IL-14: First Weekend to Circulate Candidate Petitions, Party Time! UPDATED 2X (Oberweis Update at End)

“Party Time: 25th Anniversary of Doctor Who” by Andrew Skilleter
Doctor Who copyright of the BBC

It’s the first weekend to legally circulate candidate petitions for the 2020 primary, and as it’s a primary election, all candidates must run under an established political party, as defined by the laws of the state of Illinois, hence the “Party Time!” in the article title.

But thanks to entertainment being provided in Twitter by Congresswoman Underwood and volunteers for some of the Republican candidates for IL-14, I got a great laugh, and this classic artwork in the 1988 Doctor Who 25th anniversary calendar of the 4th Doctor portrayed by actor Tom “The Bohemian” Baker from 1974 through 1981, came to mind, because the Twitter exchange made me laugh as hard as the Doctor is in the image. It all started with this Tweet from Congresswoman Lauren Underwood’s campaign Twitter:

Then a response from a volunteer for IL-14 Republican candidate Jim Oberweis in reply to the Lauren Underwood tweet.

And then, the response that put me in stitches, from Catalina Lauf supporter Matt Walker, using the Twitter ID abogadomatt (Lawyer Matt)).

Here is the translation of the Spanish tweet:

“If we want to defeat Underwood, we need a candidate that represents ALL the people in #IL14. Oberweis is a candidate of the past [sleeping emoticon]. Catalina is THE CANDIDATE OF THE FUTURE. [wide awake excited emoticon, #yes we can, etc]”

Welcome to Campaign 2020 for the Republican nomination for Congress in the IL-14. UPDATE: Late Friday night, Republican IL-14 candidate James Marter posted on Facebook.

Among the pics in the Facebook photo collage in last night’s post from the Sandwich Fair in DeKalb County, we see whose image Marter and his wife are standing with for the upcoming campaign. It was a real party/festive atmosphere last night in Sandwich, as the remainder of the collage will point out.

Above the President’s left shoulder is a pic and partial signage of one of the 2 IL-14 candidates who had a presence last night in Sandwich, Sue Rezin. The other candidate presence last night, that made Marter’s collage, was Jim Oberweis, in a different pic.

Apart from the Marter Facebook post, none of the IL-14 candidates gave details for activities this weekend through social media apart from Underwood, though all have asked for help to gather petition signatures. Voters interested in helping the Republicans should contact any of the respective campaigns.

Underwood’s campaign is doing a Day of Action today in Woodstock, per the ad below:

Those interested in volunteering for Underwood’s Day of Action will need to signup through her campaign’s website. In addition to Woodstock, Underwood’s campaign will have 2 other sites in IL-14 on Saturday, in St. Charles and in Oswego.

UPDATE: Oberweis Campaign Communication to Volunteers in McHenry County

An email from Jim Oberweis’ campaign manager sent last night with schedule of activities in St. Charles and Johnsburg.

Greetings McHenry Co Precinct Committee Members,

Petition season is finally here and we are gearing up to hit our goals.

The campaign will be having weekend walks scheduled all over the district every Saturday by our excellent field team. Precinct Committeemen will have many opportunities with us: pairing up so they do not have to walk alone, getting current door to door walking sheets, and access to many other social gatherings we will be engaged in.

We have a lot of exciting things happening this weekend. 

Saturday, Sept 7: We will be having a petition gathering walk scheduled out of our St. Charles campaign HQ ( 1700 Lincoln Highway St. Charles, IL) from Noon to 3pm. This will be a reoccurring event until we meet our petition signature goals. We have clipboards and petitions already printed out.  
Sunday, Sept 8: SAUFEN UND SPIEL PARADE in Johnsburg, IL


Thank you for all of your help.  Oberweis Campaign.


IL-14: First Weekend to Circulate Candidate Petitions, Party Time! UPDATED 2X (Oberweis Update at End) — 12 Comments

  1. Re: “Oberweis is a candidate of the past [sleeping emoticon]. Catalina is THE CANDIDATE OF THE FUTURE.”

    We have some classic examples of the “CANDIDATES OF THE FUTURE” recently elected to Congress.

    With Catalina placing herself in that category, I will be supporting Oberweis.

    BTW English is still the official language of our country.

  2. Just realized that Underwood has two twitters. @repunderwood and @laurenunderwood

  3. Correcting, I think it is common for members of Congress to have two Twitter accounts, one for “political” purposes, and one for purely governmental, non-political use. @LaurenUnderwood is clearly the political Twitter ID for Congresswoman Underwood. I believe there is a fine, legal line that separates how these accounts are used.

    Out of towner, yes, English is the language most used in our country, it’s just how the enthusiasm of the one supporter of Catalina quickly got in there and gave a heartfelt response to support Catalina in response to the Underwood tweet and Oberweis’ response, and injecting a little humor, was what not only made me laugh, but impressed me.

    Real grassroots campaigns are won on the ground, and the ground-game now includes coverage in social media, which Matt Walker was not shy to apply it for the candidate he supports in Catalina when he saw the opportunity. Similar can be said about the Oberweis supporter.

    Matt’s Twitter avi made me laugh, too, under closer inspection. The man has a sense of humor.

    One other thing (as Columbo was famous for saying on TV back in the 1970s, since I started the 70s theme with 70s Doctor Who), do not confuse a “CANDIDATE OF THE FUTURE” with a “Candidate of the Present”.

    No matter how the primary campaign result will turn out in March, we are in store for a fun next 6 1/2 months! May the voters in IL-14 be rewarded for it.

  4. It is common. I just never checked and only realized when I saw the other twitter handle in this post (was only aware of her @rep account).

    Agree with out of towner.

    That tweet made me less likely to support Catalina than I already am.

    Hopefully that guy is not working for her.

    It would actually be difficult to construct a worse tweet.

    Look at its elements:

    Foreign flag emoji (Guatemala), raised fist emojis (representing solidarity), call for political action in foreign language, Obama catchphrase en Espanol (originally taken from Cesar Chavez, but most people don’t know that) with a hash tag attached, assumption that new is better than old, plus the use of caps, and all in the context of a Republican primary!

  5. Well, I guess we are witnessing something with the Twitter response from Matt Walker that is something all grassroots volunteers should realize.

    One never knows when your tweet response may be picked up by someone, including McHenry County Blog.

    I guess I have a different lens given my own ethnic roots and why the Spanish tweet resonated with me, and as I said in the article, made me laugh and impressed me.

    That a volunteer, without any props/aid/direction from the main campaign, but on their own initiative connected with me.

    That does not mean I am going to support Lauf in the primary, but it resonated with me, and there are likely many voters in IL-14 such a message like that may resonate with, during the course of the campaign.

    All campaigns do targeted messaging, as well as general messaging, and the smart campaign will know how to target potential voters.

    The campaign that does that best, especially in the IL-14 Republican primary, will be the Republican nominee.

    If the Lauf volunteer’s use of it is of the use “yes we can!” was from Obama, or Cesar Chavez, the fact that a possibly traditional Democratic voter was drawn to at least one Republican candidate shows hope that the Republican Party’s base is expanding, too.

    That’s an expansion that is long overdue for the Republican Party, and is one that should be encouraged, especially since the Republican Party’s survival in the future will depend on it.

    Concerning the Guatemalan flag emoji, let’s remember which flag emoji was placed first in the tweet, too.

    It’s just something we have to wait and see if the IL-14 primary will expand the Republican Party, in spite of a Democratic presidential nominating contest that may not be settled by March 17.

    It will be exciting to watch.

  6. You people are very lame and hateful. Racists almost every single one of you.

    Lauren strongly supports a woman’s right to choose, as well as neo-natal health! Yes, people it’s all rational. It’s all part of her commitment to Motherhood and all things Maternal.

    The haters gotta hate and focus, singlemindedly, on a single aspect of her great represenation. The first person to actually represent the district since Melissa Bean.


    Rep. Lauren Underwood, a freshman Democrat from Illinois and a registered nurse, will serve as a speaker for the second annual National Maternal & Infant Health Summit on Sept. 10 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in northwest D.C.

    “Rep. Underwood has emerged on Capitol Hill as a leader in this field,” said Mayor Muriel Bowser (D).

    Underwood holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and two master’s degrees from Johns Hopkins University. She served in the Obama administration as a senior adviser in the Department of Health and Human Services.

    In the House, Underwood serves on the Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor and Pensions for the Committee on Education and Labor. She also serves on the Black Maternal Health Caucus.

  7. I gotta say, this UnderwoodNow, is giving me a James Caan in ‘Misery’ kinda vibe here…

  8. May our good Lord bless honorable Congresswoman and accomplished professional nurse Lauren Underwood. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  9. Catalina all the way!

    Oberweis is definitely from the past.. maybe he should politely step out of the race considering he’s going to lose BIG on this one too!

    The future is forward with Catalina!

  10. Marter and his wife at the Sandwich Fair look like two pieces of Wonder Bread wrapped around a big piece of bologna.


  11. Underwoodnow said:

    “Lauren strongly supports a woman’s right to choose”.

    “Right to choose” means that a woman can choose to have an abortion for any reason.

    How does UnderWood know that? Has Lauren come out publicly and said she would have supported her mother having an abortion and thus she, Lauren, would not be on this earth?

    UnderWood now shows zero evidence that Lauren actually has nursing experience such as a former job in a hospital as a nurse on a post-surgery department or in intensive care or in surgery operating room, etc.

  12. Catalina will never be able to milk a cow like Oberweis. Keep that in mind. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

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