Jay Kinzler May Join the Fight Against Sean Casten Making It a Three-Way Race

Jay Kingzler, uses Life Savers to remind people he is a surgeon.

Roskam got almost 69% of the vote.

In 2016 Jay Kinzler ran against Peter Roskam in the Republican Primary Election.

He lost and then ran unsuccessfully for State Representative, receiving just over 41% of the vote.

But he won a contested primary, getting 79% of the vote.

He seems to have been supported by Dan Proft in his State Rep. run.

Already in the race are former Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti and former State Rep. Jeanne Ives, who almost bested incumbent Rauner in last year’s GOP gubernatorial primary.

There is some talk that Ives is not going to rely on Proft in her congressional ran. so it is possible that Kinzler may be Proft’s candidate.


Jay Kinzler May Join the Fight Against Sean Casten Making It a Three-Way Race — 4 Comments

  1. I saw a comment on CapitolFax a couple of weeks back saying Kinzler was thinking about running in the 6th.

    Dr. Jay Kinzler was acting more like a candidate instead of a supporter in Algonquin, and some of the Facebook pics showed him shadowing Evelyn Sanguinetti during the Founders’ Days parade this past weekend.

    Wearing a t-shirt with his name on it like a candidate is pretty tell-tale, too.

    Can the 61 year-old do it?

    He’d be the oldest of the 3 candidates, with Ives at 54 and Sanguinetti at 49.

    He’s an officer in the Army Reserve, a colonel I believe.

    He can compete with Jeanne Ives for the military/veterans vote.

    He has public office experience in the Glen Ellyn Park District.

    As an MD, his perspective on health care could bring him into a competitive stage with Ives and Sanguinetti.

    I know the health care issue didn’t help him against Roskam in 2016, but it wasn’t the high profile issue it is now.

    And being one man competing with 2 women works to his favor with the gender politics, too.

    His Facebook page is very active on observations in Washington.

    He does need to commit to the race and file his FEC paperwork to start raising money sooner than later, if he really wants to run.

    Will be watching.

  2. I’m highly suspicious of any candidate being funded by Dirty Dan.

  3. Has Dan Proft found another candidate on which to waste more of Uihlein’s money?

    Wake up Richard Uihlein, Proft is wasting your money!

  4. If Profft is for him, so am I.

    Unless Sang is paying him to hurt Ives.

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