Mainly about Politics at the McHenry County Fair – Part 2

Behind the Sheriff’s display in the air conditioned building was the exhibit of the McHenry County Republican Party.

GOP Chairman Diane Evertsen manned the Party’s booth.

Circling back I found that I had missed a verbal altercation between State Senator Sue Rezin and James Marter. Both are candidates for the Republican nominatiion for the 14th congressional district to run against Loren Underwood.

In the corner of the building was a booth for Obeweis Dairy.

Oberweis Daiy booth.

Not overtly political, but it couldn’t hurt 14th congressional district aspirant Jim Oberweis’ name identification.

Almost across from the Republican Party booth was one featuring Tonya Franklin. Franklin, you may remember, was more than willing to run against Jack Franks for State Representative in 2012, but received a thumbs down from then-GOP Chairman Mike Tryon.

Tonya Franklin explaining the courses she teaches.

Sure to prompt smart remarks is this photo of a medical dummy wearing a Donald Trump “Make American Great Again” hat.

Dummy wearing “Make American Great Again” hat.

Also inside Franklin’s enclosure, along with gun safety rules, was a Trump 2020 banner.

“Trump 2020. Keep America Great,” reads the banner in Tonya Franklin’s booth.

Next to the Republican booth and across from Franklin’s was the exhibit of the Gideons.

The stacked up books are mini-New Testaments.

Adjacent to Tonya Franklin’s gun and CPR training recruitment station was the booth for the McHenry County Citizens for Choice.

Lots of slogans at the McHenry County Citizens for Choice, including on saying, “Abortion is health care.”

Walking to the other side of the exhibit hall, I found the McHenry County Democrats.

The McHenry County Democratic Party booth.

One of the men staffing the Democratic Party booth was attorney George Kililis. He is a true believer, having marched in both the Crystal Lake and the Algonquin parades wearing a red tee shirt saying, “Resist.”

Kililis is the one who told me that the Democrats were going to run three women for judge against the men Supreme Court Justice Robert Thomas had appointed.

Turns out one was his wife, Jeannie Riding, now passing petitions in subcircuit 3.

In my lifetime, I have never had a problem conversing with another who is interested in politics.

All such folks understand the process and can talk about it without rancor.

Standing in front of Kililis, however, I found myself being hectored for being a “racist” for a couple of minutes.

One reason he offered was that I did not wake up every morning, as he said he did, thinking about children being kept in cages at America’s southern border.

I’m not really much into national politics, because a person’s chance to have a real impact is always more at the local level, so I didn’t think of the obvious rebuttal until later–that Democratic Party Presidents were in offce when the “cages” were constructed.

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More tomorrow.


Mainly about Politics at the McHenry County Fair – Part 2 — 12 Comments

  1. In the top photo, in the row of pictures to the left, why is there a picture ( middle top) of former Stooge Larry Fine?

  2. Dummy wearing “Make American Great Again” hat.

    Nice job Cal, you left that one wide open.

  3. McHenry County Citizens for Choice had a sign stating, “ABORTION IS HEALTH CARE”.

    That means killing of infants in the womb is health care. Death is health by this group.

    A crazy kind of health care by these people.

    One of their proponents, Democrat Casten, equates abortion to a gall bladder operation.

    This is the mentality of so-called pro-choice people.

  4. bred winner I hope you realize how correct you are . . .look at it this way. The Teacher’s Union, (NEA) is now holding hands with Planned Parenthood with full support, there are two things you can count on in LIFE, DEATH AND TAXES.

    The Teacher’s Union and their demands increase your Real Estate Taxes, Planned Parenthood wants your tax dollars for Abortion.

  5. Tonya Franklin is an excellent and experienced instructor…take her class, learn how to save lives; heart attacks, choking, gun shots, auto/motorcycle accidents, home accidents—its all worth it, buy or make a an IndividualLife Saving kit yourself and keep it in your car,at home or take with you.

    She and her content are the Best.

  6. I’ve harassed Dems at their little setups and I’ve never once experienced being “hectored”.

    Although I’m always asked to leave.

    But as a disclaimer to their civility.

    My everyday look is more Immortan Joe from Fury Road than Clark Kent.

  7. As for Killilis, I can remember a case very vividly where his client threatened to turn him into the ARDC for misconduct.

    He stood before the Judge almost in tears.

    He’s lucky that client changed their mind.

    Just so you know, there is no statute of limitations at the ARDC.

  8. “I’m not really much into national politics, because a person’s chance to have a real impact is always more at the local level, so I didn’t think of the obvious rebuttal until later–that Democratic Party Presidents were in offce when the “cages” were constructed.” Sunshine blogger, besides your ginormous belly, I must admire how eloquently you dispel any possibility you or any other republikkklan sunshine commenter could ever be considered a racist. Will republikkklans ever be able to make up their mind about Barack Obama? Wasn’t he weak on terror? Weak on immigration? Wasn’t he a socialist? Or was he a great president whose lead our current sexual-assaulter-in-chief is following? Which is it republikkklans? Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeeeeeeooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  9. Tonya Franklin is a great American. She was cheated. But that’s standard in McHenry County.

    Look at Algonquin Township!

  10. I don’t understand why every Democratic and Republican voter is expected to defend every thing done by any and every Democratic or Republican politician.

    Most normal people see politicians from both parties do things they agree and disagree with.

    Local politics is a good place to see people from either party disagreeing with their own party.

    The more we insist on making local politics the freak show that national politics is, the wore things are going to get.

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