IL-14 Resident Joe Walsh Challenges President Trump: audentes fortuna juvat

Translation: fortune favors the bold

The Latin proverb is the first thing that came to mind when I heard former Congressman Joe Walsh (R, IL), who represented the IL-08 congressional district under the 2000 reapportionment for 1 term, officially jumped into the 2020 Republican presidential election to challenge President Donald Trump.

In his announcement video, Walsh, age 57, tells his potential supporters to “Be Brave”, which is why the Latin proverb in the title is appropriate to Mr. Walsh and anyone who will support Walsh’s candidacy, either openly or behind the scenes.

And it is official, here is his FEC Statement of Organization filing data effective today, 8/25/19:

Courtesy of California Target Book via Twitter

And here is Walsh’s FEC Statement of Candidacy information:

Courtesy of California Target Book via Twitter

And here is the tweet from Joe Walsh himself from his @WalshFreedom Twitter account which sat at 211K followers at 1PM CDT, and just ticked up to 213K at 2:30PM:

Given Mr. Walsh represented much of McHenry County during his term in the House during the 112th Congress (2011-2013) and is a resident of the current IL-14 district, Mr. Walsh’s campaign will have an impact on McHenry County voters, and all voters in IL-14. Therefore, McHenry County Blog will bring articles from the presidential campaign trail as they impact McHenry County and the IL-14 and IL-06 congressional races in particular.

Of the current 7 IL-14 Republican candidates for Congress, there are varying degrees of history and support for President Trump. Those will be explored, since they will be part of the record. Yes, the IL-14 Republican primary is its own race, but like it or not, President Trump was going to be an issue for any congressional candidate next year, especially for the winner of the Republican primary who will compete with Congresswoman Underwood in the General Election next year.

For now and if McHenry County Blog readers have not done so already, review the Walsh announcement video and his August 14 column published in the New York Times. Something said in Walsh’s video which resonates here on McHenry County Blog is President Trump’s wrongful tweets on July 14. The article published the day after on this blog can be seen here.

The Walsh candidacy was and will likely be a topic of conversation both on TV and radio today and for the next few days if not weeks. One place will likely be tonight’s broadcast of Beyond the Beltway which can be heard on WLS radio. I will likely be on the YouTube live-chat tonight, starting at 6PM, and will hear what Mr. DuMont and his guests think about the Walsh primary challenge against President Trump.

It should be an interesting show tonight. Maybe I will “see” you there.


IL-14 Resident Joe Walsh Challenges President Trump: audentes fortuna juvat — 26 Comments

  1. If Walsh got the Republican nomination by some freak occurrence, I would vote for Libertarian candidate.

    Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about that happening.

  2. What a joke is this guy. A one-term congressman with no apparent accomplishments except beating a Democrat once. ONCE. And a loudmouth who yells a lot on his radio show and in front of people.

  3. A one term congressman with no accomplishments except beating a Democrat once?

    All he needs is some help from Russia and he’s the next president!

    It’s too late to argue Republicans care about experience.

  4. Joe Walsh, Illinois’ answer to Beto.

    A one trick pony that couldn’t even hold on to his rep seat,
    completely lacking the intellectual depth it would take to be voted dog catcher.

    His favorite subject to bloviate about during his yell-fest radio program is himself,
    and that is about all one needs to know about Walsh.

    Strange though it may seem Joe appears to be a popular name for blowhards, one even posts here.

    Hopefully WIND will waste no time in replacing him with a solid Conservative now that
    the opportunity has presented itself as Walsh is far past his 15 minutes of unearned and wasted fame.
    Trump will squash him like the vacuous pissant that he is, and I can’t wait for that to happen.

  5. The author of the above article wrote previously: “What President Trump tweeted on Sunday morning was wrong, period.

    May God get through to President Trump that he fully realizes what he did this morning, and the President needs prayers, too. ”

    My interpretation of those statements is that the author bought into the narrative that what Trump said was racist.

    There was nothing racist in Trump’s Tweet about the Squad.

    My interpretation was that Trump was fed up with the MSM buying into the rants of the Squad and was simply airing his frustration.

    In my opinion there is nothing wrong with having elected a ‘human’ as our President.

  6. The Republican Party that I supported for decades is DEAD.

    It has been hijacked by rapists, liars, and worse.

    The party of Trump and Roy Moore.

    You are either with the hate filled racist rapists – or you are OUT.

    That is truly how the disillusioned see it.

    There can be no disagreement with the dictator.

    The only people still buying what our party is selling are sad self-righteous egotists who cannot admit that they were tricked by a con-man.

    I am voting WALSH!

  7. Out of towner, thank you for making clear your interpretation (time-stamped 8:56PM).

    Respectfully, your interpretation is wrong.

    Nowhere, and I am the author under a pseudonym of the article linked in the article above that was published on July 15, nowhere did I say or infer that President Trump is a racist.

    I simply said his tweet was wrong, and expressed a feeling I received when reading it that I ended up ignoring.

    What was wrong was President Trump’s tweet?

    Less than two days before, the President had done the genuine presidential and right thing to do and publicly defended House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in the face of that same Squad and their insolent and disrespectful attitude against the Speaker.

    That Sunday morning, all of the good the President achieved was wasted.

    That’s wrong.

    Was President Trump’s tweet racist?


    But it was wrong, and since we are all human, we all can choose to do things the Godly way, and do what He taught us.

    When President Trump does that all of the time, knowing he’s an imperfect human just like you and we are not perfect, all of us, and our country, will be better off.

    All of us should keep President Trump in prayers, because he is the President.

    May he choose to act like one, for all of our sakes.

  8. **The only people still buying what our party is selling are sad self-righteous egotists who cannot admit that they were tricked by a con-man. I am voting WALSH!**

    LOL – so much irony.

    “I hate the GOP because of self-righteous egotists and con-men, so… I’m voting for Joe Walsh.”

    Good god, this is going to be fun.

  9. Joe Walsh has made it clear 0n his radio show that he wants to retire to Israel with his Jewish wife…which is great.

    So his plan is to accumulate campaign funds (which he gets to keep), lose in a landslide and take his act to Israel with his personal coffers full.

    He’s nothing but a snake oil salesman who didnt pay his wife his due Child Support.

    He’s the con man.

    Shalom Joe….Trump will bury you way worse than you have tried to on WIND with Sean from Elmwood Park waiting in the wings to take your place…and he isnt much better either.

    Rand Paul Type, pure Isolationist.

  10. John, thank you for clarifying.

    One reason Trump was elected is because he was ‘outspoken’.

    You can say he was wrong – that is your opinion.

    Trump is far from perfect but has lived up to his reputation for being outspoken.

    Many people forget who we had to choose from in the 2016 primary and general elections.

    Next year voters in the 14th primary have a difficult decision.

    A poll conducted by the local Franks print organ is quite meaningless.

    Nothing wrong with praying.

    Thank you for continuing to post.

  11. “Outspoken” isn’t really a virtue, especially when that outspokenness manifests itself as namecalling and insults.

    Or asking why we can’t drop nuclear bombs on hurricanes.

    Or attacking an ally because they won’t sell you their territory.

    Some outspokenness might be welcome if it weren’t a substitute for actually doing things; we’ve voided useful trade deals with canada, Mexico,and China and replaced them with Trade Wars. North Korea and Iran are both more powerful now than when Mr. Outspoken took over.

    In fact can anyone give an example of Trump’s outspokenness fixing anything?

  12. SuburbanRINO says about the Republican Party:

    “You are either with the hate filled racist rapists – or you are OUT.”

    Following are some details about top DEMOCRAT politicians in Virginia, one being a racist the other an alleged rapist that became known in early 2019.

    On Feb 7, 2019, Democrat Virginia Governor Ralph Northam stated he was racist as follows:

    “Earlier today, a website published a photograph of me from my 1984 medical school yearbook in a costume that is clearly racist and offensive. I am deeply sorry for the decision I made to appear as I did in this photo and for the hurt that decision caused then and now.”

    Northam was 25 at the time and in medical school. The photo shows him in a klan robe costume. There is another person in the photo next to him in black face, a racist appearance.

    After this came into the news, some Democrats and the left wing media for a brief time asked for his resignation. Then, all went silent. The top Democrats and their handmaidens in the mostly left wing media are not really serious about rooting out racism else they would have forced the VA Governor to resign. We cannot trust any Democrat about dealing with racism. Democrats falsely accuse others of being racist but when they have the responsibility to take action on the matter, they do nothing.

    Regarding rapists – Democrat Lt Governor Justin Fairfax of Virginia had dated a freshman Meredith Watson at Duke University. In 2019, Watson stated on CBS that Fairfax had invited her to his room, locked the door and then raped her. She told two friends about this afterwards.

    On rapists and violation of women, Democrat President Bill Clinton violated Paula Jones while in ARK and had to pay her $800K and was disbarred. A white house aide named Kathleen Willey claimed on national tv that Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her in the white house. Bill Clinton was having sexual affairs in the white house with a very young woman the age of his daughter. Juanita Broderick said on national tv in 1999 that Bill Clinton, while AG of ARK in 1979, raped her. She gave details of the assault on tv.

  13. Why does Walsh say no Republican has ‘stepped up to confront Trump’?

    That ex-Gov. of Mass. did.

    So, it’s just another Walsh falsehood and fake narrative.

  14. Joe walsh loses election in one state and want’s to prove he can lose in 50.

  15. “In fact can anyone give an example of Trump’s outspokenness fixing anything?”

    It kept Hillary and the Democrats out of the White House.

  16. Sticking to Joey saying he’s entering the Presidential Race…

    Perhaps Trump’s Campaign Spokesman said it best, “Whatever.”.

    If folks here understand the process and money it takes to get on a statewide ballot, never mind on all state’s ballots, they’d know Joey W was done before he began.

    Pragmatically how much money is waiting in conservative coffers to burn just to make a point to Trump about Trump?

    Veeeerry little.

    How much national organizational strength can Joe pull from to get on any state primary ballot against Trump?

    Veeerry little.

    Most protest candidates hope a candidate will give them breathing space to get one or two passion projects on the real candidate’s Agenda.

    How many items from a failed Congressman or a very out of touch former Governor is Trump going to adopt?


    Trump hates failure.

    So what is the purpose of Joey W’s announcement?

    A spectacular black hole of never ending need to feel relevant which clearly nothing in his personal life offers him.

    We are deeply saddened for Joe’s self esteem/image issues but very much don’t think any rational person will, or should, pay him any mind.

    We pray he seeks the help to see himself as quite successful as a former Congressman and current radio pontificator rather than seeing himself as so worthless he needs to tear down anyone else to raise himself up.

    He’s just a sad cautionary tale.

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