IL-06/IL-14: Three and 3/4 Days to Fundraising Report Cards

Update 10/12 6:45AM Danny Malouf Q319 Numbers

The following has been either filed with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) or announced by the campaigns listed, or the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC):

  • Danny Malouf FEC filing for Q319 raising $489 for quarter and $2,344.06 cash-on-hand
  • Evelyn Sanguinetti Drops out of 6th district race, Q319 FEC filing forthcoming
  • Catalina Lauf on 10/2 announced her campaign raised over $100,000 in her campaign’s first 38 days
  • Jeanne Ives on 10/3 announced her campaign raised over $340,298.13 in her campaign’s first 75 days
  • Anthony Catella’s FEC filing revealed raising and spending under $600 in the 3rd quarter
  • The DCCC tweeted Congressman Sean Casten raised $700,000 in the 3rd quarter

The grid has been updated with the numbers cited for Q3, and for Lauf, it shows $100,000 raised, until the FEC report confirms the actual amount:

3rd Quarter FEC Reports Crucial for Congressional Candidate Viability Metric

It’s the 11th of October, and that means we are 4 1/2 days away from the 15th of October, which is the deadline for congressional campaigns to file campaign disclosure reports for the 3rd calendar quarter.

And if you are running for federal office, that is the next milestone on the long calendar of the 2020 election cycle, beginning with the IL Republican primary election on March 17.

Congressional candidates in IL-06 and IL-14, whether they admit it or not, scrambled with fundraising activities at the end of September. Whether events, emails or other written correspondence, September ended with dueling fundraisers in IL-14.

The Democrats, Congressman Sean Casten and Congresswoman Lauren Underwood, did their end of quarter fundraising too. While neither have a primary challenger in March, both districts are top-tier races, and National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) targets next year.

For three candidates in IL-06/IL-14, the 3rd quarter campaign disclosure filings with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) will be the first filings of their campaigns, and all eyes, not just in Illinois but around the country, will be watching when these 3 women file their reports given they launched their campaigns during the 3rd quarter, based on their initial candidacy filings with the FEC:

In IL-14 with the election of Underwood to Congress last year, some see a generational shift taking place given Underwood was 32, a millenial, when elected. Could the same be happening among Republicans given there are two millenials seeking the Republican nomination, and this tweet from State Representative Allen Skillicorn yesterday morning, was with one of them (the other millenial is Danny Malouf):

Please note, Skillicorn has endorsed State Senator Jim Oberweis in the IL-14 Republican primary

Once the candidates’ FEC filings are made public, and count on all of the candidates, including the Democratic incumbents, waiting until the final day of filing reports on October 15, the analytics will commence.

COMMENTARY with updates: Many questions will be answered with the 3rd quarter FEC campaign disclosure reports next month, including but not limited to:

  • In IL-14, will Jim Oberweis and Ted Gradel, who both have raised at least $300,000 through June, remain in the fundraising lead?
  • In IL-06, will Evelyn Sanguinetti make significant improvement on her $103,648 2nd quarter receipts, which many thought was a disappointment for a former statewide elected official?
  • Will Ives, Lauf and Rezin prove themselves viable financially with their first FEC filing? Catalina Lauf annoucned on October 2nd her campaign raised over $100,000 in its first 38 days. The next day, Jeanne Ives announced raising $340,298.13 in her campaign’s first 75 days.
  • In IL-14, will James Marter and Danny Malouf have significantly high fundraising totals to elevate their campaigns to viability to compete with Oberweis, Gradel and presumably Rezin and Lauf?
  • Will the monies raised enable candidates to begin opening campaign offices for the primary election, apart from the candidates who’ve already established a physical presence in their respective district:
    • Jim Oberweis opened his St. Charles headquarters and Crystal Lake satellite offices in June
    • Jeanne Ives opened her Wheaton headquarters in September
  • How much monies raised through the 3rd quarter will be from donors opposed to candidates loaning themselves money to their campaigns:
    • Jim Oberweis’ $416,402 raised, $200,000 from himself
    • Ted Gradel’s $304,905 raised, $30,000 from himself
    • Evelyn Sanguinetti’s $103,647 raised, $5,600 from herself
    • James Marter $19,017 raised, $14,844 from himself
    • Danny Malouf $4,190 raised, $0 from himself
  • How much of a candidates’ campaign receipts be raised from Illinois, as opposed to outside of Illinois?

The campaigns have between now and 11:59PM CDT on the 15th, to file their FEC reports.

It is safe to say that given the Republican fields in IL-06 and IL-14, most voters are undecided, with a level of name ID with candidates who have served in public office in Springfield, or who have a business that is a household name. Most Republican primary voters are likely not even paying attention to the congressional primary races yet.

That said, there are some Republican primary voters who have already made up their minds and are actively volunteering for one of the candidates in some way. While being a pair of shoes on the ground will help your preferred candidate, they also need financial help and through contributing financially to a candidate between now and the 30th will literally show you putting your money where your mouth is.

And while not everyone can be a maxed-out donor for the primary, and at $2,800 is when a donor maxes out to a particular federal candidate, if one really believes in a particular candidate, then contribute whatever you can. Small dollar donors are sought after, too, and it will help your preferred candidate.


  • IL-06 candidate Dr. Jay Kinzler, who made is intentions known last week he will be running for Congress as a Republican, has not filed his candidacy paperwork with the FEC. If he does not do so by the 30th, he will not file a 3rd quarter campaign disclosure report.
  • IL-14 candidate Anthony Catella, who announced his Republican congressional candidacy back in March, has yet to file his candidacy with the FEC, and like fellow Army veteran Dr. Kinzler, he will not have 3rd quarter disclosure reports either. Catella did file a candidacy statement with the FEC and his 3rd quarter report listed under $600 raised and spent.
  • The report card graphic was taken from the School DIstrict of Philadelphia website, and modified by McHenry County Blog


IL-06/IL-14: Three and 3/4 Days to Fundraising Report Cards — 11 Comments

  1. How soon are numbers usually posted?

    The quarter ended prior to the first of this month. I see they’re technically due on the 15th. Are we gonna have to wait another few weeks after that to see the numbers? I hope not.

  2. Correcting, no, the FEC reports are due on October 15 before midnight. They are usually posted within an hour after being transmitted.

    It’s not like Financial Disclosure statements where up to 30 days before the reports are made public. The FEC handles the campaign disclosure reports.

  3. Casten is going to walk to reelection now.

    So sad Evelyn was the only candidate that could beat him.

    Every commenter on this blog will disagree including the writers of the blog who helped prop up Jeanne over Evelyn.

    So mark my words, Casten will win in November and it’s your fault.

  4. FLamont:

    If this blog had any influence whatsoever, Jack Franks would have lost.

    This blog had Franks Derangement Syndrome and he easily won.

  5. Poor Mr. Pletz! How much moolah did he throw away on the Rauner puppet-girl?

    FLamont: Pick up your section 8 voucher and move in w/ Brian “the Sag” Sager!

  6. No, Sanguinetti would have lost too and why are you blaming Ives’ people for Sanguinetti dropping out?

    Only Sanguinetti made herself drop out.

    Nobody forced her to do so.

    I found her quote quite telling.

    She said she dropped out in part because she didn’t want to further divide the party and be negative.

    So she admitted she is incapable of running a positive campaign.

    But everything is Ives’ fault… ok

  7. The point is Ives is unelectable, and the people who prop her up and support her don’t realize it.

    I also don’t think this blog has that much sway because Jack Franks would never be elected if it did. But they reported on a bullsh*t poll because Cal happened to get a call and seems to think negative message testing isn’t standard campaign protocol *eye roll*.

    I’m not blaming Ives for Sanguinetti getting out, I’m blaming Ives and her cronies for keeping this seat in democratic hands.

    Anyone thinking she will win is kidding themselves. When Casten wins i’m sure everyone including this blog will have some lame conspiracy theory about the democrats stealing the election but it will really be because Ives is unelectable.

  8. This blog irrelevant? C’moooooon! No other sunshine blogger has such a loyal 2% following. More respect for this soon-to-be-awarded Pulitzer Prize blog where racism, xenophobia, homophobia, or Islamophobia are never tolerated…sort of. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww…

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