Tribune Puts Illinois Abortions in Perspective

Sunday Chicago editorial cartoonist Scott Stantis commeneds on what is called, “Another Illinois Exodus.”

The reason?

Passage by Illinois Democrats of legislation that allows abortion up to the day of birth.


Tribune Puts Illinois Abortions in Perspective — 12 Comments

  1. Hmmmm. Could this increase be attributed to our State’s neighbors who have made safe and legal abortions almost impossible?

    Perhaps ole cal needs to think a little deeper before he throws his raw meat.

  2. What could come next from radicals, left wingers, liberals and their Democrat politicians? Legalized infanticide?

  3. What percentage of abortions are performed in the last week or month of pregnancy?

    1%? 2%?

  4. cal runs like the little coward he has always been. I’ll just say what others say… sick little coward thought process….I just followed orders…weak individual..I just take an obscene pension because that’s what They gave me…I will attack others who get a pension because I am The Tax Fighter….

  5. Sick, tom? You’re the one who needs professional help. Maybe some conversion therapy too. The worms are turning tom, your lies don’t get much traction.

    So very sad.

  6. Kvidera, please, abortion is killing a human being.

    Don’t you get that?

    Oh, I suppose some people don’t deserve civil rights or the right to life under your misconception (pardon the pun)?

    Hmmmmmmmm, maybe you don’t deserve those precepts either.

  7. Too bad that every pro abortion, pro-choice (actually pro death, condones death of the innocent) person promoting their vile thoughts did not have their mothers commit an abortion.

  8. Tom, shame on thee.

    Is late term abortion OK?

    What about retro-active abortion of thee?

  9. Joe Kvidera, I remember you from the CL 2018 picnic.

    You wouldn’t help clean up your mess.

    Yes, I have your number!

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