Add Peggy Hubbard to GOP U.S. Senate Hopefuls

A Friend of McHenry County Blog found this write-up on what U.S. Senate camdidate Peggy Hubbard told Republicans in Springfield. It was written by Dennis Wagner on “The Voice of One Voter.”

“Are we bitches or gladiators?” 

Today [Aug. 15] in Springfield, Candidate for U.S. Senate Peggy Hubbard asked a group of Illinois GOP leaders that very question. 

It was the one phrase that caught the attention of the Chicago Tribune in their article,  ‘Beleagured state GOP gathers at Illinois State Fair, with leaders acknowledging ‘we had a rough year‘.   

That headline and that they described the meeting as being “sparsely attended” hurt.   

But then again, sometimes the truth hurts. 

Peggy and I were sitting in the meeting when they made roll call.   

As the counties were called, one after another there was no response.  Peggy turned to me and said it was a shame. 

Even my own Cook county was not represented by either our chairman or deputy.   

This was my first time one of these meetings,

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but there were many empty seats. 

It was supposed to be an opportunity for new candidates to come and present themselves to the party leadership, but there were only 5 candidates who spoke.

Four running for U.S. Senate and one running for a State Representative.   

I don’t know if Peggy had planned this, or if it was off the cuff, but she finished her speech by telling everyone to look around the room at all the empty seats and asked

“Are we bitches or gladiators?”   

I’m not sure if her question sank in, but overall, her speech earned a standing ovation. 

Peggy Hubbard

Peggy is a fighter.

Even I was caught by surprise, I never watched the TV Series “Scandal”, so I was unaware of this phrase. 

I’ve heard Peggy use the term bitch-baby before like I would use “whiner” or “crybaby”, but in the context of the TV Series “Scandal” and the IL GOP, it takes on more meaning.   

I had a three hour-ride home and I gave it much thought. 

In ancient Rome, a gladiator is a man trained to fight with weapons against other men or wild animals in an arena. 

A gladiator is the “real deal”, not afraid to go up against anyone or any animal. 

Screw the political correctness, but crying like a bitch, or fighting like a bitch in an Colosseum fight will get you killed.   

GOP Chairman Tim Schneider, stated today that “we can sulk and complain and do nothing. 

Or we can offer a vision of opportunity for the future”.   

Well, we’ve been sulking and complaining since 2018, and based upon the turnout a this GOP leadership meeting, it looks like we still are sulking today.   

Well, the time is now! 

We must decide. 

Are we bitches or gladiators?  

= = = = =

Here’s a State Journal-Register column by Bernie Schoenberg that gives much more of her speech, including why she fought to keep a Confederate statute in a St. Louis park.


Add Peggy Hubbard to GOP U.S. Senate Hopefuls — 11 Comments

  1. Wow, all the no-shows among the IL Republican County Party chairmen at the IRCCA?


    In light of 2018 performance, most/all should be replaced next year by the precinct committeemen, anyway come April.

    So there are 5 Republicans running for U.S. Senate next year:

    Peggy Hubbard ($1,379.65 cash-on-hand 6/30/19)

    Thomas Tarter ($1,497)

    Dean Seppelfrick

    Barak Agun

    Mark Curran

    First think anyone should do if they support any of these U.S. Senate Republican candidates is write them a check, especially with Senator Durbin sitting on $3.2 million in the bank as of 6/30.

    And maybe Mark Curran should file his FEC candidacy paperwork so donors can legally send him money for his campaign.

  2. Once again, I’m offering my services as the thumbs-up, thumbs down referee.

    Just as long as Peggy provides the free concession beer.

  3. The Illinois GOP has been so deeply damaged by the “leadership” and their utter incompetency it’s a wonder they could afford a tent.

    If one reads what the ILGOP states they stand for and then observes the behavior of every single “leader” it is painfully obvious the two have never met.

    Power and self enrichment are the ONLY rule in the Illinois Cleptocracy.

    Principles are for the weak, poor or self deluded according to Illinois politicians.

    And no, we are no one’s slave bred to fight but Citizens born under a God who demands we stand for principles and fight if we must.

    We shall see what happens…

  4. FQS, you forgot Robert Marshall.

    Never heard of Barak Agun. I’ve seen a few links that said Omeed Memar was running too.

    So 7 people potentially running and there could be more we don’t know about. That’s a crowded field.

    I’m getting the impression the GOP is already lining up behind Peggy Hubbard.

    There are a lot of brainiacs and political philosophers on this blog, so maybe you can figure out this puzzle: The same players who have run the IL GOP into the ground really want Peggy Hubbard to win the primary. What does THAT say?

  5. Curran filed his Statement of Candidacy with the FEC earlier this afternoon, so he can now accept contributions legally.

  6. We do not need fighters; we need sunshine tax fighters to follow the legacy of my sunshine blogger…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  7. We had a party ran and controlled by a Billionaire.

    He could care less about the party only his own agenda.

    The Republican party is currently still ran by the Billionaire by proxy.

    Can anyone tell me one thing the billionaire or his Proxy did positive for the Republican party.

    The party is currently a dictatorship still controlled by the Billionaire.

    The local Republican party have became disenfranchised and have no voice.

    The majority have decided not to seek reelection in the March primary.

    Now we have Dozens of Republican Legislators supporting the Democrat tax increases.

    You ask why you had such low attendance at the fair.

    Why support a party that you have no voice and RINO’s who vote against the citizens.

    The Republicans leadership in Illinois does not support the President, The voters or the Party.

  8. Correcting, thank you for the catch about Robert Marshall.

    It was more like I overlooked him, though his name does not come up on FEC.GOV when one queries IL’s U.S. Senate candidates and see the listing.

    The Twitter-bot that alerted me to Curran’s FEC filing does list Marshall, so there is some issue on FEC.GOV that does not let me see Marshall when one queries U.S. Senate candidates from Illinois for next year.

    I’m guessing this Marshall fellow has run for federal office before, as similar things happened to both Jim Oberweis and James Marter, but both of those guys were corrected on the website.

    So officially, the count is six going by FEC filings.

    If Mr. Memar is really running, the FEC statement of candidacy is the place to start.

    BTW, the Agun guy is Burak Agun, not the same spelling of the former President and Senator’s first name which was what I thought at first glance.

    Why Hubbard for establishment GOP?

    I do not know for sure but here is my take.

    Kind of reminds me of the last time Durbin was up, and the establishment GOP wanted Doug Truax to be the proffered nominee instead of Jim Oberweis back in 2014, essentially raising the white flag that you do not plan to compete for the Senate seat job, but you do not want a nominee who could rock the boat and hurt the entire ticket.

    Given how 2014 went, the establishment GOP’s fears were not justified. Durbin beat Oberweis, but the GOP flipped the governor’s mansion and two congressional seats (IL-10, IL-12). A typical result for a mid-term and the party out of the White House picking up seats nationwide during a President-of-the-opposite-party’s 2nd term.

  9. GOP establishment wants Peggy Hubbard??

    What a joke this party has become.

    Backing a person that put out a video???


    They need to be removed because we know she’s Durbins and Madigans pick.

  10. Interesting.

    But like myself, I can’t afford to go to Springfield, I would make my affair with the other side and I can be very harsh.

    They can never get anything right.

    Since FDR, we sail different directions and they will not even get out of the boat to help bring it to shore.

    Sitting they are, maybe close to death waiting to drown in their own pool of waste.

    Most seen in Chicago were they maintain their base!

    Most Republicans cannot miss a day at work, as we do not join the welfare system that history shows that every time you turn around a “NEW DEAL” comes floating down the stinking Chicago River.

    What we need is WALL on the Crook County Line!

    That can be funded by half of the Ill-ADVISE Congrss.

  11. Leadership are clearly bitches. Worst part is it seems like they are getting under the table money.

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