IL-14: Ted Gradel Releases Healthcare Video

Ted Gradel

Released early afternoon talks about wanting a patient-centric solution not reliant on government


IL-14: Ted Gradel Releases Healthcare Video — 7 Comments

  1. This is gibberish. HOW does the patient have more power?

    What power does the patient have if the patient just lost his/her heath insurance?

    When the power is taken away from the government how does that power go to the patient instead of the insurance companies (if you’re insured) or the hospital (if you are not insured)?

    That’s great he is talking about heath care but this as is no different than a Trump speech where he says, “I will fix heath care and it will be easy” then doesn’t say anything more or offer anything. Forgot specifics, this doesn’t give a general sense of how he will improve heath care.

    at least when he was kicking football he was being honest about how he was trying to win (I’m a popular jock… vote for me!)

  2. Agree with Oh on this one.

    We know what the Republican talking points are.

    The task of Republican politicians is to tell us HOW they’re going to increase competition, empower patients, etc.

    This told us nothing, and it reminded us why Republicans lost so badly in 2018.

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