IL-06: Democrats Meddling in Ives vs. Sanguinetti Republican Primary

According to Chicago Sun-Times DC Bureau Chief Lynn Sweet in her story posted late last night, IL-06 McHenry County voters in Algonquin Township and northern Kane County will begin to see this DCCC digital ad buy on Facebook and Instagram today.

(Pictured to the right, former State Representative Jeanne Ives, below, former Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti.)

You can read the full story from Chicago Sun-Times here.

POLITICO‘s Shia Kapos just tweeted (10AM CT 8/26) confirmation which was retweeted by the DCCC on Twitter.


IL-06: Democrats Meddling in Ives vs. Sanguinetti Republican Primary — 3 Comments

  1. But they’re kind of spilling the beans if their name is attached to it, so do they want to get Republicans to go “If the Democrats don’t like Ives than I like her!” or do they want Republicans to think “Democrats are doing this to help Ives, because they think she’s an easier opponent, so I should actually vote for Sanginetti.”

    You can’t tell whether people are honest on their face, are using reverse psychology, or some 4-d chess.

    This is the post-truth world.

    I think people should ignore commercials and make a strong effort to learn about candidates.

    Go to their websites, look at Project Vote Smart, look for speeches and interviews, etc.

    Use your own judgement.

    Ignore outside agitators like Vladimir Putin and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

    These are bad people and agents of chaos.

  2. Oh please. Don’t equate foreign meddling in our elections with campaign ads from the opposition.

    You were making good points then went right off the rails in your last two lines.

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