Rx: House Republicans to Propose Alternative to H.R. 3

Democrats’ Prescription Drugs Legislation to hit House floor this week, House GOP to propose detailed alternative

Republican House leaders plan to hold press conferences and other events next week insisting their measure is a more realistic way of reforming drug prices and accusing Democrats of acting only in a partisan manner.”

Washington Post, 12/6/19, “House Republicans will unveil their own drug pricing bill as countermove to Nancy Pelosi
Dan Crenshaw

Showdown is looming next week in the House on Prescription Drug Pricing, with Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats ready to place a “watered-down” version of H.R. 3 on the House floor next week, and Republicans will counter with a significant proposal of their own.

The following press release is from House Commerce Committee Ranking Member Greg Walden (R, OR), along with video links to the entire 7-part “Here’s the Truth” video series on H.R. 3 with Walden and Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R, TX).

The first 3 parts were posted separately on McHenry County Blog, but all 7 video links below.

Video links embedded in the press release:


#FewerCures Facts🎬Full Video Series


WASHINGTON, DC â€“ 100 fewer curesStorm clouds on the horizon88% reduction in number of drugs brought to market in California alone. This is Speaker Pelosi’s drug pricing scheme, and it will have devastating effects for Americans relying on innovative new medicines for hope.

Lower costs and more cures are not mutually exclusive principles. There are bipartisan bills we could pass into law right now to achieve both goals. That is why, as The Washington Post outlined this morning, Republicans will soon introduce legislation to lower costs at the drug counter for patients and seniors.

The upcoming plan includes policy that could earn bipartisan, bicameral support, if only Democrats would drop H.R. 3 and work together with Republicans. As outlined in a seven-part video series from Energy and Commerce Republican Leader Greg Walden (R-OR) and Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX), Speaker Pelosi’s partisan plan for fewer cures is not the answer the American people are searching for.


Watch each video in the #FewerCures Facts series using the links below:

  1. “Impact on Cures”
  2. “Tax on Cures & Impact on Innovators”
  3. “Debunking the Dems’ VA Talking Point”
  4. “Debunking the Dems’ Research Talking Point”
  5. “GOP Solutions: Insulin Savings”
  6. “GOP Solutions: The Path Forward”
  7. “GOP Solutions: Unleashing American Innovation”

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