McSweeney Bashing Durkin

Some will remembet that House Republican Leader Jim Durkin took away State Rep. David McSweeney’s press guy because McSweeney criticizes a colleague.

Now, McSweeney is taking on Durkin directly, as you can see from the tweets below:

Rep. David McSweeney@1980reagan

Failed Republican “Leader” @jimdurkin82 refused to support @realDonaldTrump against @HillaryClinton . #nevertrumper Durkin – 25 years of failure is enough! #twill…11:11 PM – 17 Aug 2019

Rep. David McSweeney@1980reagan

It’s not surprising to see #nevertrumper @jimdurkin82attack @realDonaldTrump . Durkin is responsible for the loss o……Retweeted by 1980reagan2:22 PM – 17 Aug 2019


McSweeney Bashing Durkin — 5 Comments

  1. McSweeney wants to hitch his wagon to Donald Trumps regime of failure, good for him.

    Loyalty in the face of unprecedented disaster is a noble trait.

    Of course let’s see if he stands firm as the Trump Recession takes hold and the rest of the rats flee the sinking ship.

  2. Durkin: House Republican Leader or House Republican Madigan marionette?

  3. Kvidera declares unless the country fails, he will just keep punching himself in the face, until it does.

  4. I’m sure everyone knows that Durbin has never had a job outside of politics, never paid an employee, never had to finance inventory or expensive equipment, never had to lease office space, but he is a genius!

  5. McSweeney Should be bashing Durkin.

    Durkin is a BIG PROBLEM in Illinois. In fact, he falls right next to Jack Franks and Mike Madigan!

    Durkin is one of the biggest political failures in Illinois History!

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