IL-06 Congressional Update, Term Limits and Casten MCC Forum

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6th Congressional District Update 8/22/19

Both Republican Candidates Sign U.S. Term Limits Pledge

Recently, both Republicans running for Congress in IL-06 signed the U.S. Term Limits (USTL) Pledge:

With the signing of this pledge, both candidates are on record to co-sponsor and vote for a constitutional amendment limiting terms of House members at 3 2-year terms and Senate members to 2 6-year terms.

COMMENTARY:  As was shared in the June 28 congressional update here on McHenry County Blog, I said the following:

It should be noted that signing the USTL pledge does not commit the signer to only serve 3 terms in the House, only to co-sponsor and vote for a term limits amendment limiting House members to 3 terms

Ted Cruz

Currently, one of the term limits constitutional amendments in Congress is S.J. Resolution 1, sponsored by Senator Ted Cruz (R, TX), which is consistent with the USTL pledge.

When Cruz first ran for the open U.S. Senate seat in Texas back in 2012, he would not commit himself to a 2-terms U.S. Senate limit, only that he supported term limits.

Cruz received criticism that he wouldn’t commit himself to the same 2-term self-imposed limit the front-runner in the 9-person Republican primary field was doing as the May primary approached.

While Cruz finished second and qualified for the late July primary runoff with the front-runner, the term limits issue was used on Cruz again.

The reason I believe it did not hurt Cruz had to do with his opponent was 66 years old during the primary campaign and would have been 79 at the end of 2 successive Senate terms.

Cruz was 41 during the primary campaign.

Republican primary voters in Texas saw through the fallacy of the 2-term self-imposed Senate term limits by the front-runner as disingenuous given the significant age difference of the candidates and was one of many reasons, along with the obvious Cruz had the most passionate volunteers, Cruz won the primary runoff and is now serving in his 2nd term in the U.S. Senate today.

Bringing this back to the IL-06 Republican primary, while both candidates have signed the USTL pledge, neither candidate has committed to a self-imposed term limit.

Given there is no significant age difference between the two women running in the primary, the issues related with support for term limits but no self-imposed term limits witnessed in the Texas Senate race of 2012 would not apply here.

In the neighboring IL-14 Republican primary, while 3 of the 7 candidates have signed the USTL pledge, a 4th candidate supports term limits, and has self-imposed his terms to serve to 4 terms, and this is not the candidate who could be criticized with a limit because of his age.

Whether a pledge for self-imposed term limits matters to Republican primary voters in IL-06 is up to them, but on the topic of term limits, discerning voters should not stop asking a candidate questions on term limits after learning a candidate signed the USTL pledge.

Congressman Casten Joins Forum on Prescription Drug Pricing Saturday at MCC

The event starts at 2PM and scheduled to run until 3:30PM.  Doors will open at 1:30 at the Luecht Conference Center at McHenry County College.

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IL-06 Congressional Update, Term Limits and Casten MCC Forum — 4 Comments

  1. I don’t trust Sanguinetti to carry out her pledge.

    Didn’t Jacks Franks swear to a term limits pledge, too?

    Who keeps them?

  2. Re: “Who keeps them?”

    There is one local politician who adhered to the promise of a term(s) limit and it sure was not Franks.

  3. The only people for term limits are opponents who can’t get elected.

    If I have a representative who I feel is doing a very good job I want to keep him or her.

    Also, would they all get a pension after their limited term is up?

  4. Dentblah is a member of Our Revolution McHenry — a Soros-funded local front group and totally Communist/Socialist involved in ‘Community Organizing’ aka Communist Agitation — just like the phony Obama.

    Saul Alinsky’s contribution to the Sovietization of America. Another devotee: Fauxahontas.

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