyee benefits advisor and insurance producer.
  • Brian Daniel Floyd, Crystal Lake, Mt. Prospect Police Officer, former Police Pension Fund Trustee and MAP Chapter #84 Patrol Union Boarde Officer for six years.
  • Robert Lee Bragg, Cary, truck driver and operator for Roesner Trucking with a background in construction and management in former positions, including Holiday Inn in Florida, former Cary Village Trustee, serving with Karen Lukasik and Dave Chapman.


Applicants to Replace Melissa Victor as Algonquin Township Trustee — 6 Comments

  1. Robert Fred Becker – Qualified
    Peter Suffield – Qualified
    George W. Lowe – No
    Elaine Marie Ramesh – No
    Teresa Steph No
    Nick Chirikos – Endorsed by Bob, Anna May, and Joe. No.
    Linda H. Cools – I do not know her – maybe
    John Angelo Leonardi – No
    Robert Craig Gibbons – No Jack Franks
    John A. Bobryzke – No
    Amanda Jean Walczak – No
    Brian Daniel Floyd – No
    Robert Lee Bragg – Why does he want to serve with Lukasik again? No.

  2. Some decent credentials, experiences, and folks who have run businesses and in Leadership roles— given that how the heck did Victor ever get elected and who was her competition back then?

    I think she’s tied to Dave Chapman who probably helped her along.

    Either way, much better field now to choose from–the Miller, Lukasik, Chapman ties should be warning signs though.

  3. Nicky Chirikos! What a PoS. Miller crime clan and Gottemoler hype him! NO way Jose. Keep bumbing cigs, Nicky.

    You are a mule!

  4. Nick is a current Democratic PC, former District Chair, and the subject of a recent police complaint I had to file against him for harassment.

    Lovely that he’s finally outed himself and come clean about his duplicity.

    Now, would you trust him with your money?

  5. My vote for Bob Miller (and continuing support of him) qualified me for recognition by the national republican party.

    It was worth a shot to try and get a voice of reason on the Algonquin Township Board.

    At least I tried!

    More than I can say for all the armchair blabbermouths on this “forum”.

    As for Kerri Barber, sorry, I never got the memo on your “recent police complaint”.

    Apparently that’s all you can do…use the legal system to sooth your tortured soul and harass your perceived victims.

    Meanwhile, the real fight for our legal rights of union representation at the township road district continues, but you wouldn’t know anything about that.

  6. Kerri Barber needs psychological counseling like all Sanders people (pawns).

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