Oberweis Sends Vote by Mail Applications

Besides the second edition of his 8-page newsletter, State Senator Jim Oberweis is urging those who signed his petition to vote for him early.

He did so by mailing an application that needs to be sent to the McHenry County Clerk, if one lives in McHenry County or one’s own county’s clerk, if one lives elsewhere. (Missing from the piece are the addresses of such clerks.)

The application will work, of course, regardless of whom one supports.

Thanks to a Friend of McHenry County Blog for the mailing.


Oberweis Sends Vote by Mail Applications — 7 Comments

  1. You have to live in Illinois within the 14th congressional district to receive one.

    Something jumped out at me, the Oberweis campaign now has a Geneva PO Box, instead of using the St. Charles HQ address.

    Someone must have pointed out the HQ was physically outside of the district (albeit across Hwy 64) and wanted an address within the district?

    The Crystal Lake satellite campaign office is also outside the 14th.

  2. Did anybody in the 14th district get a survey from the RNC?

    That’s making its rounds too.

  3. Whether you agreed with something or not (like more gun control, a wall, etc.), what do you consider yourself, will you support Trump in 2020, there was some ranking of issues.

    It was stuff like that.

    Unfortunately, I have already mailed it back to the RNC so I don’t have the questions verbatim.

  4. He mailed me a milkshake, but the dry ice sublimed….. leaving a sticky mess when I opened the package.

  5. The Oberweis campaign emailed me and pointed out their St. Charles campaign HQ is within the 14th congressional district.

    Dug out a map of St. Charles Township precincts from the Kane County clerk’s office, and sure enough, the dividing line is NOT Hwy 64 as I previously thought.

    The boundary line is Dean St. to the north, which means the HQ is within the boundary of the 14th district.

    My apology for the error, and thank you Oberweis campaign for pointing it out to me.

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