Another National Publication Interviews Catalina Lauf

Catalina Lauf

The Daily Wire was the first national publication to interview 26-year old Woodstock Republican congressional hopeful Caralina Lauf.

Now The Federalist has followed suit.

Here are the questions asked by Chrissy Clark:

  • What made you want to run for this seat?
  • What are some of the problems that you would like to see fixed? What are the key points on your platform right now?
  • What would happen if in 2020 you were elected to Congress, but there was also a Democratic president in the White House? How would you work to combat gridlock, even though the party in power is not your own?
  • Don’t you think that’s what “The Squad” thinks they’re doing as well, though? They think they’re standing firm and fighting back. How do you plan to approach this differently?
  • A lot of people claim Ocasio-Cortez’s youth is the reason for her ignorance. Why would someone, like yourself, who is even younger, be qualified for this position?
  •  How do you plan to combat that narrative that your inexperience may hinder you from doing the job of an elected official adequately?
  • What do you think is going to be the most difficult battle for you and what are you going to do to change the minds of a district that voted blue in the previous election cycle?
  • Finally, we talk in the mainstream media a lot about how white suburban women are being lost in the Trump campaign. White suburban women comprise a large portion of the district you’re running in. How do you plan on winning these women back?

You can read the article here.


Another National Publication Interviews Catalina Lauf — 4 Comments

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