Candice Owens Brings Blaxit Message to Family PAC Cruise

Candice Owns about to board the Fort Dearborn.
Paul Caprio

My favorite fundraiser of the year is the Family PAC Cruise.

Usually, it consists of a foray onto Lake Michigan and then up or down the Chicago River.

This year, Family PAC Executive Director Paul Caprio announced that the Coast Guard recommend we stay on the river, if we wanted to come back alive.

Or some similar dramatic language.

Wind was reported to be whipping the waves to 4-7 feet and people had been advised not to go swimming.

From the north branch of the Chicago River.

No matter.

Where the CTA crosses the river.

The sun reflecting off skyscrappers old and under construction was magnificent.

Sears Tower

This year, there were fewer elected officials and more young people, especially members of the Chicago Young Republicans.

Two congressional candidates were introduced:

Jeanne Ives and Tom Morrison
  • Jeanne Ives running in the 6th District
  • Allen Skillicorn, unannounced, but running in the 14th District
Allen Skillicorn an Tom Morrison
On Vincent Kolber.

Besides Skillicorn, incumbent State Rep. Tom Morrison was in attendance.

The latter withstood a whithering attack from a Mike Madigan-financed opponent.

He told DuPage County Auditor Bob Grogan that he was praying that God bring whatever result He wished.

A colleague who did not, Peter Breen, also joined the festivities.

Besides myself, former State Representatives from former eras, Penny Pullen and Bob Biggins couldn’t miss the event.

Former Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran and Cook County’s highest ranking Republican Board of Appeals member Dan Patlack were on the boar.

Candice Owens

The keynote speaker was Candice Owens late of Turning Point USA.

The black early twenty-something is a rock star among conservatives.

She grew up in a Democrat family and wasn’t favorably impressed when Donald Trump descended the stairs in Trump Towers to make his Presidential announcement.

But his pitch to blacks resonnated.

Indeed, she thought, how could it be worse for blacks under Republican Trump than it had been under Democrats.

She pointed out that 75% of black California boys could not pass a basic reading test.

Owens compared the current state of blacks to those on slave owners’ plantations.

Not in a literal way, but she pointed out that slaves worked for white Demcorats for “for free.”

Parenthetically, she informed the crowd that no Republican had been found who owned a slave.

She continued, “It’s the same today.”

Blacks “put Democrats over the finish line [today] and get nothing in return.

View as Candice Owens wpoke.

Jim Crow laws were intended to keep whites and Blacks separate, now universities and colleges provide “safe places for Black people.”

She told of Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood.

Sanger was “an avowed racist.”

In New York City, where Sanger got her start, the law allows abortion up to nine months in the womb and there are more black babies aborted than born alive.

Nationwide, eighteen million Black babies have been aborted.

She compared Antifa with the Ku Klux Klan, pointing out the goals of both was to stifle free speech while hiding their faces.

While Democrats bemoan the separation of children from the parents at the Mexican border, Owens explained that liberal social policies had resulted in unmarried births skyrocketing from about 20% when LBJ was in office in the 1960’s to 70% today.

Democrats, she charged were more interested in creating a new dependent “bloc of victims” to support Democrats electorally.

“I genuinely believe God sent Donald TrumpJust in the nick of time,” Owens said.

Her goal in leaving Turning Point to form Blaxit is to peel off five percentage points of the Black vote from the Democratic Party in 2020.

That would give victory to the GOP.

Attending from McHenry County, besides my wife and I, was Algonquin Toiwnship Trustee Rachael Lawrence.

Chatting were Maine Township Trustee Susan Sweeney and Algonquin Township Trustee Rachael Lawrence.
Chicago skyline at dusk.

And the cruise was over.


Candice Owens Brings Blaxit Message to Family PAC Cruise — 6 Comments

  1. It is really remarkable how my sunshine blogger transcends McHenry County limits in search of a free lunch. Thank you sunshine blogger for your courageous, life-risking work of journalism. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwww…

  2. Rachel Lawrence was there to SPY!

    I hope she paid and wasn’t given a freebie!

  3. Sippy cup Lawrence …. watch out, fakir overboard!

    Yes, fakir.

    She is, of course a faker, but she’s also a professional fakir, too.

    She feigns concern for the stricken Lutzow, but badmouths him all the time at Cary’s Sidetracks.

    Gasser is her bete noir.

    Kelly is her doting trainer.

    Buy her a vodka tonic …. make it a triple.

    Then get her to blab about her Svengali……… Jacko Franks.

    Very interesting.

    Yes, I overheard her at a busy bar.

    Hoooooo boy!

  4. Far Out what did she actually say? Pray tell.

    She’s a regular at Cuckoo’s Nest, too.

  5. Only 2 reasons why nitwits would make up lies about Rachael Lawerence.

    She took you down or she’s about too.

    We need honestpeople like her to bring back normal people into the republican side.

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