Congressional Update: Jeanne Ives Files Financial Disclosure Extension

Earlier on Thursday (8/22), the California Target Book Twitter bot tweeted the following concerning Republican IL-06 congressional candidate Jeanne Ives:

Source: CATargetBot in Twitter

As published last Saturday, the required-by-law Financial Disclosure Statement (FD) for Jeanne Ives had not been received by the House Clerk’s office, and her campaign’s formal filing of its Statement of Candidacy with the Federal Election Commission being July 18, the 30-days after fell on Saturday, August 17.

For the filing of FDs, if the due date falls on a weekend or a holiday, it is due on the business day prior to the due date, which meant last Friday, August 16 was the deadline for Ives’ FD.

But as the embedded document in the tweet indicates, the Ives campaign filed its request for a 60-day extension on August 10. It was processed by the House Ethics Committee and approved on Tuesday, the 20th.

Ives’ new, extended due date for filing her FD is October 16, and the extension can now be viewed through the House Clerk’s web site:

Source: U.S. House Clerk’s Website

Ives’ extension was not available for query on Wednesday, August 21, but was visible this morning; therefore, there is a 1-2 days lag before an approved extension is available for public view.

COMMENTARY: Both Republican congressional candidates for IL-06 have filed their initial FD, or requested and approved extension, on time. Clearly, both candidates’ campaigns are obeying the FD law, and voters in IL-06 do greatly appreciate this. Thank you to both Jeanne Ives and Evelyn Sanguinetti.

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Congressional Update: Jeanne Ives Files Financial Disclosure Extension — 2 Comments

  1. If you are looking for Congresswoman Underwood’s FD, when you are in the search screen through the House Clerk’s website link above, you need to click the “Search Members” tab. You will see the header for the year as “Filing Year” instead of “Election Year” which is displayed in the screenshot in the article.

    For some reason, and I am unclear at this point why, for the Filing Year, select “2018”. Select “Illinois” for the state and type in “14” for the district. The search result for the query will return “Underwood, Hon. Lauren” in the name column. Click Underwood’s name, and her filing dated 5/14/19, one day before the deadline, will be displayed in a separate tab in your browser, and has her complete FD filing as a Member of Congress.

    I’m sure the House Clerk’s office has a reason for placing Underwood’s Member FD under “Filing Year” of 2018, maybe to match the most recent election year. Please try the steps outlined, and you will find the information you seek for Congresswoman Underwood.

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