Evelyn Sanguinetti’s Endorsements

In John Lopez’ article below he mentions the endorsements for Evelyn Sanguinetti, but does not list them.

Since the point he makes–that endorsements don’t help raise money–let’s take a look at those listed on her web site:


Rodney Davis, United States Congressman (IL-13)

John Shimkus, United States Congressman  (IL-15)

Adam Kinzinger, United States Congressman (IL-16) 

Bruce Rauner, former Illinois Governor

Mark Kirk, Former United States Senator (IL) 

VIEWPAC– Value In Electing Women Political Action Committee,  an organization dedicated to electing qualified, viable and electable Republican women to office

“Evelyn Sanguinetti is the type of person we need in Congress and the right person to represent Illinois’ 6th District. Evelyn’s background and experience embodies our party’s beliefs that in this country, through hard work and unrestricted opportunity, anyone can live the American Dream. As the nation’s first Latina Lieutenant Governor, Evelyn is the new face of conservative values in our country and the right person to return this seat to Republicans.” – Julie Conway, Executive Director of VIEW PAC

Corinne Wood, Former Lieutenant Governor of Illinois 

Judy Biggert, Former United State Congresswoman (IL-13) 

Don Manzullo, former United States Congressman (IL-16)

“I was honored to serve the people of McHenry County in Congress and I’m excited Evelyn Sanguinetti is running to bring conservative representation back to the 6th District. Evelyn is a dynamic public servant who will bring strong fiscal and family values to the table as a Member of Congress.” – served McHenry County in Congress from 1993 to 2013. – Don Manzullo, who served McHenry County in Congress from 1993 to 2013.

Erika Harold, Illinois Attorney General Candidate (2018), Miss America (2003)

Leslie Munger, former Illinois Comptroller 

Ken Shepro, Kane County Republican Chairman, St. Charles Township GOP Chairman

“I am very impressed with Evelyn. Her empathy and compassion for people is what makes her such a unique individual and an impressive candidate for Congress. We deserve a representative in Washington who will fight for the people of this district with tenacity and dignity. Evelyn has a track record of putting people before politics, which is why I endorse Evelyn Sanguinetti for Congress.” – Ken Shepro

Marty Keller, DuPage County Republican Party

“As the daughter of teenage immigrants, Evelyn Sanguinetti grew up poor and on the social services safety net.  Through hard work and personal sacrifice, she was able to ascend to become our nation’s first Latina Lt. Governor. Evelyn is a strong conservative who deeply loves our country.  Couple this with her proven ability to connect with citizens of all backgrounds on a very personal level and she gives us the perfect opportunity to defeat Mr. Casten and reclaim the 6th Congressional District seat.” – Marty Keller, DuPage County Republican Chairman

Mark Shaw, Lake County

Lynn O’Brien, ILGOP Deputy State Central Committeeman (IL-6)

“No one embodies the conservative values of the 6th District better than Evelyn Sanguinetti. Evelyn is a fighter. She fought Mike Madigan in Springfield and she will continue to fight for us in Washington DC so our priorities are heard.” – Lynn O’Brien, ILGOP Deputy State Central Committeeman 

Brian Colgan, Former ILGOP State Central Committeeman (IL-6)

Jay Reyes, ILGOP State Central Committeeman (IL-4)

Nicole Dean-Vallejo, Chairman of Special Events and Membership for Kane County GOP

Jesus Solorio, President of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Illinois

“I’m supporting Evelyn Sanguinetti for Congress because she’s a strong conservative leader who will never be outworked. I’ve seen firsthand how, through thoughtful leadership, Evelyn formed coalitions of diverse groups of stakeholders to advocate common sense reforms to get Illinois back on track – in the face of tremendous opposition from Mike Madigan.” – Jesus Solorio, RNHA President

Nimish Jani, Chairman of the Indian American Republican Organization, Schaumburg Township Trustee

“When I speak with Evelyn Sanguinetti about what is happening in the country right now it is clear that she is the right voice to represent the 6th congressional district. Evelyn is a principled conservative that will make this district proud as our US representative.” – Nimish Jani

Peter Breen, former State Representative (IL-48)

Grant Wehrli, State Representative (IL-41)

Deanne Mazzochi, State Representative (IL-47)

Don Dewitte, State Senator (IL-33), former Mayor of St. Charles

Jack Schaffer, Former State Senator (IL-31)

Michael Connelly, former State Senator (IL-21)

John Milner, former State Senator (IL-28)

Mike Fortner, former State Representative (IL-49), former Mayor of West Chicago

Darlene Senger, former State Representative (IL-41)

Pamela Althoff, former State Senator (IL-32)

Yadav Nick Nathwani, former State Senator (IL-24)

John Curran, State Senator (IL-41)

Seth Lewis, former candidate for State Senate (IL-23)

Darlene Ruscitti, DuPage Regional Superintendent of Schools, former DuPage County GOP Chairman.  

Richard Jorgensen, DuPage County Coroner

Gwen Henry, DuPage County Treasurer, former Mayor of Wheaton

Paul Hinds, former DuPage Clerk

Grant Eckhoff, DuPage County Board Member 

Bob Larsen, DuPage County Board Member

Sean Noonan, DuPage County Board Member

Karyn Romano, former DuPage County Board Member

Tonia Khouri, former DuPage County Board Member

Janice Anderson, former DuPage County Board Member

Mike Kenyon, Kane County Board Member

Suzanne Hart, former Will County Board Member

Chris Christensen, McHenry County Board Member

Kevin Wiley, former DuPage County Board Member

Tim Elliott, DuPage County Board Member

Nicole Prater, Winfield Township GOP Chairman, Winfield Township Clerk

“Evelyn Sanguinetti is a conservative champion who fought Michael Madigan in Springfield and will passionately fight against the socialist agenda being pushed by the left in DC,” said Nicole Prater, Winfield Township Republican Chairman. “Evelyn did a fantastic job representing the people of Illinois as the nation’s first Latina Lieutenant Governor, and she will do a better job representing the people of the 6th district in Washington D.C.” – Nicole Prater

Chris LeVan, Milton Township GOP Chairman

Beth Tatro, Milton Township GOP Treasurer

Jerry Marchese, former Wayne Township GOP Chairman

Bill Pohlman, Palatine Township GOP Outreach Director

Bob Jacobsen, Chairman of Milton Township Cemeteries Authority

James Addington, Westmont Village Trustee

Sal Falbo, Milton Township Trustee

Dan Kordik, York Township Clerk

Fritz Gohl, Barrington Township Trustee

Gary Saake, West Chicago School Board Member

Jim Mathieson, Wheaton Community School District 200 Board Member

Barb Intihar, Wheaton Community School District 200 Board Member

Steve Orlando, former President of Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Illinois

Trish Wegner, Naperville Area Republican Women

Helga Mattingly, Naperville Area Republican Women

Mark Kownick, Mayor of Cary

Martin McLaughlin, Mayor of Barrington Hills 

Nandia Black, Kildeer Village President

Mike Gresk, Mayor of Wheaton

Jim Carr, Former Mayor of Wheaton

Rod Craig, Hanover Park Village President

Mike Bernard, Executive Director, Wheaton Park District 

John Rutledge, Wheaton City Councilman

Mike Barbier, Wheaton City Councilman

Terry Mee, Wheaton Park District Commissioner

Ray Morril, Wheaton Park District Commissioner

Paty Gustin, Naperville City Councilwoman

Kevin Coyne, Naperville City Councilman

Suzanne Fitch, Wheaton City Councilwoman

Noreen Ligino – Kubinski, West Chicago City Councilwoman

Mary Ann Manna, former Winfield Township Trustee

Todd Scalzo, Wheaton City Councilman 

Steve Kim, former candidate for Illinois Lieutenant Governor

Michelle Moore, former candidate for DuPage County Board

Vasavi Chakka, Lincoln Series Class of 2019, Illinois Federation of Republican Women

“I support Evelyn because she is an excellent example of a person who made her American Dream a reality.  She is a strong advocate for our community and believes in lifting people up to find their own potential and be self-reliant.  We need more female leaders like her in Congress to represent us and fight for our views and priorities. I am proud to endorse Evelyn for Congress and I ask my neighbors to send a real leader to Washington by voting for Evelyn Sanguinetti.” – Vasavi Chakka

Karina Garcia, Aurora Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Phil Luetkehans, Managing Partner of Schirott, Luetkehans & Garner, LLC

Kevin Fitzpatrick, Businessman and political strategist

Laura Fitzpatrick, York Township Republican Precinct Committeeman

Tony Reyes, former Winfield Trustee

Ed Haley, Winfield Township

Dorothy Chinchilla, Milton Township 

Craig Chinchilla, former candidate for DuPage County Board

Nic Zito, Businessman, former candidate for State Representative

Matt Greenfield, Wheaton Rotary

Catherine Galvan, Milton Township Republican Precinct Committeeman

John Novak, Downers Grove Township Republican Precinct Committeeman

Mike Rogers, Kane County – pct committeeman

Robert Margetts, Milton Township Republican Precinct Committeeman

Lori Carlson, Milton Township Republican Precinct Committeeman

Norm Sula, Lisle Township Republican Precinct Committeeman

Russell Danwin, Milton Township Republican Precinct Committeeman

Joe Gribauskas, Milton Township Republican Precinct Committeeman

Ryan Doorhy, Downers Grove Township Republican Precinct Committeeman

Dan Cronin, DuPage County Chairman

Steve Balich, Will County Board, Founder of the Conservative Committeeman Project 

“Evelyn is a strong conservative who cares deeply for our communities.  She is exactly what the 6th district needs right now. I enthusiastically support Evelyn for Congress and encourage all our conservative patriots to do the same.  I’m proud to be #TeamEvelyn.” – Steve Balich

Fred Bucholz, DuPage County Recorder

Greg Hart, DuPage County Board Member

Kitty Weiner, Elk Grove Rotary, Political Strategist

Robert Corbino, of Downers Grove

Jack Novak, Downers Grove GOP Township Committeeman

Michael Konewko, Winfield Township GOP Committeeman

James Doerge, of Cook County

Liz Eilers, Director At WLUJ

Jim Ruhl, Naperville Township GOP Chairman

Stephanie Rhinesmith, Milton Township GOP Committeeman

Sam Maggio, Vietnam Army Veteran, Wheaton IL

Mark Senak, Milton Township GOP Committeeman

Yvonne Sencial Bolton, Former Republican National Hispanic Chairwoman

Ron Menna, Milton Township GOP Committeeman

Meaghan Jorgenson, Milton Township GOP Committeeman

Tom Elsner, Milton Township GOP Committeeman

Bob Cherry, Milton Township GOP Committeeman

Tim Whelan, Milton Township GOP Committeeman

Mike Formento, Milton Township GOP Committeeman

Flo D’Angelo, Milton Township GOP Committeeman

Christina Martin, Downers Grove GOP Township Committeeman

Don Rickard, Downers Grove Township GOP Committeeman

James Wool, Downers Grove Township GOP Committeeman

Bob Krzyzewski, Milton Township GOP Committeeman

Carl Miller, Downers Grove Township GOP Committeeman

David Norck, Milton Township GOP Committeeman

Paul Bischoff, Milton Township GOP Committeeman

Thommen Poozhikunnel, Milton GOP Township Committeeman

Mark Thomas, Milton Township GOP Committeeman

Greg Moffett, Milton Township GOP Committeeman

Arthur Grant, Milton Township GOP Committeeman

Chick Briner, Downers Grove Township GOP Committeeman

Christopher Davis, Downers Grove GOP Township Committeeman

Alex Ion, Milton Township GOP Committeeman

Joe Duffy, Milton Township GOP Committeeman

Noel Manley, Downers Grove Township GOP Committeeman

Tim Waz, Downers Grove Township GOP Committeeman

Deborah Kraus, Downers Grove Township GOP Committeeman

Jonathan Nelson, Downers Grove GOP Township Committeeman

Jaye Wang, Downers Grove Township GOP Committeeman

Cynthia Schneider, Naperville Area Republican Women’s Organization

… and more!

This reminds me of appinted State Rep. Kent Gaffney’s Primary Election campaign.

He also had lots of endorsements, but David McSweeney beat him.

I concluded, “Popularity of local and state elected officials was not transferred to Gaffney.”

Apparently, it was not to Sanguinetti either.


Evelyn Sanguinetti’s Endorsements — 10 Comments

  1. Do you have a list of endorsements for Kinzler and Ives?

    Or the 14th district crew?

  2. The important thing here is, somewhere there is a freshly unemployed f’wit, that has Sanquinetti Campaign Coordinator on their resume.

  3. Don’t have a list for Ives. Her campaign did announce former Congressman Peter Roskam is backing Ives, and if Roskam’s donor list played a part in Ives’ 3rd quarter fundraising of $340,298.13, that is how an “endorsement” works in congressional politics.

    We’ll know to a degree when her FEC is published in the next 3 days.

    Additionally, State Representative Allen Skillicorn is openly backing Ives’ bid for the 6th, and she is backing Skillicorn’s reelection in his House district.

    Dr. Kinzler, to my knowledge, has not published a list.

    In the 14th, Jim Oberweis published an initial list of 73 names back on June 28, and here is the link: https://jim2020.com/endorsements

    On September 3, Skillicorn endorsed Oberweis’ bid for Congress in the 14th, and Oberweis’ campaign issued press release, but did not add Skillicorn to the endorsements page on their website.

    I did do a cross-reference of how many of the 73 endorsing Oberweis with the FEC disclosure report, I think the 1st quarter, and found only one name on the itemized list of endorsers had given Oberweis a contribution that would need to be itemized on a quarterly report.

    The threshold to itemize I believe is $200 for the entire quarter.

    Ted Gradel, James Marter, Anthony Catella, Danny Malouf, Sue Rezin and Catalina Lauf have not published an endorsement list, to my knowledge.

    In social media, Lauf is up to nearly 24,000 Twitter followers, over 15,000 Instagram followers.

    Hope that helps.

  4. Follow-up, Jim Oberweis endorser who was listed as a campaign donor on the First Quarter FEC campaign disclosure report for Oberweis was former State Representative Robert Pritchard.

    I did not do the research on 2nd quarter reports, and the 3rd quarter data will be out later this week, which will lend itself to research.

  5. Anyone dumb enough to accept and list a mark Kirk endorsement, is a perfect fit for ensuing implosion of Illinois

  6. I am pretty critical of a lot of posts on this blog but this one is spot on.

    Maybe Evelyn shouldn’t have spent so much time calling random PCs for endorsements and spent more time calling donors.

    Critical mistake from her campaign.

    These endorsements dont matter to the everyday voter.

    There are many elections where candidates have all the endorsements in the world and still lose to outsiders with no political connections.

  7. Mark Kirk?

    Please don’t make me vomit.


    A rodent?

  8. Jack Schaffer and Pam ‘The Scam’ Althoff????

    I did vomit!

  9. Chinchillas have the softest fur on earth.

    One cannot tell by touch with one’s eyes closed when one begins touching its fur.

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