Pritzker Proposal Could Give Jack Franks Still Another Republican to Appoint to County Board

The Chicago Tribune story on the upcoming legislative session contains a paragraph that could have implications to the McHenry County Board.

Here it is:

“Pritzker…wants the General Assembly to pass legislation barring lawmakers from lobbying other levels of government, because there’s ‘too much undue influence that a mayor can have on a state legislator or vice versa.'”

In McHenry County Board member Pam Althoff is a lobbyist for the medical marijuana industry.

If she were forced to resign, Democrat Jack Franks would be able to appoint his second Republican to a District 4 seat.

State Rep. David McSweeney introduced the following, House Bill 292, which is related:

Amends the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act.

Provides that no member of the General Assembly shall, during his or her term of office, negotiate for employment with a lobbying entity if that lobbying entity engages in lobbying with members of the General Assembly during that member’s term of office.

Provides that no former member that is registered as a lobbyist shall lobby regarding a bill that he or she voted on during his or her term of office as a member of the General Assembly. Amends the Lobbyist Registration Act.

Provides that a person required to be registered under the Act, his or her spouse, and his or her immediate family members living with that person may not serve as a member of a county board.

Amends the Counties Code to provide that no person is eligible to hold office as a county board member, commissioner, or executive if he or she is required to be registered as a lobbyist under the Lobbyist Registration Act. Makes conforming changes.


Pritzker Proposal Could Give Jack Franks Still Another Republican to Appoint to County Board — 13 Comments

  1. There are workarounds for all such.

    Taxpayers have no self defense, in my opinion, other than to form independent police and enforcement of meager remaining Statutory taxpayer protections..

    Malfeasance research, and litigation when appropriate, are the only possible recourse for homeowners hoping to survive the grinding devaluation of Illinois property values.

  2. With Valentine Day coming up.

    Half expect Althoff to lobby for rounding up street dealers, to some North Side garage, for muscling in on her turf.

  3. As much as I don’t want Franks to get another appointment, I wouldn’t lose sleep over Althoff leaving the board.

  4. But if your name is Fred Flintstone you can try to buy your Power & positon with $$ and a taped phone call, that’s ok.

    And its ok to create positions that were and are not needed even now, to hire on patronage personnel while many are without work in this toilet bowl.

    And yet no one gets reprimanded for such corruption acts…

    Welcome to the toilet bowl…fibland

  5. Althoff is great! She’s the Queen of McHenry County!!! All bow before her!

  6. Tina Hill is another McHenry Co. Politico who felt the DUI laws didn’t apply to her.

    She was also the County Bd. Chairperson once. Another Gottemoller groupie. I recall she was not too bright.

  7. What an interesting headline, Cal.

    There is an implication that JB is doing something to help Franks here, which is complete and utter BS.

  8. Franks couldn’t do worse!

    Well, maybe if he picked Angel or Kvidera.

  9. Just explaining the McHenry County implication with which I would assume you would agree.

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