Elaine Ramesch Appointed to Algonquin Township Board

Elaine Ramesh

The three members of the Algonquin Township Board agreed to appoint Barrington Hills resident Elaine Remesh to replace Melissa Victor as Trustee.

A summary of the new Trustee follows:

  • Elaine Marie Ramesh, Barrington Hills, patent attorney, former BH Village Clerk and Trustee, member of the McHenry Countu Republican Women’s Club, member of McHenry County Conservation District Advisory Committee, equestrian advocate, raised $40,000 local private match to Federal Recreational Trails program grant to install a horse trailer parking lot to support five miles of multi-use trails
John Leonardi

There were three other candidates interviewed behind closed doors:

  • John Angelo Leonardi, Fox River Grove, former Trustee and Audit Committee member of Local 1487 Machinist Union, former driver for FedEx and heavy equipment operator for Flying Tigers/FedEx ORD, seeks more accountability for the Road District, advocates changing state law to require presence of Highway Department official at Township Board meetings.
  • Brian Daniel Floyd, Crystal Lake, Mt. Prospect Police Officer, former Police Pension Fund Trustee and MAP Chapter #84 Patrol Union Boarde Officer for six years.
  • Robert Lee Bragg, Cary, truck driver and operator for Roesner Trucking with a background in construction and management in former positions, including Holiday Inn in Florida, former Cary Village Trustee, serving with Karen Lukasik and Dave Chapman.
Brian Floyd

Thirteen people applied for the position after Victor resigned after being elected to the Cary Park Board.

Three were disqualified because they were not Republicans, according to the statute.

Of the ten remaining, Trustee Rachael Lawrence talked individually with Trustees Dan Shea and David Chapman.

The three offered three to four favorites, who were narrowed down to four to be interviewed.


Elaine Ramesch Appointed to Algonquin Township Board — 5 Comments

  1. Who better to fix the Township, than someone who spent Taxpayer money on a convenience, for her and a couple of horse riding pals?

  2. I don’t like the look of her, but let’s give her a chance and see.

  3. While a Trustee, Ramesh was often referred to while she served on the board as “Dr. No,” Because, she almost always voted no except for anything equestrian.

    That is well known.

    The Barrington HIlls Board is a totally different environment than that of the Algonquin Township Board, she will need to speak out strongly.

    She will be a sitting duck on that board and a target for the masses..

    The Township decried that they were looking for the best candidate, well maybe on paper, the rest of her resume is ?

    And here’s a factoid not eluded to, iIsn’t it interesting that both Mr. Jim Kelly, former counsel for BH and Ramesh find themselves reunited again?

    That’s no mistake.

    This was a political appointment nothing more.

    Politics, and deals.

    And for Ramesh time will tell if the best interests of the public is on the agenda and what she will do to improve its negative image and it’s messed up highway dept.

    The public be damned!!

  4. It’s insulting that people call her equine just on her appearance!

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