Third National Interview for Catalina Lauf

Yesterday, the Conservative Review published an interview of 14th Congressional District Republican hopeful Catalina Lauf.

From Conservative Review

Here are the questions that Chris Pandoflo tries to answer:

  • Who is Catalina Lauf?
  • What’s her district like? Who’s her opponent? Can she win?
  • What is she running for? 
  • Where is Lauf on the issues? 
  • What areas of the Republican Party’s platform do you think need to be addressed, and/or changed?
  • What’s her strategy to win?


Third National Interview for Catalina Lauf — 7 Comments

  1. Contrasting Campaign styles:

    Lauf: Engaging old Trumpster on park bench.

    Underwood: Town Hall with a herd of old Dems.

    Me: Chasing Millennial Candidates around with a chain saw.

  2. Cal or anyone,

    How much has Hanlon billed the Road District/taxpayers in local 150 case?

    NWH said $400,000.

    Is that true?

    How much has Hanlon billed taxpayers in other two cases against Lutzow Lukasik and the Millers?

    How much have attorneys representing Township officials defending against Hanlon/gasser suits billed township/taxpayers?

  3. Conservative Review

    5 Things to Know About Republican Candidate Catalina Lauf, Who’s Stormed National Media

    by Chris Pandolfo

    August 27, 2019

  4. Can’t tell you.

    I suggested that the Trustees should have such a spreadsheet (like the county has on each case), but there was no favorable reaction.

  5. @hanlonwatchdog, welcome to party.

    Day 11

    Anyone see Gasser at work today?

    Days with no prior sightings by bloggers 9

    Days with prior sightings. 1

    Gasser salary $94,000

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