Townships in DuPage County Buy Full-Page Ad in Daily Herald

The townships in DuPage County took the offensive Sunday by paying for a full-page ad in the Daily Herald to tout services provided by townships beside those mandated by law:

  • assessing property
  • maintaining roads
  • providing general assistance

The ad points out that these services are provided for about two percent of DuPage County property taxpayers’ bills.


Townships in DuPage County Buy Full-Page Ad in Daily Herald — 6 Comments

  1. Wow, the township officials and the bosses in Springfield must be worried!

    What other form of government has to take out full page ads to try and hoodwink you into thinking they’re a bargain!

  2. Wow what a waste!

    So typical of fat government trying to justify its existence!

  3. What kills me is that they’re using taxpayer money to do this.

  4. Number of townships per Chicago area county:

    Cook County – 29 townships (30 for political purposes due to the Evanston Township Committeemen)

    DuPage County – 6 townships

    Kane County – 16 townships

    Lake County – 18 townships

    McHenry County – 17 townships

    Will County – 25 townships



    The government and political structure for Townships and Precincts in Chicago and Cook Cook is different compared to the collar counties.



    Chicago abolished townships as units of government.

    Township boundaries still exist for assessment and census purposes in Chicago.

    But there are no township employees in Chicago and there is no township levy / extension for a property tax in Chicago.


    Chicago is divided into 50 Wards.

    Each Ward has an elected Alderman which is a member of the City Council (the board).

    Each Ward has one elected Democrat Ward Committeeman, and one elected Republican Ward Committeeman.

    One can hold both the position of the elected Alderman and an elected Ward Committeeman, and that is commonplace.

    At the precinct level, there are appointed precinct captains.


    That same structure also is used in Cook County.

    Meaning, in each township in Cook County there is:

    – one elected Democrat Township Committeeman;

    – one elected Republican Township Committeeman;

    – appointed Precinct Captains for each precinct.

    The Committeeman and Captains in Chicago, Cook County, and the collar counties are political operatives.

    They are not government employees.


    Thus the method at which one obtains political power at the precinct level is different in Chicago and Cook County, compared to the collar counties.

    Chicago and Cook County have a top down power structure.

    If one is not OK’d by someone at a higher level, they are not going to be a Precinct Captain in Cook County and Chicago.


    Precinct political party operatives, restated:

    In Cook County, there are appointed Precinct Captains.

    In the collar counties, there are elected Precinct Committeemen.


    Township and Ward political party operative review:

    Moving up the ladder to the Township and Ward level.

    Per Ward: One elected Democrat Ward Committeeman, one elected Republican Ward Committeeman, and one elected Alderman.

    Per Township: One elected Democrat Township Committeeman, and one elected Republican Township Committeeman.

    Below the Committeemen are the appointed Precinct Captains.

    The Chicago Alderman is a government employee.

    The Chicago and Cook County Precinct Committeemen and Precinct Captains are not government employees.


    Cook County abolished at least two townships (Evanston, Ridgeville), and has some townships that are not units of government, rather used for census and assessment purposes (Evanston, Hyde Park, Jefferson, Lake, Lake View, North Town, Rogers Park, South Town, West Town).

    Preceding its elimination, Evanston Township had the same boundaries as the City of Evanston.

  5. these townships are as useless as their overpaid functionaries. Get real jobs and quit leeching!

    These ads are pathetic. Who paid for them?

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