Bill Prim Releases Report on Coroner’s Office with Recommendations

Below is the ten-page report on the Coroner’s Office prepared by McHenry County Sheriff Bill Prim.

Prim has served as Interim Coroner since Dr. Anne Majewski retired.

State law says that McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks was to appoint a replacement for Majewski within sixty days of her leaving office.

That has not occurred.

Prim recommendation for the future is contained on page 10 of his report, seen below:


Bill Prim Releases Report on Coroner’s Office with Recommendations — 19 Comments

  1. Wow, “do nothing” Bill seems to have done something.

    He must need another vacation.

    Maybe him and the guy he supported for Road Commissioner against Gasser, Bob Miller, can head out of town on a buddy vacation.

  2. This report is quite excellent!

    I do note that Prim did allow Miller to use his name as an endorser however in Miller’s full page NWH FakeNews political ad (Never showed up on his State Bd of Elections PAC expenditure list however.

    Quite interesting.

    Did the Fake News give him a free AD?

    They’d still have to report an in kind contrib.

    Somebody’s lying!

    And I don’t think Prim will ever support Miller again. Bad Optics!

  3. So basically majewski ran the place into the ground and left it a complete mess.

    Ugh Bill Prim.

    Tried to talk to him once.

    Not the sharpest tool and unpleasant.

    Like talking to sandpaper.

    Pretty sure he never supported Miller though, right?

  4. Both Keneally and Prim supported Miller. Prim sent out a mailer and Keneally refused to endorse anyone publicly but behind the scenes supported the Millers.

    What is so sad about this is that when Bill ran the first time it was Miller who opposed him.

    If I am not mistaken the Millers opposed Keneally too.

  5. I believe Kenneally supported Gasser and swore him in as Commissioner.

  6. Sounds like Majewski ran the place into the ground and all the qualified people got out….so what’s left?

  7. Who do you think really wrote that report?

    certainly not Bill Prim.

    His most profound thoughts wouldn’t fill a postanote.

    This is all part of a bigger plan to subvert and control.

    Please note the word referendum at the end of the report, now who would want a referendum?

  8. Cal, you supported Miller when he ran for head of McGOP didn’t ya?

  9. Wasn’t Miller’s opponent cheatin’ Billy LeFew?

    Bob Miller had big dreams of scrapping Al Jourdan’s human turkeys.

    But Miller and his screechy wife got scrapped instead.

  10. Majewski got rid of the people that Lanz and Company hid, forgot and whatever incompetent word you want to use.

    She held the previous Deputies accountable unlike Lanz.

    She showed up to work unlike Lanz!

    Cut the budget and got a better union deal than Lanz!

    If I recall and maybe Cal can check on this, Majewski had to fight to get a camera installed for the Coroners office for protection?

  11. I will be requesting a copy of the entire report prepared about the state of the McHenry County Coroner’s Office. I will be responding on a point-by-point basis regarding the mischaracterization of the office.

    I will be summarizing the austerity of the budget that the office operated under and constraints of the collective bargaining agreement.

    I assure the people of McHenry County that under my tenure McHenry County Coroner’s Office functioned in full compliance with the Illinois Compiled State Statutes, conducted complete thorough and unbiased death investigations, and when I made the very difficult decision to resign due to health issues, the office had a full staff of competent hard-working intelligent Deputy coroners and secretary who functioned well under my watch.

  12. I believe Anne, a good person from a good home.

    What is Prim trying to do?

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