IL-14: Applying Discernment to James Marter Campaign’s Facebook Meme 8/30/19, with James Marter Response Updated 9/1/19

Friday, 8/30, mid-morning, James Marter’s campaign posted the following meme from his campaign’s Facebook account:

This meme begs for discernment, and while all candidates claim one way or another they are the best candidate for any elected office, and why run if you do not make that claim, the record does not match Marter’s rhetoric. Remembering whom the candidates are in the Republican primary in IL-14 in addition to Marter:

  • Anthony Catella, apart from being elected Republican precinct committeeman in 2018, has not formally been involved in politics, but served his country in the Army, the Army Reserve, the Indiana Guard Reserve, and for a time, served God as a priest
  • Ted Gradel, has not held any elective office
  • Catalina Lauf, has not held any elective office, was a state field director for Governor Rauner’s reelection campaign and served in President Trump’s administration as an adviser to the Commerce Dept
  • Danny Malouf, has not held any elective office
  • State Senator Jim Oberweis
  • State Senator Sue Rezin

Given only the last 2 of Marter’s opponents have a public policy record in Springfield, the focus will be on the two of them, so quoting from Marter:

“My opponents locked arms with (former) Governor Bruce Rauner and kissed his ring on Sanctuary State, on multiple assaults on Life”

And later in the meme, Marter refers specifically to SB31 (Sanctuary State) and HB40 (Abortion covered by state’s Medicaid). Now let’s look at the voting record, where State Senators Oberweis and Rezin voted against the Sanctuary State, known as the TRUST Act, not once, but twice:

And on HB40 (Abortion), both Oberweis and Rezin voted against that legislation, too:

So Marter’s claims against the only 2 of his 6 opponents who have a public record on IL legislation are proven false, Marter’s claim does not stand up to discernment or scrutiny. If Marter has specific definitive proof concerning Oberweis or Rezin supporting Sanctuary State or threatening the Right to Life, he needs to be specific, with bill numbers and session number, so discerning voters can see for themselves.

Marter’s meme continued: “… and consistently, not only NOT resisting corrupt Democrat leader Mike Madigan and now JB Pritzker, but GIVING their votes to these Democrats, or just lacking courage and voting present.”

While Marter did not name any specific legislation, one that comes to mind where Marter has been critical of Oberweis and Rezin, without naming them, is the Capital Bill (HB 1939), and the gas tax hike and other fee increases that were part of it. It’s no secret, Rezin voted in favor and Oberweis voted present.

Both state senators have provided explanations for their respective votes, and those references are listed below so voters can read/listen to them, and decide for themselves if Marter’s point is valid, or if Oberweis and Rezin were doing their jobs as they saw fit and their positions are different from Marter’s, thus a difference of opinion. Since Marter was critical of present votes, and one wonders if faced with a perceived/actual conflict-of-interest what would he do, Rezin’s present vote on the Recreational Cannabis bill is included:

And to Marter’s claim in his meme and some discernment: “There is only one fighter for Conservative principles and American values in the Illinois 14th Congressional District…only one who will be the first Illinois Representative to become a member of the House Freedom Caucus.”

Republican primary voters will decide in March which Republican candidate will be their champion to face Congresswoman Lauren Underwood in the fall of 2020, and which candidate represents the separate conservative principles and American values of each and every voter. Everyone respects the House Freedom Caucus and joining that group is a laudable goal, given there are many interest groups in Congress.

COMMENTARY: This year, I have been most impressed with the House Problem Solvers Caucus, because members of the House, from both parties, have shown they can get crucial legislation passed and help to the people who need help most, without being held hostage to the progressive ideologues who attempted to hijack the emergency funding for the southern border crisis bill, H.R. 3401. The Problem Solvers lived up to their name, and assertively convinced House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to pass the real bipartisan Senate version of H.R. 3401, and the late June vote in the House reflected the fruit of that labor, in a before and after comparison:

H.R. 3401 BEFORE the Problem Solvers Caucus Influence
H.R. 3401 AFTER the Problem Solvers Caucus Convinced House Speaker to support the Senate amended legislation

Please note the mixed colors supporting final passage in the AFTER slide, whereas the BEFORE slide was primarily blue (Democrats) in favor and red against. In the BEFORE slide, please not the only blue names against the legislation, the 4 members of the Squad, and indeed, the actions of the last week of June through the 2nd week of July, on THIS legislation, brought the Squad to national prominence.

Finally, this portion of the meme must be brought up: “I will never back down from a fight and always stand on our principles, so help me God.”

Whose principles James Marter? Invoking God’s name, it should be God’s rule, and departures from the truth that have been clearly proven in this article begs the question of what is more important: Standing on principle, or integrity as taught in the Scriptures.

May God guide all of us to make the right decision on all of the candidates on the ballot, especially in IL-14.

Miscellaneous Congressional Notes

  • Congressman John Shimkus (R, IL-15) announced late Friday he will not seek reelection next year. Shimkus was first elected to the House in 1996.
  • Willie Wilson, who finished 4th in the Chicago nonpartisan mayoral primary in February, filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to run for U.S. Senate against Dick Durbin as an independent.
Graphic slide from California Target Book

UPDATE 9/1/19: James Marter Response

Yesterday morning, a volunteer for James Marter emailed McHenry County Blog and said the following:

“With regard to the post mcb [McHenry County Blog] made about discernment, Marter says the point of the post was missed by you guys. It was not about the voting it was about who they stood with.  Here is his [Marter’s] statement: 

“The reference was that the they [Jim Oberweis and Sue Rezin] stood with him (Rauner) in the primary so MCB writer completely missed my point.  It wasn’t about their votes it was simply about that Oberweis and Rezin stood with Rauner in the Republican primary.”

John Lopez Response to James Marter: I cannot miss a point that was not even made by James Marter in his Friday morning Facebook meme, since nowhere in the meme is there a frame of reference saying “…in the 2018 Republican gubernatorial primary.” when discussing what State Senators Oberweis and Rezin did in connection with Governor Rauner’s renomination.

COMMENTARY: With Marter rephrasing, through his volunteer’s email, what he wrote on Friday, he is going after Oberweis and Rezin, not on their conservative records of opposing Sanctuary State and Medicaid for Abortion legislation, but their decisions to support Governor Rauner in the 2018 primary after Rauner’s signing those bills they opposed, instead of State Representative Jeanne Ives.

Evaluating whom a candidate supported in a previous primary election is, in my opinion, looking in the wrong direction. For example, take State Representative Allen Skillicorn and his contested primary next year for state representative. It would be foolish of me to hold Skillicorn’s support of Jim Oberweis over Chris Lauzen in the 2008 congressional primary elections (both special and general on same day) against Skillicorn in 2020. Oberweis won those races over Lauzen and what Skillicorn did in that race is in the past.

Like Rauner last year, Oberweis lost both matchups against Democrat Bill Foster for IL-14 in 2008. For March 2020, Skillicorn will be evaluated on his record during his 2 terms in Springfield to determine if he merits renomination for a 3rd term. Whom Skillicorn backed in 2008, or last year, will make no difference in my decision.

Whom a congressional candidate backed in the Rauner-Ives governor’s primary of 2018 (and that includes staying neutral) will make no difference to me come March. Some ideological conservatives are trying to make a litmus test out of whom congressional candidates backed in Rauner-Ives like Marter is trying in IL-14.

Voters will make up their own minds come March, but the discerning voter needs to remember both IL-14 and IL-06 Republican primaries are about nominating the best candidates who can win their respective head-to-head matchups against two freshmen Democrats elected last November. If electability in November is a deciding factor, whom a candidate backed in a past primary election will not be a criterion for March 17, 2020.


IL-14: Applying Discernment to James Marter Campaign’s Facebook Meme 8/30/19, with James Marter Response Updated 9/1/19 — 18 Comments

  1. The Mrs, run against whom?

    Marter’s opponents are outlined in the article.

    Willie Wilson?

    Running as an independent, provided he qualifies for the Nov 2020 ballot, he will run against Senator Durbin, the Republican nominee, and any other political party nominee(s).

    Running as an independent puts him directly on the November ballot without having to run in a primary in March, provided he qualifies for the ballot by gathering the much larger number of signatures on the nominating petitions.

  2. I’m glad James Marter is having fun.

    Even though most everyone knows his candidacy is not a serious threat (never has been) he still has that passion for the hunt (race).

    I hope he runs for President after he loses again for national legislative office.

    We need guys like James Marter to run for office.

    Candidates like James remind us that literally anyone can run for public office.

    American Dream prevails and lives on through James “I’ll never win” Marter.

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    I’m the “LIBERTY Loving, PRO-LIFE, 2nd Amendment, Constitutional Conservative, Limited Government, Patriot”. Our race can set the tone for electing American First supporting patriots who will Secure the Border and Build the Wall. I need your help!

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    We need you to let your family and friends know about this race and why you are supporting me in the race. We need their support too!

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  4. After witnessing over a thousand or so claims of being a “fighter”.

    The first one that provides the arrest records and emergency room bills gets my vote.

  5. Hey Reality Dave, Who are you supporting in the race?

    Money bags Oberweis, whose family donated heavily to Hillary, the IL perennial candidate who gave us Durbin and is now running on his bucket list “get to congress” check-off item, or is it out of district Obama library supporting Rezin who ran ads to never support taxes, only to vote for supporting gas tax,

    Or is it Ted Gradel who thinks we lost seats in Illinois in 2018 because of Trump (obviously not a Trump supporter,) and who likes to post about his Arizona buddy Gov Ducey on FB because AZ politics matter so much to us here in IL.

  6. D J, you have been living in Texas too long.

    May you say what you said to the candidates who ask for your vote to replace Congressman Marchant in March, but at least you have the added knowledge of a primary runoff election if a candidate doesn’t clear 50% + 1.

    Out of curiosity, who would you like to see win the State Chairmanship of the TX Republican Party next year?

  7. Not long enough and no need to say anything.

    I’ve seen Texas Republicans in Austin, threaten to shoot Dems on the House Floor.

    Leadership won’t matter.

    Dems haven’t won a State Office in Texas since 94, nation’s longest losing streak and it’s only going to get worse for them in 2020.

  8. Catalina has the best chance and is the most genuine out of these clowns.

    Wish Marter would do the classy thing and support her..

  9. D J, hope you are right concerning the prospects in Texas, especially with the U.S. Senate, the now-open House seats that need to be defended and the House seats lost last year, like TX-32.

    Even CBN reports Texas is becoming more purple.

    I think State Chairman candidate Allen West’s reference to “controlled burn” in his blog write-up about Catalina Lauf about current Republicans might give Republicans not just in Texas, but across the country, including IL-14, something to think about.

  10. Marter has some positive governmental experience and is a true conservative Republican, a 26 yr old that worked in Washington dissent yet have anything ti show fir what she can and will do for the people, A LOT of people had stars in their eyes after they saw young Underwood and AOC win congressional seats their first time out if the batters box. They didn’t;t take into consideration that Hollywood and Soros’ money were behind them.

    Marter has proved himself.

    Oberweis and Rezin have proved themselves to be good RINOS.

    I can’t bring myself to vote for Catalina Lauf when she’s never ran for anything or proved herself as a fighter for Republican values.

    I don’t make the mistakes of voting for ‘youngest’, ‘first woman’, first black-hispanic etc.’

    That’s agism, sexism, and racism.

  11. Greg, you said “Marter has some positive governmental experience…”, please elaborate, what governmental experience, positive or otherwise, do you reference that Marter has?

    Unless he has done government work through his IT consulting business, or through one of his employers before starting his business, his resume’ is lacking, unless I missed something.

    Attending President Trump’s inauguration, or attending Trump events do not qualify.

    When he is described as a “true conservative Republican”, all I’ve seen of Marter within the arena of public policy is theory, no practical application apart from the important accomplishments of being a successful spouse, parent, family and business professional.

    Jim Oberweis, Sue Rezin and Ted Gradel all share that, and have as much, if not more, to show for what they’ve done throughout their lives.

    Yes, Oberweis has more to show given he’s significantly older at age 73, compared with Gradel, Marter and Rezin who are all in their mid-fifties.

    I agree, there are a bunch of AOC wannabes around the country, and along with the Squad, Lauren Underwood, Katie Hill, Dr. Raul Ruiz, Anthony Delgado, the youth of these members, and except for Hill, being people of color is inspiring to younger people like Catalina Lauf.

    There are also some effective freshmen among the Democrats, Dean Phillips, Abigail Spanberger and Elissa Slotkin are 3 I can think of off hand.

    You do not hear as much about those 3 since they are older, and white.

    If Republican Catalina Lauf is a “wannabe” or someone with substance, the upcoming primary campaign, beginning in earnest after Labor Day, will show us all and voters will decide and cast informed votes in the primary.

    You said you “…can’t bring myself to vote for Catalina Lauf when she’s never ran for anything or proved herself as a fighter for Republican values.”

    The IL-14 Republican primary electorate make think different by March 17.

    We’ll see.

    While Marter has proved himself in some very important areas of life, let’s see if his current congressional campaign message resonates with voters to inspire them to contribute money generously to his campaign, given there are now 30 days until the 3rd quarter deadline as the Marter2020 comment above alluded.

    Money isn’t everything, but it is a valid metric to see how a candidate’s message is resonating among voters.

    The same goes for Catalina Lauf, Sue Rezin, Anthony Catella and Danny Malouf, too.

    Thus far, Oberweis and Gradel have proven their respective messages resonated with donors given the hundreds of thousands of dollars both men have raised through June 30.

    We’ll all be watching, and those campaign contribution reports will be made public by mid October.

  12. Nobody remembers my cow milker anymore. That’s sooooooooo annoying. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  13. Any response to the response to the response? I’m deeply interested…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwww…

  14. Hey, John, thanks for updating this with Marter’s response.

    Yes, the “point” was lost on me too.

    I think the natural focus would be on whether Rezin and Oberweis supported sanctuary cities and taxpayer funded abortion since Marter called into question those specific issues, not cryptically supporting sanctuary cities and taxpayer funded abortion via supporting Rauner.

    The point wasn’t as clear as Marter and his communication person think.

    And, John, your other point, which wasn’t brought up by the Marter camp, is still valid.

    There are four other candidates that we don’t know much about because they aren’t state legislators or big names.

    Does that mean they are RINOs or stood with Rauner in the primary?

    It’s presumptuous to think so.

    Marter could certainly have messaged this one better.

    He is the candidate who you know where he stands.

    Four others we just don’t know and two of them backed Rauner…

    About that, can anyone provide links to Oberweis and Rezin endorsing Rauner in the 2018 primary?

    This article doesn’t list any legislators endorsing Rauner and it says Rauner wouldn’t say who endorsed him.

    Marter says Rezin and Oberweis endorsed Rauner in the primary.

    Prove it.

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