IL-14: Allen West to Catalina Lauf: “Way to go, Catalina!”, Jim Oberweis Still Owes Financial Disclosure Statement, Ted Gradel FD Available for Viewing

On Monday, the following tweet was sent from former Congressman and retired Lieutenant Colonel Allen West concerning IL-14 Republican candidate for Congress Catalina Lauf:

West, who now lives in Texas, wrote an article on his blog titled “The Rise of the Anti-AOC” and the article culminates with the candidacy of McHenry County’s Catalina Lauf, who is using her Woodstock, IL heartland roots that is sending a powerful message across the country as West explains:

Catalina Lauf’s candidacy and the momentum of her formal entry into the IL-14 race last Wednesday has not subsided, as articles like this and others continue to be written. Catalina’s Twitter following has grown to over 14,000.

The entire article from West can be read here.

Jim Oberweis Now Over 3 Months Late with Financial Disclosures

As reported here on McHenry County Blog in an August 17 article, IL-14 Republican candidate Jim Oberweis has still not filed his required-by-law Financial Disclosure Statements (FD), or filed for an extension of up to 90 days. The FDs are not optional as explained in the following screenshot about FDs:

Source: U.S. House of Representatives Clerk’s Website

Clicking the button shown on the above screenshot allows for online searches of FDs and extensions for candidates for the House. Searching the House Clerk’s site for IL-14 candidates on mid-morning 8/27 showed the following:

Since Monday, August 19, McHenry County Blog has reached out to the campaign of Jim Oberweis 3 times through multiple email addresses linked to his campaign, asking the candidate for the status of his FD filing, or his plan for filing for an extension. His campaign has not responded to the multiple requests for information.

Jim Oberweis’ FD was due on May 15. This places Jim Oberweis over 3 months delinquent. And it is not lost on McHenry County Blog the Oberweis campaign has raised the most money according to Federal Elections Commission (FEC) disclosure reports filed through June 30.

It is also noted with Catalina Lauf’s formal entry into the IL-14 race last Wednesday, her FD will be due by September 20, and McHenry County Blog will be watching for her filing, too.

With such a large, 7-person candidates field for the Republican primary, discerning voters will look for reasons to winnow their potential preferences to a more manageable number, and obeying filing laws can definitely be a criterion. Oberweis would do well to get cracking and comply, and Oberweis has volunteers who read McHenry County Blog, so maybe these volunteers should contact their his campaign office, as maybe they would have better luck than McHenry County Blog to receive a response.

Finally, in relation to ethical behavior, the Northwest Herald published an editorial on Saturday which included the following:

[State Representative David] McSweeney lobs his share of bombs at leaders in both parties, but here he has a point: With the 2020 elections on the horizon, it’s imperative local Republicans set their sights on fielding mainstream candidates and emphasizing ethical behavior.”

May Oberweis lead by example and demonstrate his ethical behavior and get his FD submitted, or file for an extension to have it completed in 90 days so voters can read the FD to help make an informed decision on March 17.

Ted Gradel Filed His FD Electronically and Available for Query on Tuesday, 8/27

Ted Gradel and oldest daughter Second Lieutenant Francie Gradel

This morning (8/27), Ted Gradel’s FD filing was published through the California Target Book Twitter bot:

When McHenry County Blog originally published this article at 3:15AM this morning, it originally said Gradel’s report was 3 months delinquent. The Gradel campaign through its electronic filing yesterday that was available for public view mid morning today is no longer delinquent and apart from paying a nominal $200 late charge, Ted Gradel is in compliance.


IL-14: Allen West to Catalina Lauf: “Way to go, Catalina!”, Jim Oberweis Still Owes Financial Disclosure Statement, Ted Gradel FD Available for Viewing — 14 Comments

  1. Big Jim sounded sharp in his thirty minute interview (which was posted somewhere else on this blog).

    Please fire whoever the heck is running Big Jim’s Twitter though.

    Why is the GOP primary full of low-IQ boomerism?

    “SoCiAlISM iS bAd”

    Jim is a good natural speaker.

    Don’t try to force the lame Fox News talking points.

  2. Get it together.

    Sort yourselves out.

    It reflects poorly on these campaigns.


    He filed it electronically yesterday, and it hit the House Clerk’s website this morning.

    According to the rules, Gradel’s campaign owes a $200 fine, which I’m sure was paid for the late filing.

    Thank you, Gradel campaign.

  4. **Thank you, Gradel campaign.**

    Thank you, Gradel campaign, for not having your stuff together to file a simple report on time.

    That truly shows you have the leadership ability and organization to represent the 14th CD in Congress!

  5. Correcting, and all, did you see the short, 2 1/2 minute video interview with Jim Oberweis over on Illinois Review that was published yesterday?

    What do you all think of Oberweis campaign’s new “MIGA” hats as well as what he said in the video?

  6. Correcting, you might want to look up the definition of Dementia.

    Your Thesaurus should come in handy too…lol

    Please review your first comment on this thread.

  7. Dala, there’s no inconsistency in those two comments.

    Someone can sound sharp in a specific interview but still make dumb tweets.

  8. Please give a break to my cow milker…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, mooooooooooooooooo…

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