County Employee Gets “Stalking No Contact Order” for Circuit Court Candidate Mary McClellan

On October 25th, County Risk Manager Lisa Shamhart filed documents asking for an emergency “Stalking No Contact Order” against former McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan, now a second time candidate for Circuit Court Judge.

The petition order was signed by Associate Judge Jennifer Johnson with a hearing set for 9 AM on November 15th..

Shamhart says the following occurred, including fake blood on her daughter’s front door and a beheaded duck on the front porch. Shamhart notes, “Mary and her husband Ed Gil are well known bird hunters.”

Here is the information given about McClellan:

License plate BYE CYA.

Besides the boilerplate part of the judical findings is the following:

Here is the order:


County Employee Gets “Stalking No Contact Order” for Circuit Court Candidate Mary McClellan — 17 Comments

  1. Need a Mafia Expert here.

    What does a severed Duck Head on a porch mean?

  2. There must be more to the story than what is provided here….how does fake blood hit the door???

    My wife and I are also great duck hunters….maybe we did it….just nonsense….McClellan wins in a set up…

  3. I am thankful that Judge Jennifer Johnson did not think it was nonsense and signed the petition.

    There is more to the story than what is provided here, and it is called the TRUTH that is surfacing.

  4. First of all, Lisa Shamhart needs a security system with several cameras.

    McClellan has connections to the Nygren Regime.

    She is nothing but trouble!

    There is no set up.

    This is a valid complaint!

  5. What about county protection for this woman?

    Democrat Jack Franks got around the clock protection and made a Big Stink for far less than this!

  6. The petition was not signed by the judge.

    The order was signed by the judge.

    The petition was signed by the moving party.

    The proceeding was brought as an emergency, meaning Ms McClellan had no notice or opportunity to be heard.

    Depending on where in the courthouse the emergency was heard, there may be no recorded record of what was said.

    In legal terms being misused in the press these days, no due process.

    Watch the hearing date, because that is when both sides appear and the facts and evidence may come out.

  7. Mary is having a difficult time fitting in because Nygren and his buddies are gone.

  8. Judges like McClennan support my position that the legislature should pass a recall statute applicable to all elected officials.

    Why should the taxpayers support incompetent and corrupt officials simply because they were elected to office?

  9. McClellan is not a judge.

    She is passing petitoins for Circuit Court Judge to get on the ballot in a district that runs along the southeast corner of McHenry County.

  10. McClellan is supported by all the ultra-leftists.

    Tells you something.

  11. McClellan is part of a McHenry Wiccan or Wiccanlike coven that used to meet at Glacial Park labrynth before it was removed

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