Oberweis Campaign Sponsoring Pizza Parties for Petition Passers

Jim Oberweis

Three weeks before the event in McHenry County, 16th District Republican congressional frontrunner Jim Oberweis has sent an email inviting those passing his petitions to join him for pizza.

The event, a fundraiser costing $25 ($40 per couple), will be held Tuesday, November 5th from 5-7 at Niko’s Red Mill Tavern, 1040 Lake Avenue in Woodstock.

Those who bring two completed petitions, however, get in free.

The email follows:

Greetings McHenry Co Precinct Committeemen,

Team Oberweis has been active in all 7 counties that make up the 14th Congressional District. Attending parades, community events, and gathering signatures… it has been a blessing to everyone on the campaign getting to know the folks that make our party strong. 

As a thank you to those who have circulated at least 2 petition sheets, we would like you to join us for one of our Petition turn-in fundraisers.

If you live just outside the district, consider helping a friend walk his area that is in the district. 

Thank you for all the work you do and we hope to see you on the campaign trail. 


Oberweis Campaign Sponsoring Pizza Parties for Petition Passers — 9 Comments

  1. Cal, why don’t you post GOP petitions for downloading?

  2. I think the candidates websites would be more efficient for petition downloads. If in Crystal Lake, Oberweis’ campaign office should be useful.

  3. Do the sigs have to be real? Or can it be done like that realtor guy did in Cary, the one who ran against Col. Wilcox?

  4. You mean complete forgeries as signatures. The crook’s name was Johnny Reinert, a realtor who hired convicted thugs to ‘obtain’ signatures bc the Johnny couldn’t be bothered to get the signatures himself.

    Now this snake in the grass suns himself on the County Board, once again sucking off the taxpayer like a Crystal Lake leech.

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