IL-14: Catalina Lauf’s First Faux Pas in Social Media

In this day and age of social media, if one lives by it, or has a strong presence on social media, you could die, or at least hurt yourself, in social media too.

And 14th district Republican candidate Catalina Lauf’s campaign did just that in both a tweet and an Instagram posting earlier tonight.

In announcing her speaking in support of the 2nd amendment at the Right to Bear Arms Banquet being held in Spring Grove, and sponsored by Second Amendment Sports in McHenry, here is how the event was tweeted from Catalina Lauf’s Twitter, and my response.

(NOTE: We are aware of the Facebook conversation earlier today initiated by someone who disagrees with how McHenry County Blog is covering the 14th district Republican primary, and the sentiment of that person, and people who participated, did not influence the decision to post this article.

(Put another way, we are not running this criticism of Lauf’s campaign to appease anyone. We are being consistent in our coverage.

(It’s all part of the vetting process working, and the feedback we’ve received from the campaigns themselves on our coverage is overall positive. Differences of opinions are fine, but we will do what we are to do.):

Screen capture from Twitter

In case you missed it, Lauf’s tweet, and her Instagram posting used “Bare” instead of “Bear”. The actual graphic slide from Second Amendment Sports was included in my response to Lauf’s tweet, and used as reference at the top of this article.

UPDATE: My response in Twitter was at 7:47PM. We noticed by 8:15, Lauf’s original tweet had been deleted, and her Instagram posting was corrected.

While it was good to see the Lauf campaign correct what appears to be an unforced error, we are reporting the incident, even after it’s been corrected because we are consistent in reporting unforced errors like this.

For example, in early June, Jim Oberweis’ campaign posted a Facebook meme critical of Sue Rezin for voting for the gas tax hike in the state senate, while claiming he voted against it. McHenry County Blog called him out, and his campaign corrected the post to reflect the fact he voted “present” instead of against it. His correction was made within 2 hours.

While it’s good to see campaigns quickly respond to careless errors, it is still news once it goes public.

And in Oberweis’ case, Capitol Fax posted screenshots of the two versions of the meme the next day.

Whether the same happens to Lauf’s unforced error remains to be seen.


IL-14: Catalina Lauf’s First Faux Pas in Social Media — 14 Comments

  1. You have given up even the pretense of being a journalist.

    Your unabashed drooling over this young girl is pathetic and we wonder about your motives.

    Clearly your interest is not political, she is completely unqualified for any national office.

    What is it Mr. Lopez, what is it about Catalina Fluff that has caught your christian eye?

  2. Central Committee Chair Heinrich, having recently downloaded the “Xi Jinping Thought” App declares:

    Conventionally attractive woman = Demeaning and Sexist

    Morbidly obese, hideous woman = Stunning and Brave.

  3. “I do not approve. Act a certain way that I want you to act. Change this now.”

    When you give advice to campaigns you aren’t a journalist just reporting the facts on the ground.

    Lopez, what advice have you given other campaigns?

  4. When it comes to badly educated, self indulgent, virtue signaling commenters, it’s hard to top the McHenry Blog Stasi.

  5. John Lopez has advised more than one campaign of missing information from required Federal reports, among other advice.

  6. Who is John Lopez? Never heard of him.

    Is that his real name or pen name?

  7. Petty.

    If a lone typo–intentional or not–is enough for a voter to disqualify a candidate, that voter should not participate in the election.

    Qualified or not, promising or not, the response to her was unwarranted.

  8. Can someone who attended the event summarize what her stance is?

  9. “Nobody can take our guns! is what she said she in the Instagram video post prior to her going to say it at the Spring Grove event last night.

    Her corrected Instagram post reads:
    “Looking at you @betoorourke! Excited to speak at the Second Amendment Sports “Right to Bear Arms” dinner! 🇺🇸 My stance on 2A is pretty simple.

    Stay tuned.

    #2A #support2a #donttouchtheguns #pro2a #patriotism #ourfutureourfight”

    Also looking for video from Spring Grove last night.

    Her site hasn’t posted.

    Curious if any of the other 14th district candidates went last night.

    wArt, you are right, one typo incident shouldn’t change whom you support.

    Whether it’s Lauf’s typo from last night, or Oberweis’ typo from June, it gives us all a chance to see how candidates respond.

    Nobody is perfect.

    Now, if a pattern of careless/unforced errors dogs a campaign, and goes into the first of the year, then you have to wonder if a candidate is ready for the scrutiny the nominee will receive from everyone.

    Not to mention, how fast they can respond to adversity when Underwood, the Democrats and their leftist allies (LCVoters, EMILY’s List, End Citizens United, Indivisible, Planned Parenthood Action, Democracy for America Action, and their millions of $s go after the nominee.

  10. This is hardly a faux pas. It’s a nothing. And I don’t even like Lauf.

  11. Correcting, well, no additional information posted, so apart from her post on Instagram, that is all we have to what she was planning to say.

    Did find Second Amendment Sports in McHenry has a YouTube channel, and this promo for last night’s event was online at the end of last month:

    Sounds like it was a fun event, and with all of the pro second amendment people around, someone would have gone who also would post about it, or send Cal an email.

  12. Dear Catalina: What is your position on video games? According to all my sunshine republikkklan friends, this is, after all, the root cause of all gun violence in these great United States of ‘Merica. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww…

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