IL-14: Sue Rezin Endorsed by Republican Main Street Partnership PAC

Sue Rezin

From the Sue Rezin for Congress campaign:

Republican Main Street Partnership PAC Announces Endorsement of Sue Rezin (IL-14) for Congress

WASHINGTON – Republican Main Street Partnership PAC is pleased to announce its support of Sue Rezin to represent Illinois’ 14th District.

“No one has a more intimate understanding of this district than Sue Rezin.

“A seasoned state senator, Sue knows how to deliver for her constituents and will help get Washington, D.C. working again.”

Sarah Chamberlain, President and CEO of Republican Main Street Parternership PAC

Sue Rezin is part of Republican Main Street Partnership PAC’s second slate of “Suburban Candidate” endorsements. She recently completed RMSP PAC’s second “Suburban Candidate School” on January 15th in Washington, D.C.

The one-of-a-kind program is tailored to teach candidates how to win their suburban districts with a core curriculum that addresses appealing to suburban women, working with unions, building a boots on the ground game, discussing the environment, and targeting ads via social media.


IL-14: Sue Rezin Endorsed by Republican Main Street Partnership PAC — 10 Comments

  1. So she had to go to a political indoctrination school to learn how to win in a district she doesn’t even live in?


    You can’t make this stuff up.

    Why would she put this out?

  2. This is a pro-illegal immigration group, just like US Chamber of Commerce.

    They clamor for Amnesty IV.

    I will NEVER vote for this fake.

    Resin is toxic,

  3. “…in a district she doesn’t even live in?” — Linda Prestia comment

    Ms. Prestia, neither do you, as in live in the 14th district, but you live in the 6th district.

    Doesn’t stop you from supporting candidates outside of your home congressional district nor Allen Skillicorn supporting candidates in the 6th and 14th districts while living in the 8th, and the same freedom doesn’t stop Sue Rezin from running in a district she’s less than 10 miles outside of, not to mention all the district lines will be scrambled a little over a year from now by Illinois Democrats, anyway.

    Correcting, the Democratic presidential candidates get what they deserve.

    I agree Elizabeth Warren is being put against the ropes, along with Pete Buttigieg, but at least Warren has the Des Moines Register endorsement going into the Iowa Caucus on Monday.

    The real showdown between Sanders & Warren will be New Hampshire, which borders both of their home states, and why Biden has quietly been withdrawing resources from NH given the two neighboring state’s U.S. Senators.

    And then, waiting in the weeds after next month’s four nominating contests (Iowa, NH, Nevada, SC) are Mike Bloomberg and Tom Steyer and their millions of dollars of TV advertising.

    I, like many, would love to see a brokered convention in Milwaukee in the summer.

    The only thing that frightens me about Bernie Sanders’ ascent in the last three months is the fact it was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (AOC) endorsement late last year, and to a lesser degree Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, that has propelled Sanders’ rise to challenging Joe Biden for the nomination, along with Bloomberg and Steyer.

    Thank God AOC is too young to be considered a potential VP running mate for Sanders.

  4. The Clinton Foundation trolls and pedophiles will do their best to keep the fake Indian in.

    If she drops out, 90% of her following will go to Bernie, not the Episcopalian sodomite ex-mayor or the aged Corn Pop.

  5. I see no problem with a candidate going to training.

    These kinds of events are common and encouraged for candidates, campaign managers, and activists.

    American Majority, Leadership Institute, and other groups have similar events and they’ve helped a lot of tea party people get elected.

    Even precinct committeemen have training sessions and Marter has attended these!

    You may have a problem with the group itself — its political positions — but to attack the idea of training itself is rather silly.

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