IL-06: Dr. Jay Kinzler Thanks Evelyn Sanguinetti and Appeals to Her Supporters to Join Him

Dr. Jay Kinzler

In a video released on Sunday through Twitter, 6th district candidate Dr. Jay Kinzler does something very classy.

He thanked Evelyn Sanguinetti.

After the genuine gratitude he expressed to Sanguinetti, he makes an appeal to her former supporters to join him in his quest for the 6th district Republican nomination.

You can click on the Twitter image to play the video (you may need to activate the volume icon in the video for sound). If you need to expand the screen for the video, click the arrows icon just to the right of the sound icon.

The video is about a minute long:

COMMENTARY: Of all the videos Dr. Kinzler has released in the past week, in my honest opinion, this one is his best. For the first time, I could feel a genuine passion and sincerity for his running for Congress I could not sense in his previous videos.

Kinzler just came across as real in this video.

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IL-06: Dr. Jay Kinzler Thanks Evelyn Sanguinetti and Appeals to Her Supporters to Join Him — 5 Comments

  1. I think Dr Jay Kinzler will take the divisive climate in politics down several notches.

    He is a man who has saved lives (democrat, Republican people respect him) and he serves the country as Army Col.

    He also has very good experience in the health industry and dealing with very dire medical situations that can afford him ability to relate to folks real problems with health care. He also seems to be a gentleman and principled man who is led by morals and ethics and may have the ability to appeal to moderates and independents.

  2. Disagree.

    All of his videos are sort of boring and bland, including this one, but I wouldn’t question the sincerity of any of them (passion, yeah).

    Perhaps someone who is a surgeon is just naturally calmer than the firebreathers like Jack Franks and Donald Trump who we’re used to.

    For me, the biggest problem with these videos is the dang music — it’s distracting, too loud and cheesy as heck. Hopefully he cuts the music out in future videos.

    The one where he talked about joining the army and being a surgeon was somewhat interesting because I was unfamiliar with his background and it’s very rare for someone his age to be admitted to the service when he was.

    You’ll probably get a bunch of comments calling him a RINO for asking another candidate’s voters to consider him.

  3. Kinzler is a class act, a lot more so than Ives.

    Hopefully he can win the Primary, he probably has a better chance against Casten.

    Ives is a middle schooler who holds grudges over the dumbest things.

    She has a real “us vs. them” mentality.

    Her last concern is bringing republicans together, all she does is vilify.

  4. Kinzlers are the types who sold us out and got us into the fix we’re in, in Illinois.

    They lack backbones, but demand perks.

    Ives will clobber him.

  5. What has Kinzler done to fix the Illinois Medical issues?

    Asking for a friend!

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