Chuck Wheeler Pushes Advisory Referendum on Gun Rights

Chuck Wheeler

McHenry County Board member Chuck Wheeler (R-McHenry) is passing a petition seeking an advisory referendum on the Second Amendment.

Its wording is below:

“Shall McHenry County stand as a Pro-Second Amendment County that protects lawful gun owners from unconstitutional laws passed by the Illinois General Assembly?”


Chuck Wheeler Pushes Advisory Referendum on Gun Rights — 11 Comments

  1. Wheeler is OK.

    Pence should be Trumped.

    But the referendum’s wording is odd.

    Since when in recent memory has the State legislature not passed an unconstitutional gun law.

    People like Erik Sivertsen and his wimp kind are dead wrong about compromising gun ownership rights on red flag laws.

    FOID cards themselves are unconstitutional.

  2. What is the point of an advisory question regarding our constitutional rights?

    I think the courts have been pretty clear about this question.

  3. Sivertsen has always supported 2nd Amendment.

    Doesn’t he own a gunshop?

    What’s he done?

  4. @Preston Rea:

    Great response.

    What Chuck is trying to bring to this issue I believe is leadership to ‘do something’ to point out the cowardness of the current board.

    What we all need in this instant case is more folks such as yourself; committed to the protection of our rights granted by God.

    Please step up and join the fight, we need your help.

  5. A successful referendum would probably lead to a push for a resolution to add McHenry County to the list of sanctuary gun counties, and that would put Big Chief Many Chins in a bit of a quandary.

    He would have to chose between angering either the electorate or his good buddy “Spanky” Pritzker.

  6. We’re much better off with Skillicorn than Schofield in Springfield as far as Second Amendment goes.

    She should not be trusted. With her teacher’s union and Franks money, the double-cross is in. Do Not Trust her!

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