For 14th District Congressional Candidates

The Johnsburg Saufen und Speil banner is reusable.

Johnsburg has its annual parade on September 8th.

The Village email notes:

The Johnsburg Community Club, Inc, the Johnsburg Community Men’s Club and the Johnsburg Lions Club present Saufen und Spiel 2019. Starting Friday evening, September 6th thru Sunday, September 8th.

Johnsburg is the place to be for food, music, games and good old fashion fun! Click here for further information.


For 14th District Congressional Candidates — 9 Comments

  1. Cool! The 14th Congressional District Candidates, including the incumbent, can be in Johnsburg in 3 weeks, while the two 6th district Republican candidates will be at the Dundee Township Republicans’ picnic the same afternoon (and though there are a few volunteers to the 14th district Republican campaigns from Dundee, not one part of that township is in the 14th).

    Let’s hope the festivities in 3 weeks will keep people from the first full Sunday schedule of the new NFL season!

    Now, which candidates will be in Lake in the Hills the week before for the Summer Sunset?

    Especially with Lake in the Hills in both the 6th and the 14th?

    Also, will Congressman Casten or Congresswoman Underwood put in an appearance at the two McHenry County events?

    Johnsburg event is at the very end of the August recess and both incumbents have been travelling the world during the recess (Casten to Israel, Underwood to Central America).

    One other reminder, petition circulation will have commenced by September 8.

    Fall is almost here.

  2. This parade has gone completely DOWNHILL.

    I’ve lived in Joburg for over 20 yrs.

    If Hetterman and his pets are in the parade, I hope they get egged!

    We need a better man than Hetterman, who has raised taxes and tries to get more Section 8 rentals for his bs pals.

  3. NOTICE: Underwood petitions being passed at McHenry Band night (last Thurs., Aug 15th). Is that too early?

    It seemed to be 1 person (WF, in late 60s, overweight, wearing glasses) getting sigs. on a clipboard.

    Seemed to be targeting older people.

  4. Dakota, did you get a close look at the sheets on that clipboard and you are sure they were nominating petitions for the March 17, 2020 Democratic primary for candidate Lauren Underwood?

    Could it have been a clipboard with sheets for a different purpose, like recruiting volunteers for Ms. Underwood?

    Yes, during August and through Labor Day, it is too early to be circulating a candidate’s nominating petitions for the March primary.

    Now, if someone was circulating petitions for a township dissolution referendum to be placed on the March 17 primary ballot, it is NOT too early for that, but it is too early for candidates.

    Candidate petition circulation starts on September 3, and to my knowledge, there is no rule exempting a federal candidate from state laws governing candidate petition circulation schedules.

  5. Will Jack Franks be in attendance to pass out more of those high fructose corn syrup laced pop sicles in plastic tubes?

    Why is he exposing our children and ignorant adults to high fructose corn syrup?

    “Eating too much high fructose corn syrup can lead to insulin resistance, obesity, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.”

    Why don’t Franks stylized blue stickers mention that he is a Democrat (supports killing babies?)?

  6. Watch out Fed up, your post, or any that criticize Our Dear Leader Jack Franks, might be flagged as anti-semitic.

  7. They definitely were petitions.

    When I moved to take a look and see what the hell she was up to, the matron getting sigs quickly put other papers atop them, but I got a good look.

    When I said that was illegal, she moved like a scalded cat and got in her nearby car and drove off.

    She was alone.

    I know, I should have taken a picture with my phone: but a) it happened too fast; & b) I didn’t have my phone anyway bc it was a concert and didn’t bring it.

    It was a petition and it looked like spaces for 20 sigs.

    Definitely not 10 sigs.

    I got there pretty early to get good seats and she came about 10 mins before the scheduled start.

    I don’t think she got very many sigs—- maybe 2

    LAUREN UNDERWOOD in great big black bold letters at top.

  8. This parade once was good.

    Last year it was basically all politicos.

    People should bring rotten vegetables.

    Especially for when Reick and Althoff ride by.

    I’ll be on vacation this time around, but I wouldn’t have gone.

    It was a good parade when my kids were young, tho.

  9. Dakota, look at the previous pics Cal posted of Lauren Underwood and her entourage.

    Maybe the lady is in one of those.

    Any cameras in the area?

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