Veterans Day Images

Some images I have collected concerning Veterans:

A Civil War soldier stands atop a pillar in front of the Boone County Courthouse.


McHenry County Vietnam War Memorial


Did you know the Northwest Tollway, re-named by Rod Blagojevich as the Jane Addams Tollway, is also called the Veterans Memtorial Tollway?


A ribbon of remembrance for 178th Infantry Sgt. Robert Weinger, killed in Afghanistan on March 15, 2009.


The Greatest Generation reached their goal as the Japanese surrendered.

And, if you would like to see want World War II was like in the Pacific theater, I invite you to see the photos Wonder Lake’s Sully Sullivan brought back from some of the most vicious fighting of the war. The photographs, not all of which are for the faint of heart, include a broader view of the one one you see above of the signing of the unconditional surrender by the Japanese, among many others the physician who supervised this Pharmacists Mate.

John Pletz stands in front of the half-sized Vietnam War Memorial in McHenry:

John Pletz standing near one end of the Vietnam Memorial Wall replilca.
Civil War Union Soldier in Woodstock Square during AFSCME rally.
JA Freight triler honoring those killed in Afghanistan from McHenry County.


Veterans Day Images — 3 Comments

  1. Did you know that Navy Captain James Overton Brooks of Crystal Lake and McHenry served as General MacArtuhr’s interpreter aboard the USS Missouri?

    Jim, his wife and son Jim are buried in Holcombville Cemetery.

  2. And all for nothing because we now have the Communists in this country throwing it all away.

  3. Cindy, in 40 years Chinese military units will be digging up all these graves for recoverable gold jewelry and teeth.

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