Sanguinetti Push Poll Repeats BIG LIE From Rauner Campaign That Ives Is “Mike Madigan’s Favorite Republican”

I was more than a little disturbed right before the 2018 Primary Election when Governor Bruce Rauner spent millions on TV ads, plus I think I remember direct mail, to label opponent Jeanne Ives “Mike Madigan’s favorite Republican.”

Imagine my reaction when a robo-poll from the 6th District congressional campaign of his Lteutenant Governor, Evelyn Sanguinetti , used the same pitch on the Sunday before last.

The recording started off neutral enough asking demographic information and political leanings and whether I thought favorably about Donald Trump, Bruce Rauner, Evelyn Sanguinetti and Jeanne Ives.

Recently announced 6th District candidate Jay Kinzler was not mentioned, perhaps because he did not make his decision to run public until the week of the poll. In any event, it seemed that there was time between Kinzler’s announcement and the poll to insert his name.

Then it asked about the importance of issues, most of which are listed below:

  • Jobs
  • Law enforcement
  • National security
  • Social
  • Health
  • Moral
  • Fiscal (spending, taxes, budget)

Next there were three combinations of characteristices for a Republican congressional candidate from which one was to be selected:

  • Conservative and Pro-Choice
  • Conservative and Pro-life
  • Pro-Life and moral

I may not have the categories exactly correct, but you get the picture.

A question about what kind of a Republican I was came next:

  • Traditional Republican
  • Tea Party Republican
  • Trump Republican

Concentrating on Sanguinetti and Ives, three push poll questions were asked.

A “push poll” question is one which provides background information, negative about the candidate not favored by the group financing the survey, and then asks which candidate one would vote for.

The first had to do with Sanguinett’s Hispanic background and her being the first such Lieutenent Governor in the United States.

The second claimed that Sanguinetti “spent ten years fighting Mike Madigan,” while (apparently because of contributions from the same union source) Jeanne Ives “is Mike Madigan’s favorite Republican.”

The third pointed out that Sanguinetti was a first generation American, her family having fled from Castro’s Cuba and that she “opposes AOC and the Squad.”

The survey came from Public Opinion Research, 630-360-8310.

There was no indication of who paid for the polling, except from the context of the questions.

I reached out to Sanguinetti herself, then, the next day, to her press person asking if her campaign paid for the calls.

The Sangruinetti campaign confirmed that it financed the survey research.

Rauner’s BIG LIE was widely condemned when Rauner spent millions spreading it around:

That same line of attack is showing up so early in the Sanguinetti campaign is sad.

Why would Sanguinetti go so blantantly and falsely negative so early in the campaign?

Does it indicate that Ives is really far ahead of Sanguinetti?

= = = = =

The reconstruction of the robo-poll comes from my notes and those of another 6th District resident.


Sanguinetti Push Poll Repeats BIG LIE From Rauner Campaign That Ives Is “Mike Madigan’s Favorite Republican” — 18 Comments

  1. So this was just a poll?

    How is the campaign going negative or false in a poll?

    There is no money behind this messaging, no ads, no mailers, it seems like this is a little premature of an accusation by cal.

  2. Wait a minute, that wasn’t in any mailers or paid tv advertisements then why is this a big deal??

    People say a lot of stuff in polls doesn’t mean that will be part of their messaging.

  3. As we knew, Exsanguinetti is a do-nothing political hack, running on the progressive laurels of “look, I’m a female and a Hispanic”

    Now, we have further confirmation that she’s another typical unscrupulous “whatever it takes to get elected” politician.

    Will the gullible John Pletz now see how stupid he sounds in his unabashed support of Evelyn while also claiming to be “conservative’?

  4. FLamont, it’s not an accusation.

    It’s a “push poll”, and for any candidate to have to attempt to influence the outcome of a poll with “suggestions” or “messaging” while talking through a poll, even a robo-poll, is not a pure poll, where you are trying to learn what the person responding to the poll really thinks.

    You should not have to “nudge” a poll respondent.

    If they do not answer/respond to any candidate, mark that respondent as “undecided” and move on.

    And given this polling’s timing, within 2 weeks of the 3rd quarter fundraising deadline, it is motivated to raise campaign cash for the FEC disclosure reports about to be filed, and made public by October 15.

    The objective is to raise negatives about Ives which could negatively impact Ives’ fundraising, while trying to enhance Sanguinetti’s fundraising.

    Please see my “report card” article from last Monday, and why Sanguinetti MUST do better fundraising for 3rd quarter, compared to her 2nd quarter results (

    Sanguinetti has been a candidate since April, and if she had educated voters, targeting voters who like to decide on a candidate early, known as an “early adopter”, then she should have messaged positive things about herself since April and given some details to where she stands on the issues, and policy differences with the incumbent Democrat, instead of having to tear down her only declared opponent.

    And with Casten, there is a plethora of things to call out, AND say what she would do.

    She’s done a lot of the first, but hardly any of the latter.

  5. I will now not vote for Sanguinetti.

    Liars must pay a cost for their lies.

    I voted for Ives against Rainer.

    I will do it again against Rauner’s puppet.

  6. Not that Jeanne has never slinged the mud before.

    It’s kind of shill of Jeanne and her scophats whine when they have done worst.

  7. Kettle, I disagree. Personally, I believe it is wrong to use the IL-06 Republican congressional primary to replay the 2018 Republican gubernatorial primary, and I believe to do so, or attempt to do so, is looking in the wrong direction. Sanguinetti’s push polling with the 2018 Madigan reference is doing just that, looking in the wrong direction and she is not the only person doing that in other races and trying to replay Rauner-Ives.

    In IL-14 Republican campaign, for example, some, both candidates and pro-family values supporters alike, have tried to link both Jim Oberweis and Sue Rezin to Bruce Rauner, because they were not openly backing Jeanne Ives last year. Anybody who uses phrases like, “where was (insert candidate’s name) when Jeanne Ives was running last year?” outs themselves and their backward-thinking pretty quickly. Others may use more subtle suggestions, but you get the gist.

    And yes, we know Jeanne Ives is capable of being negative, too, and she came up little short last year by less than 23,000 votes. But that was last year, and IL-06 is a different race.

    And unlike last year, there is a third candidate in the IL-06 Republican field, Dr. Jay Kinzler, and he may benefit from the 2 ladies or their proponents trying to replay 2018 in 2020, and given his own positives, he could win the primary, provided he can raise enough money to get his message out.

    But it might be helpful to remember something IL-14 former candidate Matt Quigley said earlier this year in a Facebook post: that anyone can course-correct.

    I hold out hope Sanguinetti will do just that, but it takes more than words, it takes actions.

    She needs to take some positive ones, and right quick because Republican primary voters have 2 alternatives to choose from.

  8. John Lopez

    Not sure you know how polls work. Campaigns don’t move the needle by putting out polling to a few hundred voters.

    Cal informed more people of this messaging than the poll ever would have by writing this post.

    The poll probably only reached 200-300 people.

    Not a big chunk of the electorate.

    Campaigns sway voters by doing mail and paid ads.

    That’s why this isn’t a big deal.

    According to Cal it did test positives on Sanguinetti and negatives on her opponent.

    Pretty run of the mill campaign stuff.

    There’s no way this poll would affect fundraising by reaching a handful of people.

    Also give me a break with BIG LIE.

    Jeanne has already been called out by PolitiFact for lying about Evelyn’s record.

  9. I thought Iron Mike Lesperance, Nunda Road Commissioner and Lazybones who gets his kid hired by the McHenry Township Road Commissioner, was Madigan’s favorite “Republican”.

  10. FLamont, actually, I do know a little about campaigns, polling, and particularly fundraising, including something about big-dollar fundraising. While you make a couple of points about what really moves the needle, you are talking about for election day, which is in this case is 5 1/2 months away. The date of focus here is September 30, not March 17.

    The mailings and the paid ads, and in the case of a race for Congress, TV ads in the Chicago media market, takes money to fund. To get there, you have to convince individual donors to voluntary give up to $2,800. Many donors and prospective donors want some metric/analytics that investing in a candidate is a worthwhile investment, meaning the candidate has a realistic chance to win.

    So in fundraising letters, including the electronic letters campaigns send, they will include the result of a poll to boost the “sale” that this candidate can win. If a candidate needs to enhance their message/pitch to donors, they will have their pollster “push” messaging to produce a poll result more favorable to present to donors.

    And when a candidate does fundraising calls, and the donor at the other end of the phone wants to know how the race looks, the candidate will have the poll results and say “my most recent poll says I have 60% favorable rating, and x% of support…”

    As I said in my earlier post, the positives of the candidate should be enough to convince a donor to give to the candidate. If the donors have not been responding to the candidate’s message alone, a push poll is usually used to give a more desired result that can be shared with prospective donors.

    At the end of the 2nd quarter, Sanguinetti barely raised $103,000 and change. Factor in over $5000 was loans to herself, and she could not clear the $100,000 level from donors. People felt that was disappointing for a former statewide elected official, especially one touting all of the endorsements she’s been doing since announcing her campaign back in April.

    The call-out of Jeanne by PolitiFactIL and BGA was a one-time event.

    Thus far, Jeanne has not said wrong things about Sanguinetti again, so one time doesn’t break Jeanne.

    And by the time we get to after the first of the year, most average primary voters will have either never heard of that incident, or will have forgotten about it.

  11. Excellent item, Cal.

    Sanguibetti must be exposed for what she is!

  12. Cal: I was in the audience of the Downers Grove Township Republican Organization on September the 9th, when Dr. Jay Kinzler made his surprise announcement at the podium on the stage that he was candidate for the 6th Congressional District, while both of his opponents, Evelyn and Jeanne, were seated at separate tables listening to Dr. Kinzler speak at this meeting.

    So you indicated that the poll took place two Sundays ago, which would indicate that it occurred on September the 15th, therefore, Evelyn had 6 days of advanced notice that Dr. Kinzler has injected himself as a viable opponent when she released her poll.

    The question happens to be why her poll did not include Dr. Kinzler?

    The criticism levied by the BGA against Jeanne was that she unfairly criticized Evelyn for not objecting to Governor Rauner signing the abortion bill (HB40) into law.

    The BGA then reported on some obscure media outlets that stated that Evelyn had come out with a statement voicing her opposition for HB40 after Rauner signed the bill into law.

    I thought that the BGA’s analysis was totally unfair, since I read the Sun-Times every day and I listen to talk radio many hours of the day (in addition to watching the nightly news on T.V.), where I did not read or hear any of that news.

  13. To Political Observer:

    The sanguinetti poll was never “released” Cal who is making it seem like evelyn is going around repeating this statement when it was really just robo poll.

    What a joke. Also Kinzler as a viable candidate? Come on.

    On to your statements about BGA.

    “Unfair” really?

    you’re clearly a blind Ives worshipper.

    They don’t base their ratings on what you as some random person hear or read.

    The fact that Sanguinetti’s statements appeared in the SJR, the New york Times, and the CHicago sun times, which you claim to read, which are definitely not “obscure” outlets obviously make Ives attack FALSE, which the writers at MchenryCountyBlog did no original posts on but felt a poll is worth a whole write up to Cal.

    Ives was on Chicago Fox news telling that lie, but cal would rahter care about a poll that went to a few hundred people.

  14. Sanguinetti is a career liar, much like her benefactor Bruce Rauner. Now she’s regurgitating Rauner’s campaign lies against Jeanne Ives.

    Tell you anything about Sanguinetti’s character? Or who she’ll be looking out for in DC..?

  15. Sanguinetti is a born liar, just like her precious Bruce Rauner.

    And she can’t even come up with her own lies against Jeanne Ives, she has to recycle Brucie’s.

    It is going to feel SO good to vote Jeanne again…

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