Allen Skillicorn’s Reaction to Primary Opponent Carolyn Schoefield

From State Rep. Allen Skillicorn:

State Rep. Allen Skillicorn on Carolyn Schofield’s Primary Challenge Announcement

Crystal Lake, IL – State Representative Allen Skillicorn (R-Crystal Lake) is issuing the following statement on Carolyn Schofield’s announcement to run in the Republican Party Primary for the 66th District.

Allen Skillicorn

Perennial candidate Carolyn Schofield is once again announcing her
intention to run for State Representative in the 66th District.

Voters in the Republican Party will be given a clear choice between a
committed conservative who is resolutely opposed to tax increases and
a candidate in Schofield who has never met a tax increase she didn’t

She once told Kane County GOP Executive Vice Chairman Jeff Meyer that
the reason she supported so many property tax increases over the years
was because the voters were not paying attention.

Public servants should always be on guard for the taxpayers whether they are paying attention or not because protecting taxpayers’ hard-earned money is the right thing to do.

In her announcement she says the key to solving the state’s financial
problems is “consensus.” 

It was “consensus” that gave us a 32 percent income tax increase in 2017.

It was “consensus” that doubled the gas tax this year.

It was “consensus” that created the pension crisis as both Democrats and Republicans in the Springfield establishment refused to act responsibility in terms of managing the state’s pension obligations.

“Consensus” is a fancy way of voicing support for the failed policies that are bankrupting our state.

The Illinois General Assembly already has a bunch of tax hikers.

We don’t need more.

My record on taxes speaks for itself.

I have and will continue to stand up for taxpayers.


Allen Skillicorn’s Reaction to Primary Opponent Carolyn Schoefield — 11 Comments

  1. Illinois U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh says he’s weighing bid to challenge President Donald Trump for 2020 GOP nomination.

  2. Could it be that Walsh is looking to cash in on some of the Koch money cache?

    Schofield is a socialist but runs as a Republican because of one issue.

    The only reason Skillicorn has so few bills passed is “he will not compromise”.

    Skillicorn is not like some other local Republicans who think all they have to do is kiss the shoes of the County lying bully and COMPROMISE!

    COMPROMISE in this state is code for bowing to the devil.

  3. Day 8

    Anyone see Gasser at work today?

    Prior days with no sightings by bloggers


    Prior days with sighting by bloggers


    Gasser’s salary $94,000

  4. Walsh figured out he could cash in on a retarded run for El Presidente. He’ll wind up with $$$ from the doomed bid.

    He was pro-abortion when he ran against Democrat Yates in the 90s.

    He’s about as sincere as Pammy Althoff (ex-State Sen./current Co. Board Dist 4, and full time whore-lobbyist in Spring-hell), Dan Aylward (McH. Township trustee and tax-traitor); and Rachel “Sippy Cup” Lawrence (Alg. Township trustee and Franks operative).

    Which means insincere. All 4 are psychologically disturbed in that they crave attention.

  5. Good Luck Skilly! Carolyn is a tired old rag who never told the truth.

    Add her to the above list of four.

  6. Go Get her Skilly.

    She’s another Althoff and very, very flaky.

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