IL-06/IL-14: Objective of Financial Disclosure (FD) and Candidates Updates

After spending some time in the Instruction Guide published by the House Ethics Committee for the preparation, filing, and publication of the Financial Disclosure Statements (FD) this article will focus on FD including the latest concerning candidate filings for IL-06 and IL-14.

Given an FD is required of all congressional candidates who raise, including through loans to themselves or spend over $5,000, all viable candidates will have an FD filed sometime during the campaign. Once the $5,000 threshold is reached, a candidate has 30 days to file their FD, or request an extension.

A future article will walk through one candidate’s filing, but for now, McHenry County Blog shares what an FD is not, and what the objective of an FD is. Please note, the reference to “government officials” includes congressional candidates:

Source: Instruction Guide for 2018, House Ethics Committee

As FD’s are important, per the excerpt above and for discerning voters to evaluate congressional candidates in advance of the primary election, McHenry County Blog will continue to include FD updates in future congressional updates.

Jim Oberweis’ FD Availability for Public Viewing

Jim Oberweis

As reported in last Friday’s article here on McHenry County Blog, Jim Oberweis filed his FD with the House Clerk’s office on the afternoon of August 28. Also reported in the article, the FD was not yet available for public viewing.

As of mid afternoon on September 6, Oberweis’ FD is still not available for public viewing. McHenry County Blog has seen Oberweis’ FD and its submission to the House Clerk’s office, so here is why his FD is still not available for public viewing a week and a half later.

After McHenry County Blog‘s review of the Instruction Guide (noted earlier in the article), FD filings and their availability for public view online are required by federal law, and must be available for view within 30 days of the filing of the FD. Sometimes, an FD or an extension is available within 1-2 days upon electronic submissions, but other times, they are not.

The law requires the FD to be published for public viewing within 30 days after filing, and Oberweis’ FD will be available for public view by September 27 at the latest.

Jeanne Ives’ Duplicate Extension Filing

Yesterday morning, McHenry County Blog received a Twitter-bot notice of the filing of a 2nd FD extension for candidate Jeanne Ives. Querying the House Clerk’s website, there is a second FD extension request.

IL-06 Query 09/06/19

McHenry County Blog learned the 2nd FD extension request is a duplicate of the first, and Ives’ extended due date for her FD filing remains at October 16. Ives’ first extension was filed by paper on August 10 and processed by the House Clerk’s office on August 20. The 2nd extension request was submitted electronically on August 17, and was posted yesterday, September 5.

Even for an electronic filing, it took nearly 3 weeks for the House Clerk’s office to process it, as opposed to the 10 days processing for the first extension request.

But as shared in the Oberweis update, the House Clerk’s office has up to 30 days from the filing to post the information online.

FD Instruction Guide

The latest version of the Instruction Guide which is dated for 2018 can be obtained by the House Clerk’s office at the following link:


IL-06/IL-14: Objective of Financial Disclosure (FD) and Candidates Updates — 5 Comments

  1. Please join us as the sunshine blog and sunshine commenters rejoice at the 78th birthday of our next president Bernard Sanders. We all salute Mr. Sanders, a champion of workers and the middle class of this country, and wish him well on his way to becoming the 46th president of these great United States. Being a pro-life, God-fearing sunshine blog, we offer our heartfelt prayers for his continued success in the campaign trail and during his 2 terms as president. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. Angel, outside of the heartfelt and sincere birthday wishes for Senator Bernie Sanders, the rest of your comment attempting to predict the future can be summed up in two words: mal chiste

    Though Angel does not need it, translation: “bad joke”

    The American people will not elect a 79 year old man to be President, but he will not even get the nomination anyway, as it will most likely be, in this order, Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren.

  3. Hmmmmmm. John, some folks elected trump. The bar is very very low. Age may not even make the barometer.

  4. “The American people will not elect a 79 year old man to be President, but he will not even get the nomination anyway, as it will most likely be, in this order, Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren”; because our McHenry County Bruce Wayne said so. Keep praying. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  5. Tom and Angel, some of the quotes from this weekend’s New Hampshire Democratic State Convention has more than a few younger Democrats citing age for both Sanders and Biden that’s driving them to Warren, who is 70, and explains why Warren is surging, at least in New Hampshire.

    Warren’s detailed policy positions is the main reason Warren’s surging in the Granite State, but age is contributing, too.

    We’ll see how the three septuagenarians fare in Thursday’s Democratic debate.

    Once Sanders and/or Warren begins to draw black voters to their campaigns, that is when Biden will be in trouble.

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